How To Develop an AI Based Learning App Like Socratic?

Updated on Jan 23rd, 2024

App like Socratic

Are you planning to create an AI-based learning app for your educational institute? Then perhaps getting a learning app like Socratic developed is the solution you need!  

But, what is Socratic app, and how investing in online learning apps could help you boost your profit and brand value? Read our blog till last to know more! 

The education industry today has witnessed many huge transformations and all thanks to the robust AI apps. Right from teaching the classroom students, to offering certification courses, or even training the corporate employees, smart AI-based learning apps have created a whole new level of platforms for the e-learning industry. Socratic is one such AI app that has become very popular in the past few years. 


  • With it’s automated AI capabilities to help students in their studies and homework with the help of videos and solved examples, Socratic app has today become the most effective online learning app for the students. In fact, online learning apps like Socratic are becoming more and more popular every year and generating huge revenues for their owners. The COVID 19 pandemic caused a surge in the downloads of mobile education apps. A total of 936 million mobile education apps were downloaded in the first quarter of 2020. 
  • The global elearning market is projected to exceed $243 billion by the year 2022
  • Almost 81% of the students in the US alone have agreed that the use of digital learning technologies like AI mobile apps have boosted their grades to a significant level. 
  • The mobile learning app market is projected to reach $48500 million by the year 2026, and all thanks due to active adoption of AI in developing online learning apps. 

Hence, it is evident that investments in AI learning apps like Socratic has today become a golden opportunity for all the marketers aiming for a successful business. So, why wait when you can start today!  

From features to development cost, explore everything you need to develop an app like Socratic. Plus, get expert suggestions on building apps like Socratic that would enhance your mobile learning app development.

What Is Socratic and How Does It Work?

Socratic is an exceptional online learning app that works on cutting-edge AI technology. The smart AI-based learning app acts as a mobile tutor and helps students in their assignments and exams by using smart AI services. The app extracts and analyzes millions of data sets to interpret the accurate answer for the questions asked by the user. Apart from that, the brilliant elearning app even makes learning much easier for the students by making use of its extensive community of teachers, and passionate learners. 

Here’s how the Socratic app works: 

After successful registration on the Socratic app, the user takes a picture of their question. The app then analyzes the problems and then with the help of millions of similar questions, offers the best solution in the form of videos, texts, images, and so on.  The app even analyzes the images to offer you the most reliable concepts that could help you attain better learning. Not to forget, the Socratic app is free for use for every learner!  

How to Develop an AI Learning App Like Socratic?

Now that you are aware of the Socratic app, let us discuss how you can develop an app like it for your own learning institute.  

But before we begin, there are a couple of things you need to know about. Mobile app development is a trick business that requires in-depth planning, proper budget and time allocation, and most of all, flawless execution. If you are looking to develop an AI-based learning app, then there are two major ways you can go: in-house development or hiring a third-party developer.  

While many big companies prefer in-house development, please note that it is considerably more expensive than hiring an outside developer. For in-house development, you must full-time hire an entire team of developers, designers, and QA experts. Then, you must provide them proper infrastructure. Furthermore, you will need to hire IT people to maintain that infrastructure. All of this combined can become a hefty price tag not a lot of emerging businesses can afford. 

That is why, looking for a mobile app development company like Matellio that can build you AI-based eLearning app for you is the best way to go if you’re on a tight budget. At Matellio, we not only provide top notch mobile app development services, but we also offer DevOps consultation services too for those who want to speed up their development process. 

But if your heart is set on in-house development, then you can build a small core team in-house that will lead the development process and then you can scale your team up and down as the need arises. It will significantly cut down your development cost as you will be hiring the resources as you need them. You can partner up with a staff augmentation company like Matellio and enhance your core development team with the best resources around.  

Whichever way you choose to go, the mobile app development process available below will serve you well. 


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1. Define Your Target Market

The first step in developing an online learning app like Socratic is to define your target market. From students, graduates, working professionals, or experts, you need to select the most suitable target audience that would benefit from your AI learning app. Besides that, you also need to choose some specific locations where you could promote your app during the initial days. Those locations should have low competition, better reach, and a higher number of your target audiences. 

That’s because, with low competition and higher targets you could seamlessly promote your app and make better revenues.  Now, for achieving all that, you could ask yourself some basic questions like: 

  • Who could benefit from your app? 
  • What type of mobile devices do they use (iOS or Android)? 
  • Do they use any other sort of similar AI learning app? 
  • If they leverage any other online learning app, then what features attract them the most? 
  • How could you make your app better and more advanced than all your competitive apps? 

Once you answer all those questions, you would have an initial outline for your AI app development ready in your mind.  

Still facing confusions? We are here to help you!

2.Choose Your E-learning App Model

The next step in developing an AI-based learning app is to choose a relevant model. Now some of you might be thinking what could be the various models in a learning app. But, let us tell you that even the most prominent online learning apps like Socractic are based on specific models. Let’s have a look at them: 

  • E-learning marketplace platforms for the people or experts that wish to sell or promote their educational courses online. 
  • Certification platforms for colleges and other big institutes that wish to sell their courses along with certification in multiple fields. 
  • Language learning courses for lingual enthusiasts that wish to learn new languages to enhance their career growth. 
  • Live class app or tutor app for school or graduates where they can revise their concepts or could get solutions to their academic problems.   

3.Validate Your AI App Idea

You can have the best ideas to promote your business, but an expert consultation often plays a vital role, especially when planning to implement any digital technology. That’s where an experienced software engineering firm comes to play!  

