How to Develop a Podcast App like Overcast?

Updated on Jan 4th, 2024

How to Develop a Podcast App Like Overcast

Podcasts are everyone’s preferred way to consume information. Whether you want to hear the latest headlines, get feedback on a new product, or pass the time hearing your favorite shows and interviews, podcasts allow you to accomplish all of that without having to give the shows your full attention.  

Podcasting is, without a doubt, a popular medium. The podcast sits at the crossroads of technological and conventional entertainment. It’s modeled on a radio format in certain ways. The phrase podcast is derived from the words iPod and broadcast. This is where users download and listen to audible files. Users can record and share their experiences, ideas, films, and music, among other things. It’s quite popular in the United States since people drive for extended periods of time, and it’s nice to be amused while doing so.  

Using podcasts, you may create your app and monetize it and market your brand.  

But the real question is, how to do it? How to get started with custom podcast app development like Overcast?

  • According to the study, the global podcast market was worth $9.28 billion in 2019 and is expected to rise at a CAGR of 27.5 percent between 2020 and 2027, reaching $60.5 billion.. 
  • Overcast is, without a doubt, the most popular podcasting app. Overcast was one of the first apps to integrate new features including smart speed, Voice Boost, and Apple Watch integration.  
  • In-app advertising, premium model, and subscription model is the most popular way to monetize the podcast app.
  • Share clip, voice boost, third-party integration, among many other are the must-have features. Read blog to know more functionalities of app like Overcast. 

Why invest in podcast app development? 

A podcast is a group of digital audio recordings that may be downloaded or streamed and listened to in an episodic format. Nowadays, anyone with a computer can make a podcast. Individuals, radio stations, television stations, businesses, storytellers, and new podcast-only networks have all produced podcasts. Individuals can use a podcast application to listen to every line of such an article that otherwise would have been skimmed. As a result, the global average number of podcast listeners is expanding. 

According to podcast insights, approximately 1.75 million podcasts will have been recorded by March 2021.  

Whereas, according to Statista, the podcast market is predicted to increase at a CAGR of roughly 27.5 percent across the next five years, reaching $60.5 billion. 

This appeals to us, thus as a leading mobile app development company, we’ve decided to write an essay that will assist our clients with podcast app development.

What is an Overcast App?

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On the App Store, Overcast is arguably the most downloaded podcasting app. Overcast, a podcasting app created by Marco Arment, is continually on the cutting edge of technology. Overcast is indeed one of the first apps to enable new features such as smart speed, Voice Boost and enhanced Apple Watch support. Meanwhile, Overcast’s feature enables everyone to share an audio or video clip from any public podcast. Overcast expertly handles series playbacks and downloads, notifies you when new episodes are available, and allows you to watch episodes offline or via streaming if you need to preserve space; it also has some good audio capabilities.  

Now, let’s move forward and check,

What are the key features that make podcast apps like Overcast a huge hit? 

The following characteristics and services are included in the Overcast podcast app, making it popular among users. Let’s talk about the functionality for a moment. What are the essential features that you must have to create a successful podcast app? Here are some:


You can allow your users to download audio files in various formats and sizes so that they can listening to them all at once with this function. Users should access a library and save files to use and download as needed.


The user should create or save a prepaid list of certain genre podcasts or audio files using this function. The application should provide this feature to users, allowing them to personalize their podcast library according to their preferences.

Voice boost

When used in noisy environments, Voice Boost adjusts voice level and makes shows easier to listen to. Voice Boost is one of the most underappreciated features of the podcast app. It’s one of those features you didn’t realize your users needed.

search filters
Smart search

Users should be able to conduct a smart search using a podcast genre, speaker name, serial number, and so on. This is the first feature that your potential user will interact with; you should make it perfect.

Multilingual support

If you want to create a podcast app, you’ll need a vast database and the ability to distribute your app to other regions and nations so that different languages may be heard. You can also include a voice translator that changes the language according to the user’s preferences.

Mark favorite

The user should be able to store or wishlist items with this function, exactly like they can in a shopping app. The podcast or audiotapes that the user wishes to listen to later should be stored and maintained in the user’s favorite list.

Set speed

Without causing any distortion, Smart Speed reduces silences. Smart Speed speeds through pauses and silences while preserving an easy listening experience, rather than implementing a 1.5x or 2x speed boost throughout the entire episode. 

