How to Develop a Fitness App like Barre?

Updated on Jan 23rd, 2024

How to Develop a Fitness App like Barre

For a healthy mind, a healthy body is important, and to get a healthy body, you need to work out. It is understandable that given the current situation with the pandemic, not everyone can go outside or hit the gym three times a week. But, these conditions will not affect your goals if you are willing to give your best. The fitness app development market has shown tremendous growth in terms of revenue and the number of new apps in the last three years.  

Fitness apps like Barre deliver all the necessary tips and tricks and detailed workout tutorials needed to keep your body fit. Businesses have realized the capabilities of the fitness app development market and have been continually investing in new and more improved apps. 

People can customize their workout routine as per their feasibility and manage their diets through these apps easily. From a business point of view, you will never fall short of the user base as almost everyone uses these apps in the current times. If you are thinking of developing a fitness app like Barre, the market conditions have never been good as compared to present times. In this blog, we will discuss the development process of fitness apps like Barre.

  • The fitness app development market is expected to cross the mark of 14.7 US billion dollars by the year 2026. 
  • Integrating a feature that keeps the wearable devices of the users in sync with the fitness app, can take your app to a new level of popularity. 
  • Users are intrigued by live workout sessions, make sure to integrate a live streaming feature in your health and fitness app. 
  • Fitness app like Barre is based on technologies such as JavaScript, jQuery, React, NGINX, etc. 

About Barre App 

Barre is a fitness app delivered by Down Dog; it is inspired by the Ballet and has incorporated some moves from the field. This app delivers a fresh series of content based on user performance instead of pre-recorded videos. It helps users in getting the best body shape by the use of ballet movements and other core exercises.  

Users don’t need any piece of equipment to start working out with this app. The app only asks users to get a chair and learn all the instructions carefully to get started with all those interesting moves. By following the instructions, users can easily enhance their stamina, strength, balance, and flexibility. The Barre app has more than 100,000 downloads on the Google play store and has more than 18.5k ratings. down dog

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Market Scenario of Fitness App Development  

As per a study conducted by Market Watch, the fitness app development market is expected to cross the mark of 14.7 US billion dollars by the year 2026. The market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 5.0 percent during the period of 4 years from 2019 to 2023.  

The health and fitness app has been downloaded more than 446 million times in the last quarter of this year. The current market dictates that health and fitness app development has seen a surprising growth as the demand grew after the pandemic. People are more interested in those apps which deliver excellent features and provide a custom routine for them.

The current market is offering a number of opportunities for any new fitness mobile app despite the type. As the pandemic has restricted the use of gyms across the world, these apps have been tearing their records since then. If you are planning to develop one of the most futuristic fitness apps like Barre, the market scenario is perfect. Just get your vision straight, decide the features you want among all the other parameters, and you are good to go. 

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How to Develop an App like Barre? 

Steps to Develop an App like BarreDeveloping a fitness app like Barre isn’t as difficult as you may think. It takes a clear vision and commitment to develop something that will solve a real problem for business users. However, the end result of the development process depends largely on the capabilities of the fitness app development company you choose. Let’s take a look at the development process of an app like Barre. 

Understand the Market Scenario

The first step towards developing any project should be to find a market opinion on it. A thorough market analysis is important to identify the challenges and opportunities you face in this particular area. Investigate your competitors, their business strategies, and the features and technology they use in their applications. Next, conduct a survey to find out the expectations of your target group. However, you also have the option to get a detailed market research report from a variety of online marketing websites. These reports have all the data that your business needs. 

Build a Perfect Blueprint 

The next step after a thorough market analysis is curating a perfect blueprint that describes your vision clearly. You now have a lot of knowledge to make a plan from a market research report. Use this knowledge to plan all sectors of the development process. When planning the various components of the development process, keep in mind the expectations of potential users. When developing a strong action plan, you should decide on design, features, a technical stack, platforms, and more. 

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Features to Consider

The first thing users look for in a health and fitness app is a list of features, whether it meets their needs or not. Remember, your app’s set of features will decide the popularity among users. For your considerations, here is a list of features of major fitness apps like Barre and more.

Studio Management
Studio Management

Allow users to schedule their Barre workouts and get a consultation from their trainers. Users can also manage their time at their convenience.

Membership Management

Allow users to change their membership plans as the app has in-app purchases and paid membership plans.  

Merchant Payment History
Payment Processing

Allow users to pay for their membership, in-app purchases, etc., on the app. 

Push notification
Push Notifications

Alert users about any new offers, their workouts, new arrivals, and more. It is also useful in getting your dormant users back. 

Wearable Device Synchronization
Wearable Device Synchronization

Allow users to get their wearables in sync with the app to control some of the features through their wearable devices. 

Social Media Sharing

Allow users to share their achievements on the app on various social media platforms right through the app. 

Goal Setting

Allow users to set their fitness goals in the app and keep track of their progress. 

Live Streaming

Allow trainers to broadcast their live feed of the workout or Barre-based tips and tricks on the app. 

Reward Points
Reward Points

It is an added feature if you want to integrate it into your fitness app. Studies suggest fitness apps with a loyalty program achieve more success than the others. 


Tech Stack to Consider 

The quality of your application and the features integrated into it depend on the choice of your technical devices. Ask your fitness and health app developers to integrate an ultra-modern technical suite to ensure maximum customer satisfaction and a great user experience. Here is a generic technical stack used in health and fitness app development. 

Application and Data JavaScript, jQuery, React, NGINX, Java, Cloudflare, Bootstrap, CSS 3, jQuery UI, Ruby, Amazon CloudFront, Rails, Swift, Objective-C, Scala, C, Shell, Passenger, Groovy 
Utilities Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Twilio SendGrid 
DevOps New Relic
Business Tools WordPress, Google Fonts 

Develop an MVP 

The minimum viable product, or MVP, is often the first version of a digital product to be used. Creating an MVP is an effective way to challenge and verify project assumptions, allowing you to test key elements of a product early and create a much more successful end product based on the feedback you receive from the market. MVP is a tool that is used to achieve a better and more appropriate end product. It also helps you communicate with users early and reduces time to market and resources. Here’s how to easily create MVP by following these steps. 

Simple Steps To Create MVP 
1. Define the Idea
2. Research as much as you can
3. Decide the features and technology
4. Design and Test

Design and Test Your Fitness App 

When a user downloads your application, the first thing they notice is the UI / UX design of the application. The design should be simple but not too complex. Remember, you don’t want to scare away your customers with complicated designs. Learn about different application designs and choose the one that suits your needs. Ask your UI / UX designer to choose a simple color palette that will soothe users’ eyes. A minimalist design would be the best choice to attract many customers. 

Once you’ve completed all the processes involved in developing your health and exercise app, it’s time to test and remove all the errors. Testing is the key part of the development process; Ask your developers and engineers to test the application repeatedly for errors and bugs. All errors and errors should be resolved before starting the application. You do not want your customers to use the application in error. Try to provide an enchanting experience for your users, and your app will quickly stand out among other apps in the market.

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Develop Your Fitness App like Barre with Matellio 

Being fit is the dream that many have, but only a few can achieve. Thanks to health and fitness apps like Barre, now people can work out from the comfort of their homes. The market scenario suggests these kinds of apps will grow immensely in the coming years. Study the user’s expectations and implement them in your project to achieve a greater success rate. If you are planning to develop a health and fitness application that meets the expectations of your users and exceeds the competition, we have the ideal solution for you. 

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