How To Develop An App Like OnMail

Updated on Dec 9th, 2021

How To Develop An App Like OnMail

The time has finally come to switch to a new email system. An email service that is both quick and easy to use. Create a new email account or update the one you already have. If you’ve been experiencing increased email bloat since last year, or if your inbox has been filled with emails you can’t stop receiving, and you’re trying to maintain an overfilled inbox that never seems to empty, you’re not alone; many people all over the world have experienced this.But,

Thanks to technological advancement, today, there are apps that help you manage your email efficiently. For the first time, you have had the ability to choose who you want to receive email communications from. Yes, we’re referring to the OnMail App. With OnMail, a lightning-quick, ultra-efficient, and super easy email solution designed for today’s environment.  

Just because of this and some other unique features, an app like OnMail gained huge popularity among individuals.

  • OnMail is popular among users since it allows them to choose who is permitted to appear in their mailbox on a regular basis. 
  • OnMail is useful for a variety of other aspects in addition to having a simple user interface. This application is becoming more popular due to features such as confidential mode, smart reply, nudge, anti-tracking, and many others. Read the blog to learn more about these features.
  • Using OnMail’s exclusive import account method, you may use your current accounts from other providers such as Gmail, Outlook, and iCloud to get the best features of OnMail. You can also include this functionality in your app. 
  • Users can send attachments up to 5GB with OnMail without needing to use another service. With OnMail, you may also build a permanent digital presence. As a result, users enjoy using this application.
  • According to a national survey conducted by OnMail in 2020, 92 percent of Android users in the United States believe it is important that organizations do not track the emails they receive. 
  • ReactJS, Python, NodeJS, ROR, Twillio, Kotlin, JAVA, Swift, among others are the technologies that can be use to develop an email service app. .
Want to develop an app like OnMail with more additional functionalities? Then, this blog is for you,

What is the OnMail app? & How it works? 

Edison’s OnMail is an email service. With OnMail, you can build a new custom domain of your preference and take advantage of cutting-edge email capabilities like Accept Sender, huge files, divided inboxes, unsubscribe suggestions, and follow-up nudges, among others. OnMail has a Permission-Based Inbox and fascinating new features like enhanced natural language searches and a revolutionary import account approach that revitalizes your current email accounts in OnMail. You can send big attachments, save time with AI-based unsubscribe suggestions, follow up on emails, and clear up your inbox automatically. OnMail’s premium service plans even provide you the option of getting your custom domain and incorporating it into a customized email address.  

Other large tech ad-based email providers use your email as a unique identifier across all of their free products to track you and your online activities in order to target you with adverts better. OnMail assures that your email is never monitored or used to target you for advertisements. Innovative functionalities in the application include Automatic Nudges to assist you in following up on emails, Smart Replies to answer faster, and Smart Folders to handle your Shopping, Travel, Packages, and Events more conveniently; thanks to AI-based technology embedded into the email system. OnMail will recommend emails you really should Unsubscribe from if you haven’t viewed them in a while, as well as assist you in tracking your purchases for Refund chances.  


As we have discussed a lot about OnMail, now is the time to discuss,

What are the must-have functionalities that make apps like OnMail super successful?   

This is the most important section which you have to take very seriously. Features are the most important part of any app. You need to select the features very carefully as unnecessary features can increase your app development cost.  

In addition, you must include the features that you think are most important. So, it is always a good option to go with MVP development.  

Don’t know what MVP is? Don’t worry; we’ll explain later in this blog. For now, let’s discuss the features,


Schedule email

Users may now plan emails to be sent early tomorrow, later today, or whenever they like, thanks to this functionality, which is designed to ``respect everyone's downtime.`` When they're writing a message on the web, look for the Schedule send option by clicking the arrow adjacent to the Send box.


Confidential mode

Users can limit messages copying and downloading in confidential mode, and users can also set an expiration time. When composing an email, look for it by pressing the menu button (three dots) on the phone or clicking the padlock sign. Users can indeed also set an expiry date for communications in Confidential Mode. The emails sent in Confidential Mode can be protected with a passcode.



To navigate their inbox quicker, users might want to consider saving some of the most useful URLs. Users may get straight to their drafts, sent emails, and all of the messages by clicking on the links. Users can bookmark URLs for easy access when users do searches in their inbox and identify relevant labels.


Permission control

Users can accept or refuse a certain email address's ability to send mail to your inbox using the ``Permission Control`` functionality. This is a more powerful tool than Edison Mail's ``Block Sender`` or ``Unsubscribe`` because subsequent emails from a refused sender will never reach your inbox, at least not in a form that you can see.


Dark Mode

Dark mode is a low-light user interface (UI) that utilizes a dark background as the primary base color, black or a shade of grey. Apart from that, this feature allows for less eye strain, which means less headaches and a positive working environment. Dark mode UI can indeed help you focus by directing your attention to the content zones of your interface, making that content stand out and obscuring the background.