Social Sharing Tools
Share clip

To use this feature, users need to go to the top-right corner of the app and hit the “share” icon. After that, users can choose between an audio clip and a portrait, landscape, or square video. Users can find and choose the audio clip that they want to share in the clip-editing interface that opens. The duration of a clip can indeed be up to a maximum of 1 minute..

Voice search

To improve your app’s accessibility, make sure the library can be accessed with a voice command. Users can indeed also use voice commands to access their favorite audio files fast and simply with this functionality.


Users must first sign up for the application using their phone number or email address in order to gain access to a user profile dashboard that includes account information, settings, downloaded podcasts, listening stats, and much more.


This is a useful tool that allows the administrator to monitor the app’s performance by examining crucial metrics. He can, for example, discover information about a new user, top-rated podcasts, total number of listeners over time, and so on, and leverage this information to make important data-driven decisions.

Studio Management

Through this feature, podcasters can post new episodes from a variety of genres, create albums, manage existing episodes, and add descriptions.

audio plugin manager
Social login

Think about hiring an app developer and allowing people to log in using their social network accounts to make the entire verification process quicker, smoother, and more approachable.

As you’ve seen, the functionalities of an app like Overcast. Let’s now talk about,

How to develop an app like Overcast?

The basic steps to create an application like Overcast are as follows:

Start with the comprehensive research

Begin by conducting market research to identify applications created by your competitors. You can point out where your competitors have succeeded and where they have failed. This type of research can assist you in gaining useful into what your users like and what you should change. 

It’s also crucial to comprehend the market you’re entering. You must be able to explain why the market requires your application and how you tackle problems differently. You could want to communicate with potential users during this stage. Interviewing consumers for user input can provide detailed information about their requirements. It may also enable your team to create features that other companies have overlooked, giving your app, like Overcast, a competitive advantage.

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Create mockups 

After gathering requirements and outlining key features, a user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) designer should create a mockup, template, and occasionally tutorial of anticipating the application. 

A mockup is a detailed representation of the app’s interface. A mockup usually has a consistent color scheme and font, photos, the basic layout, and other elements. A mockup, when done correctly, should give the development team a preview of how a podcast app like Overcast should look and work.  

Decide on the monetization model

There are ways to make money with a podcast app. A few of them are listed below: 

  • Subscription Model – Audiences who have previously enjoyed the podcast on your custom podcast app will undoubtedly return. You can entice them with a series of engaging podcasts and urge them to sign up for a subscription model in exchange for a little charge.  
  • In-app advertising is a fairly typical method of monetizing a podcast app. You could earn money by displaying videos and images from other businesses on your service.  
  • Premium Model – By becoming a premium subscription user, you may entice your viewing public to have a continuous listening experience. Appreciate the benefits of premium memberships and how they can get first-hand information on any new and popular topic in the marketplace.  

Select the right podcast app development company

This is among the most essential aspects determining whether your podcast app succeeds or fails. Choosing the proper, reputable, and top podcast app development company can help you create your app just how you imagined it. Perform extensive research on the firm, their services, and what they will provide you after the app creation, such as post-launch practices, before deciding on an app development company for your podcast app.

Try MVP approach

Honestly, this step must be the second step toward creating a podcast app. If you construct an MVP, you have the option of developing an app, using it, inspecting it, and improving it based on feedback so that a more filled application is released into the market. It does not leave any room for complaints or under-functionality. In MVP, you can work on concepts, themes, and fundamental functionalities.  

Moving on, let’s talk about,

The cost associated with podcast app development! 

The total podcast app development cost depends on various factors like: 

  • Features you want in your app 
  • Complexities of your podcast app 
  • Technologies used! 
  • Requirements 
  • Hired podcast app development company 
  • Platform  

Besides these, there are more factors that can and will affect the app development cost. If you want experts at MATELLIO can help you to evaluate your idea. But all you have to do is to contact us.


Podcasts are in high trend these days, as more people would prefer them to videos; that’s why not just entrepreneurs and startups but also large corporations are ready to invest in podcast app development. If you like to build an application like Overcast, you should double-check your app ideas with a reputable mobile app development company 

If you have any questions concerning podcast app development, please contact us; we are always here to help.

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