With an expert consultation from an experienced firm, you could not just check the feasibility of your project, but could even have an idea of the latest trends that could make your AI app a hit in the market. Besides that, an expert in app development could even help you integrate the most advanced and useful features in your app that could make you apart from the rest of your competitors. 

AI elearning app development

4. Select Relevant Features

Features play a prominent role in your custom solutions or applications. They can make or break your business if your users don’t find anything special in your app. So, to eliminate that condition for your AI learning app, we have listed down some basic and advanced features that you could include while developing apps like Socratic. 



Log In/Sign Up The user can seamlessly sign up or log in to an existing account.
Voice Search Search functionality that works on user’s voice commands and enhances the overall user experience.
Filters  The user(student) could categorize the courses or tutorials on the basis of ratings, levels, price, and tutors.
Online Tests The tutors could conduct online tests for the students to check their performance and concept knowledge.
Performance Analyse The students could get a report of their performance based on the results of online tests and other evaluations.
Courses and Tutorials Let your users browse through hundreds of tutorials and certification courses for enhancing their knowledge.
Earning Tracker The tutors and the admins could track the total earnings from different courses and tutorials. 
Lesson Plans A flexible functionality for tutors to plan their classes and online tests as per their schedule.
User Management You (admin) can manage all types of users along with their payment details and courses description.
Reviews and Ratings The most prominent feature that enables the users to validate different types of courses and tours.
Subscriptions Admins can offer different types of subscription packages for the students and teachers and can change them anytime they want.

5.Pay Heed to UI/UX

Apart from features, another crucial aspect that could decide the future of your AI apps is UI/UX. Now, to all those who are new to the development field, UI refers to user interface, whereas, UX refers to user experience. That means, if your app has an aesthetic design and excellent accessibility, then it is said to have excellent UI/UX.  

Hence, make sure that you pay heed to the designing component of your AI apps and hire the best resources to enhance it. For that, you need to hire the best UI/UX engineers because if your features are not accessible by your users, then what’s the point of having them! 

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6.Hire Professional Engineering Team

Once you have the perfect features and designs for your AI learning app like Socratic, the next and final step is to hire a professional team of engineers that could transform your idea into a reality. You need to have the perfect resources at cost-effective prices that could enhance and simplify your AI app development process.  

That’s Where Matellio Comes to Play!

Here’s how we can help you develop an AI learning app like Socratic in 5 simple steps!

1.Fill Our Form

First and foremost, you need to fill our ‘Request a Quoteform with your basic details like name, contact number, a valid email address, and your short messages describing your requirements. Once the form is sent to our team, our business analysts will schedule an expert consultation for your idea at a suitable time. 

2.Get Expert Consultation

Once the form is submitted, our experts would schedule a meeting on a suitable time and platform that is best for both of you. During the expert consultation, you could discuss the ideas and your business requirements to check their feasibility. Apart from that, our AI app development experts would even offer you the most reliable trends of the AI market that could enhance your online learning app development. 

3.Hire Professional AI App Developers

After finalizing your development model, the biggest concern of the businesses is to hire dedicated resources for your AI app like Socratic. But, why worry when we are here! At Matellio, we offer an experienced and tech-savvy team of engineers that are known to build success for digital solutions.  

You can hire our app developers and testers at flexible hiring plans that best suit your project requirements. But wait, that’s not it! You can even hire our resources for your ongoing project at cost-effective prices using our Staff Augmentation services. With that, the complete engineering team would be yours until your project is completed. Learn more about it here.  

4.Choose an Aesthetic Design and Features

After choosing the perfect engineering team for your AI app development, the next step would be to select an appropriate design and features for your online learning app.  

If you are planning to compete with apps like Socratic, then as a leader in app development we would suggest you have at least two to three advanced functionalities that could make your AI app stand apart from the crowd. Also, if you are starting new then we suggest covering the basic functionalities first, and then opt for the advanced ones. We have already covered the features of an AI-based learning app in our section above.  

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5.Test and Deploy

The final step in our AI app development is to test your online learning app and then deploy it for your users. Testing has always been a crucial step in the app development process. But, regardless of its importance, many businesses often skip this step and then face serious consequences.  

That’s why we offer manual and automated testing services as an integral part of our app development to make sure that all your AI solutions remain error-free. You can choose from any of these testing services to make sure that your online learning app is smooth, efficient, and user-friendly.  

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Cost of Developing an AI Mobile App Like Socratic

After witnessing its huge growth and advanced functionalities for the users, if you are thinking that developing an app like Socratic would cost a lot, then you are mistaken. We, at Matellio, follow an agile methodology that reduces your app development cost significantly and ensures a quality app development process. Here are some of the crucial factors that impact the overall cost of developing your online learning application like Socratic: 

  • Project Management Cost 
  • Design and Development Cost 
  • Testing Cost 
  • Cost of UI/UX Engineers 
  • Upgradation and Maintenance Cost 

If you want to get an exact idea of your AI app development cost, then you can reach us anytime you want. Our business analyst would be happy to answer all your queries! 

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Concluding Words!

To conclude we can say that nearly every aspect of the education market today is impacted by artificial intelligence. The students, experts, passionate learners, or even the corporate employees, everybody today wants smart learning services that too at their fingertips. In such a scenario, having a dedicated online learning app backed by artificial intelligence has become a need rather than leisure.  

Hence, if you aim to innovate and boost your brand value in the market, then investing in an AI learning app like Socratic is a must. So, reach us today and discuss your business ideas and requirements with our experts. Enjoy our free expert consultation services and make your business idea the most innovative and successful in the market. 

Till then, Happy Reading!    

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