Intelligent Apps – How AI Is Paving Path For Future Apps

Updated on Jan 25th, 2024

Intelligent Apps

Change is the only constant thing in today’s digital era. What once was a sci-fi concept has today become the reality of the world. Yes, we are talking about artificial intelligence. AI or artificial intelligence is a phenomenal technology that has transformed almost all the leading sectors of the market today. In such a scenario, how can the app development sector be left behind? Enters Intelligent Apps! 

Intelligent Apps is a completely new concept of the app development sector that has polished the present layers and laid the foundation for app development. With smart AI capabilities, intelligent apps empower the current app development world and facilitate AI development in a much feasible manner.    

Personalized user experience, accurate data processing, predictive analysis, and AI-driven services, what else can you expect from a dedicated mobile app! But, what exactly are Intelligent Apps? Let us explore everything about it in our today’s blog!  


What are Intelligent Apps?

Intelligent Apps is not a completely different application of artificial intelligence. Instead, they are the much advanced and popular AI-enabled application that fosters efficient app development while empowering them to be smarter and more user-friendly. Backed by AI, the intelligent apps offer robust features to businesses like predictive analysis and smart suggestions, unsupervised machine learning, data analytics and processing, and much more.

Besides all that, the AI apps even can store a large amount of data and interact with users just like humans. Additionally, when combined with connected systems, the intelligent apps even analyze the huge data and offer useful insights. The data can be in the form of text, images, and videos. With such a detailed insight, the business can make decisions quickly and effectively. 

What are the Benefits of Intelligent Apps

Now that you know the term Intelligent Apps, let us quickly discuss their benefits for the businesses. 

  • The intelligent apps can analyze a huge amount of data and can be even used for accurate predictions. 
  • Backed with smart AI capabilities, the intelligent apps can seamlessly understand and analyze the user’s data. That means these AI apps automatically eliminate all the irrelevant responses/information. 
  • Businesses can leverage intelligent apps to enhance the customer experience and automate most of their tedious and complex business operations. Customer service, lead generation activities, and basic HR operations are some of the tasks that can be handled by intelligent apps.
  •  The intelligent apps are even smart in terms of predicting user behavior. The use of machine learning in developing intelligent apps helps them identify and analyze the user behavior and then offer the best suitable suggestions as per their requirements and past choices. 
  • Finally, suppose any of your users are stuck while using your mobile apps. In that case, this intelligence feature will help them come out of such situations and even eliminate conditions resulting in those circumstances. 

Hence, all in all, it can be said that intelligent apps are the most profitable deal for businesses. So, why wait for your competitors to develop it first when you can kickstart the intelligent app development today!


Top 5 Best Artificial Intelligent Apps

Talking about the benefits of intelligent apps, we are listing the five most popular AI apps that are presently trending in the market.


Cortana is the most trending AI app in the global market for 2021. What once started for Windows phones, Cortana has today become the pioneer for Android mobiles as well. This amazing, intelligent app not just helps you to manage and automate tedious tasks but even offers reminders and document storage features for businesses and users alike. You only have to use your voice, and that work will be done in seconds.


Image Source

2.ELSA Speak

Another fascinating, intelligent app that has been trending in the global market is ELSA Speak. It is an amazing educational app that can help you learn and improve your English language without paying hefty fees. ELSA Speak app is available for Android and iOS users and has been tested by experts.  

Elsa App

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3. Google Allo

When it comes to surprise their users, Google never backs-off. That’s why we have Google Allo, an amazing, intelligent app that eliminates the need for the user to type the word. You only need to use your voice commands, and every task, whether big or small, will be completed in a fraction of seconds. Making phone calls, setting reminders, adding events in the calendar, you name it, and Google Allo has it!

4. Socratic

Another advanced intelligent app introduced by Google is Socratic. It is yet again an advanced and user-friendly e-learning application that is based on AI. Socratic enables the students to get answers to all their complex educational problems within seconds; they can either type the problems or even upload a picture of the app’s problem. Fair and simple, the intelligent app will offer videos, tutorials, images, or even written content to answer the asked problem.  

socraticImage Source 

5. Youper

Finally, we have Youper, a training and fitness app built specifically for users that avoid the gym. This intelligent fitness application is backed by AI’s cognitive capabilities and helps users mitigate their wellness and social phobia issues more simply. The app slowly understands the user’s present condition and then suggests the best actions to help them eliminate their social phobia.  

Besides all the intelligent apps mentioned above, many more have paved the way for intelligent apps. You can consult with our experts to know more about them! 

Youper App

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How to Develop your Custom Intelligent App with Matellio?

So far, we have discussed the benefits and some prominent examples of intelligent apps that are trending in the global market. Now, some of you might be thinking that this complex and AI-based application might consume much of your resources. But, let me correct you here!. That’s nothing when you are developing your intelligent app with an experienced software engineering firm.

Here are five easy steps in which you can seamlessly develop a custom intelligent app with Matellio!

1. Fill the Form

The first step to develop a custom intelligent app with us is to fill our consultation form. We would have your basic contact details and a short description explaining your business requirements by filling the form. 

2. Consult with our AI experts

Once you have filled our consultation form, our experts will contact you on the best suitable day on either email, call, or any other digital communication platform. In the second step, you can discuss your business needs and even share any ideas you have regarding intelligent AI apps. Consulting with experts will also offer you some exceptional benefits, like you would know the current trends of the app development market.

You would also have the chance to explore some out-of-the-box ideas that you would not get without expert consultation. We offer a free consultation for all our new clients. So, grab that opportunity today!

3. Choose Relevant features and designs.

Once the business requirements are discussed with the experts, the next step would be to choose the relevant features and designs for your intelligent app. You can discuss them with our experts, and you will surely have the best features that would make your custom AI app successful in the market.

Also, the design of the app is equally important for the success of the app. Hence investing heavily in the UI/UX part as features that are not accessible is of no use. So, invest in an aesthetic design and make your intelligent app user-friendly and popular. 

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4. Hire Professional AI App Developers

In the fourth step, you need to hire professional developers for your app. We ate Matellio, offers certified and cost-effective developers known to deliver well-enhanced AI apps to businesses. Whether you are a small company or a Fortune 500 company, our development team will help you build an efficient and feature-rich intelligent app that too at cost-effective prices. We even offer flexible hiring models to suit your business needs. 

5. Test and Deploy

Lastly, you need to test your applications and then deploy them in the market. Testing has always been a crucial part of the development sector as it detects the bugs that were left unidentified during the development process.

To eliminate conditions like glitches after your app is deployed, always make sure that your app is tested. You can choose automated or manual testing methods whatever satisfies your requirements. 



AI in business has not remained a sci-fi concept today; instead, it has become the most necessary element of a company’s digital transformation strategy. Hence, for the companies seeking innovation and profitability for their businesses, custom AI-solutions is the only possible and effective way. With its smart capabilities, and deep analysis, AI today has empowered many small and big enterprises of the global market, and if you plan, then the next name could be yours! So, discuss your ideas with our experts, and bring business intelligence to your organization.

Till then, Happy Reading!


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