How To Develop A Health And Fitness App Like Yuka?

Updated on Apr 10th, 2024

How To Develop A Health And Fitness App Like Yuka

It’s difficult enough to identify where the often-invisible health hazards exist in the first place, let alone what to do about them. The sheer quantity of chemicals and poisonous compounds that your body has to deal with has multiplied dramatically, whether it be the food you eat, the drinks you consume, the cosmetics you apply to your body or the home products you use nowadays. However, an app like Yuka successfully extends a helping hand to bring you out of all of this. 

Yuka analyses the components in food and personal care products to determine their impact on people’s health. Yuka gives clarity in one rapid scan in a world of unintelligible labels, allowing you to make clear-sighted purchases.

Yuka employs a simple, specific color to indicate whether a product is outstanding, decent, mediocre, or bad for your health. Each product has a thorough information page to help you better understand its quality.

You won’t believe, in the last five years, the use of mobile applications in healthcare and smart healthcare has exploded. As per Liquid-State, there must have been over 318,000 health applications available for individuals in 2021, with almost 200 new apps being developed every day. The numbers are enough to show the competition. This means you have to be very careful and give unique offerings if you want to stand out from the rest.

Want to make an app like Yuka? But don’t know how and what to do? Don’t worry; read this blog and dispel all your myths and concerns.

Let’s get started! 

  • Yuka investigates the ingredients in foods and personal care products to see how they affect people’s health. Yuka provides clarity in a world of incomprehensible labels with a single quick scan, allowing you to make purchases with clear vision. 
  • In 2021, there must’ve been over 318,000 health applications provided to individuals, according to Liquid-State, with about 200 new apps being launched every day. 
  • Yuka established a database that had 700,000 food items and 300,000 cosmetic items. Each food item is evaluated based on three objective measures: nutritional quality, additive presence, and natural element of the product.  
  • Scan barcodes, waterlog, categories are some of Must-have features of app like Yuka. Read our blog to know more. 

What is the Yuka app? Quick Overview!

Yuka - Food & Cosmetic

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Yuka is a free mobile application that enables users to scan the barcodes of food and personal care goods to understand how they affect their health right away. Each product’s study is made easier to grasp by a rating and additional information. Yuka also suggests similar but better alternatives when a product has a detrimental impact on your health.

Yuka created a database with 700,000 food goods and 300,000 cosmetic products in it. Each food item is assessed based on three objective criteria: nutritional quality, the presence of additives, and the product’s organic aspect.

The approach for evaluating cosmetic items is based on a thorough examination of all of the product’s components. According to the most recent scientific research, each chemical is assigned a risk level.

Moving forward, let’s talk about, 

What are the main features that make apps like Yuka a big hit? Must include in your app!

To create healthcare apps that individuals want to use, you need to incorporate features that interest users and provide them with genuine benefits. Of course, whether you want to design a mobile healthcare app or an app like Yuka will influence the features you choose.

Want To Build Your Own Health And Fitness App Like Yuka

Even yet, there are a few things that every health app must have in order to be considered a breakthrough.

So, if you’re building a mobile healthcare app like Yuka, make sure to incorporate these functionalities. These will make sure your application succeeds: 

Barcode Labels

Scan barcodes

To get the most out of the resource, set your nutrition or weight-loss objectives and utilize the app’s capabilities to plan meals and track your progress. The capability to scan supermarket barcodes for nutritional information that helps you make better grocery decisions and the tracking of macronutrients like carbohydrates, protein, and fat are both useful capabilities. 


One of the most efficient strategies to retain users and urge them to choose your brand over other possibilities is to offer discounts. To establish long-term clients, you can also operate special loyalty cards. Loyalty programs are essentially marketing methods that help businesses to keep potential customers engaged by rewarding them with loyalty points that they may use later. 



The administrator has the ability to establish categories. This might assist in keeping the things organized by category and subcategory. This procedure assists users in selecting the appropriate category. 


Waterlogged allows you to take images of your drinking vessels and immediately log your water intake, ensuring that you’re getting sufficient water. You can indeed set reminders to consume water, and the app’s graphs can help you rapidly monitor your hydration.

Social Sharing Tools

Social sharing

Users will indeed be able to set up their accounts with social media support with only one click. Furthermore, social media integration might provide your company with an alternative marketing tool. Your consumers will be able to take photos of specific food products and share their experiences on social media sites. This will assist you attract more customers and grow your business. In a word, if you effectively execute social media integration, it will help you attract new clients while also retaining existing ones.  

Keep track

A food monitoring app must include this feature. This function enables tracking a person’s vital signs and health issues, such as calorie consumption and other factors.  



