8 Things to Consider When Hiring a UX Designer

Updated on Apr 20th, 2021

8 Things to Consider When Hiring a UX Designer

Digitalization has severely impacted the way industries used to be. At present, every business, whether big or small, irrelevant of their domains, have their online presence to connect to their audiences. And while talking of online presence, websites play a very crucial role in determining success. An attractive website enjoys more traffic and ultimately increases the conversion rates of the companies. However, making an attractive website and running it smoothly is a whole lot different than optimizing it for user experience. According to research, 52% of users are less likely to engage with a company due to bad mobile experience. So, a user experience design is very much required to enhance your site. A user experience design is a simple to use website design. It provides easy to utilize functionality to its users. Although it is tough to know what the users want, a UX designer can help you with that. A UX designer works on the functionality of the website and optimizes the site as per user experience. Apart from that, it also helps to harmonize your business goals, objectives, and user needs as well.But, if you are new to the design industry, it is but evident that you might have confusion as to what type of UX designer you need to be successful. In short, if you are looking for skills of a good UX designer, then look no more.

8 Things to Consider When Hiring a UX Designer

1. Business and Strategic Thinker
2. Innovative Design Strategy
3. Agile User
4. Tools and Workflow
5. A Good Teacher
6. User Researcher
7. Cultural Contribution
8. Understands Your Company’s Mission

1. Business and Strategic Thinker

Business and Strategic Thinker

To select the most appropriate designer, try to look at the way he approaches a problem. A good UX designer should be able to create a perfect balance between business goals and user needs. It should facilitate a more healthy decision-making process while forging a relationship between the product manager and leads. In short, a good UX designer should prioritize user needs with the objectives of your business.

2. Innovative Design Strategy

Innovative Design Strategy

 A strong design strategy starts with a clear understanding of the problem. So, a good UX designer should know how to transform the relevant information into something useful. Moreover, you should also look at their work strategy to know whether its a new idea or a derivative one. In short, a UX designer should invest a good time to establish a healthy design practice for long term usage.

3. Agile User

Agile User

One of the top fears that a designer has is creating a negative first impression in front of the user for a product that is still in progress. And clearly, this fear can cause enormous harm to the team if their work is not validated continuously with end-users. However, it can also prove beneficial if organizations strategically collect feedback and iterate it in a way that creates a positive first impression in front of customers. So, it’s imperative to hire a UX designer that knows how to put his fears at the right place to facilitate and encourage thoughtful iterations to achieve desired outputs.

4. Tools and Workflow


Ask the candidate about the tools that he uses. Look at his workflows, and try to understand whether he can work in teams. Try to identify his skills that whether he can only work for UX, or he can go beyond that with some UI tasks as well. A good UX designer should be very well versed with the latest prototyping tools such as Marvel, Principle, and so on.

5. A Good Teacher

Designers, indeed need to be appreciated for their unique crafts. But a great UX Designer won’t be protective about the designing process that he uses. Instead, he will teach his work and would encourage others in their team to design thinking. A good UX designer will also conduct a design workshop if he thinks that it is necessary for team members. In short, a good UX designer can be a great tutor and a facilitator. 

6. User Researcher

Apart from being a system thinker, a UX designer should have active user research. He should know what design to go with and should also include feedback loops, surveys, and usability tests in his plans. A strong design leader will use customer feedback rather than his validations in designs. Moreover, he will also ensure skilled work by collaborating with Engineers and Product Managers in his research. 

7. Cultural Contribution

A designer’s core skill is to easily communicate with users to anticipate their expectations with the product. However, a good UX designer should also collaborate with the other team members, such as Engineers, or Product Managers. It is crucial because, with that, you can know their flexibility and ways in which they deal with complications. Also, it is an essential aspect for any employee to build trust and form a good relationship within the team that they are part of. 

8. Understands Your Company’s Mission

At last, the person you are hiring should very well know your company’s goals and objectives. He should have the ability to merge the latest designs and technologies with your services. Check whether he has any prior work experience in the field. Whether he is passionate about working for your company. In short, the designer must fulfill all the company’s goals and requirements while creating attractive designs.


Final Words

Hiring is an iterative process. And hiring the correct employees for your company can surely create a massive difference in your profits. Having a good UX designer can facilitate more customer satisfaction while ensuring increased traffic and more conversions. They help you to tap into the latest user needs while driving customer loyalty and helping you to stand out of the competitive market. So always try to figure out the most innovative thinker among the list of designers. Because, at last, its a design that is an essential aspect for your website. You can keep these above points in mind that will surely help you out. 

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