Organize mails

Reviewing and deleting emails is a time-consuming process, and the default configuration, which returns the user to the inbox after removing each message, might make it even more so. You can, however, enable the auto-advance feature, which allows users to skip to the next email in the list (older or newer) after they've deleted, archived, or muted one. By going to Settings and selecting the 'General' option, you can activate the 'auto-advance feature.' Go to the next chat by scrolling down to auto-advance.


Smart reply

If only responding to emails was as simple as viewing them, particularly when out and about. It's nearly impossible to write a response whenever you're trying to handle traffic on the sidewalk or make sure you don't miss your ride. This feature, on the other hand, makes it easier with Smart Reply, which utilizes artificial intelligence to recommend responses based on what you're more likely to answer with.



If you get a lot of emails during the day, you've probably noticed how stressful it can be to make sure you've replied to each one. Nudge reminds you to answer to everyone by pushing emails you haven't replied to the top when it comes.


Dismiss mails

You may mark your emails as done with a single tap, use smart Natural Language Search to locate what you're looking for, and customize your inbox with a range of customization choices like intelligent notification settings, Split Inbox support, and badge count adjustments.



This feature aids in Type keywords in the top-of-the-page search box, employing the auto-complete function to assist you locate and select the relevant terms, and then click the search option. In the center, your results are represented.



Through this feature, Hidden spy pixels and read receipts in emails sent to users by ad-targeters intending to monitor your email usage are instantly blocked by the application's anti-tracking technology. Because images are not disabled, your email experience will never be interrupted. With authentication mechanisms like SPF, DKIM, and other email security checkpoints, email transmitters are also automatically reviewed for potential security hazards.

So, these are the features that you can include in your app, like OnMail. Remember, there are some more features that you can consider; you can contact a top mobile app development company in order to get an in-depth list of functionalities of an email service app.

Moving forward, let’s talk about,  

How to develop an app like OnMail?


Do market research

Before putting together a team to operate on your mobile app designs, it's a good idea to conduct thorough market research. Because there are so many apps, it's very probable that what you're going to build will be identical to what your competitors are currently offering. You wouldn't want your app to just sit there on the Play Store or App Store, unused. In either case, the best plan is to look for apps that do the same functions as the one you're trying to create. You can avoid the faults in the functionalities and UI that consumers are experiencing in your competitor's app if you have a good grasp of what they're doing and thorough research of user experience for those applications through evaluations and discussion forums. This study will not only help you build a customer-centric application but will also ensure sure you pay attention to user pain issues. Also, instead of just another repetitive name on the app store, give them the application they're looking for.


Select the right mobile app development company

The developers are solely responsible for flawless mobile app development. You should always insist on hiring only seasoned iOS or Android designers with at least one specialized technology under their belts. It’s better to choose mobile app designers that have delivered excellent mobile apps rather than looking for someone who has a shaky mix of knowledge from a few advances.


Select the right features and platform

You must choose your app features and the appropriate platform for development once you have a strong understanding of your users' demands. On different systems, the application's style and appearance work differently. As a result, to make the application appropriate, you should consider the external platform, how it operates, and the relevant characteristics. Picking the right features to add in the application itself, with strong substance and a fantastic UI, is another crucial part of providing an exceptional experience. It will be deleted from the phone instantly if it lacks any critical characteristics that would make it useful to the client.


Test the app

It appears counterintuitive to perform QA and tests while developing. But what if we said that businesses save time and money by performing quality assurance once each coding module was completed? This is correct! It’s a good idea to continuously test the quality of your app development code as you finish each module. Testing so every component saves time that could otherwise be spent detecting and fixing flaws later in the development cycle. It helps to saves a huge amount of time and money to optimize the code and examine it once each milestone is met. The same may be said for code testing. Testing is normally done after the App is ready for checking off your checklist to assess how well the features work. However, numerous tests were run on the code to see whether it included any flaws. Using an automated Testing tool to complete this work reduces the time it takes to develop your app.


Consider MVP approach

As it enables incremental development cycles, an MVP is the greatest approach to start any project. This means your product will reach users sooner, allowing them to provide critical input that will help your product improve in the following development cycle. You can do this with an MVP by removing all of the added features that haven’t been tested with users and could be added in the next edition. This enables a quicker turnaround time and offers your team a product that they can then fill out. It’s excellent to be prepared to develop your product completely and have a unified vision for any product, but occasionally, it’s best to take little steps toward your objective. If you’re seeking a trustworthy development team that will help you take your project from an idea to a fully-fledged solution. At Matellio, we adhere to a set of standards that ensure our client’s requirements. 



Whenever it comes to taking your mobile App, using the correct tools and tactics after thoroughly researching the industry for current solutions and what competitors lack can offer you an advantage in the marketplace. 

These mobile application development tips can help you create the appropriate application that will be a hit with your target audience! We hope you find the insights on this blog to be useful. You can collaborate with Matellio if you need expert help developing an App like OnMail. Our experts would be delighted to help you!

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