As mobile health apps collect highly sensitive and secret data; developers should keep privacy and security in mind at all times while developing a health app. This covers things like data encryption and multifactor authentication.  

Push Notifications

Push notifications

Notifications are an important feature since they remind users to watch calories or take medication as needed. Excessive alerts induce app uninstallation. You must ensure that the notifications you provide do not become an inconvenience to users but rather serve to give them the information they require.

Apart from these, you can add more features according to your requirements. But, keep in mind that unnecessary features can increase the mobile app development cost. That’s why it’s better to engage with top healthcare app development companies; they are the ones who can help you in each and every aspect of healthcare app development.

Moving ahead, it’s time to talk about,

How to develop an app like Yuka?

In order to develop an app like Yuka follow these steps:

develop an app like Yuka (2)

1. Start with the research

If you really want to offer a solution to a specific problem, raise brand exposure, or just contact more target clients, you should know why you’re making an application. 

  1. Define your aims, goals, and audience! 
  2. Ascertain that your potential customers are aware of the advantages 
  3. Consider how applications can help you solve the problems you’re having 
  4. Determine how to make an app produce the results you desire 

Your concept must be feasible. If there are currently many applications that do exactly what you want, you might want to reconsider your strategy. Leveraging healthcare technology consulting services can help you gain the experts guidance for the same. 

  1. Examine the apps that are now available 
  2. Determine the needs of your prospective customers 
  3. Decide on pricing for your apps if you plan to charge for them 
  4. Look for flaws and errors in similar apps that are currently available

2. Prepare wireframes

Begin by creating a simple structure known as wireframes. Wireframing gives you a visual representation of your application’s layout and flow. This will put an end to any queries about various graphic aspects. After you’ve completed your wireframes, you might want to go on to creating high-fidelity designs, mockups, or prototypes. Consider overall prototyping and mockups as a technique to observe how your mobile app performs in the hands of users.  

3. Choose the stack

The next step in understanding to create an app is to choose a language and platform. Your app will be tailored to a specific OS. You must determine whether you’re developing an iOS or Android application as a mobile app developer. Access to the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store is required for your work. This will necessitate:

A big-budget is required
Each os has its own development team 
If you maintain two codebases, you won’t be able to optimize changes

You may make a hybrid app that works on iOS and Android devices. The necessity for two distinct teams will be eliminated by employing these resources. A hybrid application is a best alternative if your budget is constrained. Any other functionalities must be determined. Any more desires will add to your budget and may cause problems in the future.

4. Consider MVP

The essential component of every mobile application can be thought of as the Minimum Viable Product. Businesses can use MVPs to test their core app ideas with their target demographics. Due to the shortage of capital funds available, mobile app development projects and the Minimum Viable Product are necessary steps, especially for start-ups. It’s critical to evaluate app concepts in the market, both specifically and in general, before investing in a full-fledged deal and hoping to make it huge. If you’re looking for a reliable healthcare app development partner to help you with your Minimum Viable Product development, contact Matellio.

5. Test the app

It’s time to put your app to the test. In addition, examination scenarios necessitate your complete awareness. 

The way you react will decide how long your application lasts. Because, based on the worldwide smartphone experience, mobile app consumers are impatient with underperforming or crashing apps. Nearly 60% of apps are deleted from app stores within a week of their release.

You need to do the following testing: 

  1. Functional testing is used to determine whether the application is accessible and corresponds to the application development team’s goals. 
  2. Usability testing ensures your app is evaluated for its ease of use, compliance with industry standards, and overall performance. Its usability will be assessed as well. 
  3. Compatibility testing is focused on how your mobile application behaves when all of the software or hardware are operating together. It tests your app’s ability to run on a variety of hardware, software, and platforms, among other things.

Moving forward, let’s check, 

How much health and fitness apps like Yuka will cost?

Developing a health and fitness app like Yuka depends on numerous factors like: 
Functionalities of healthcare app 
Tech stack used! 
Geolocation of hired healthcare app development company

These are the factors that affect the app development cost. But, in case if you want an in-depth quotation for developing an app like Yuka, contact us. Our experts will help you determine the cost to develop a custom healthcare app like Yuka.


It takes a lot of effort, time, and resources to build a healthcare app. Keep in mind that healthcare app development is not fun. Take each of the steps listed above one by one. Your speed will increase as you move forwards. If you don’t upgrade your mobile application in a timely manner, your search rankings will suffer. Your downloads will gradually decrease as a result of this. If you speed the process, you risk making costly or serious mistakes. That’s why it’s beneficial to hire the best healthcare app development company to develop your app.  

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