How to Develop Lawyer Consultation App Like Clio?

Updated on Dec 18th, 2023

Advanced technology has invaded almost every sector of multiple industries. The legal sector is also adopting the latest technology to enhance its services. It is highly efficient that everything stays available within a few clicks in today’s technologically-driven world. So, the legal industry has opened its doors and is ready to offer its users ease. It is done by adopting the lawyer consultation app, which can enhance how users can utilize the required services. Many law firms are working with traditional methods which cannot match the pace of today’s digital transformation norms. As per the study, the emergence of AI has revolutionized the legal sector. The global legal services market in 2021 had a value of $901.8 billion and is anticipated to expand with a CAGR of 5.3% until 2030. (SOURCE)  

A legal application like Clio can be an excellent choice for your business if you want to expand your potential client and improve your customer experience. What is Clio, you ask? Well, it is a mobile application designed for lawyers and law firms. This application helps legal professionals to get access to their client information remotely. With this application, the essential data about any case can be accessed in just a few clicks.  

Do you also want to develop a lawyer consultation app like Clio? In this blog, we have offered your insight into the various aspects you must consider to achieve your goal. But before we move further with the features and benefits, let us explore how developing an application similar to the Clio will be fruitful for your business. 

  • Adopting a lawyer consultation app will help you position yourself well in the market and expand your reach.  
  • Case, time, documents, and clients are four essential pillars driving the legal field, and having features relevant to these will help you.  
  • You can have multiple perks after developing something similar to the Clio app; some of the major ones are offering the security of the entire data, smooth communication, managing paperwork, and much more. 

Why Must One Invest In A lawyer Consultation App?

The legal sector plays a vital role and is connected to every other industry in one way or the other. And every industry accepts the emergence of next-generation technology, which is why the legal sector should also transform. The major reason for hiring the best mobile app development service providers is to walk shoulder to shoulder with other industries. Other vital points that must be focused on are:  

1. On-going Market Boom  

The online legal services market is booming as it is helping businesses to develop. Digitalization has the power to gain your multinational business clients, and so it is one of the major reasons that you must consider having a lawyer consultation application.  

2. Expands your Reach  

The second most vital point that must be noticed is that online presence will offer you a wider reach in today’s era. Clients’ demands have upgraded, so they desire similar customer services. Presenting them with the application is like offering them the convenience of connecting to their required services from anywhere. 

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Features of Lawyer Consultation App Resembling the Quality of Clio App

Features-of-Lawyer-Consultation-App-Resembling-the-Quality-of-Clio-App - 1

Features are the soul of any application, and for the legal sector, lots of nooks and crannies must be covered well. With the integration of advanced technologies in this sector, the personalization of the services paced up. Here we have tried to mention major features that you must consider, and they are:  

1. Case Management  

As a legal firm, you would require to keep track of multiple cases, and it does not involve normal data but has calendaring, document management, billing detail, and much more within it. Now offering every client their specific case detail or any vital information related to the same can be hectic work. It is why adding this feature to your lawyer’s consultation app will let your clients or customers access these significant components of any case related to them.

It does not matter where your clients are; with the help of this mobile app, they can safely access this data. This feature is also available in the Clio app and provides an overview of any information required for any case. With this firm and the clients, both can have a managed way of looking at the details and make the entire process smooth. The lawyers can also work on their cases via this application, which minimizes wasting their time.  

2. Firm Insight Dashboard 

You do need to hold on meeting with every particular department to gather insight into how the performance of the organization. By adding this feature to your application, you can track the collection ad utilization rates and other work of the firm. Monitoring every single process within a law firm is nearly impossible and is time-consuming. With the help of this feature, you can get a detailed overview of the firm performance in a simple visual representation. Through this firm insight dashboard, organizations can track their revenues and measure the firm’s performance through the relevant data belonging from any specific timeframe. 

3. Client Management  

Just like cases, there are multiple clients connected to the legal services offered by a firm. It is not easy to remember each one of them or manage their in-detailed portfolio manually. But with the help of automation management, every little client-related work turns out to be completed accurately and quickly. You can track your law firm’s communication with clients, outside channels, vendors, or companies here. A quick overview of your client and the related documents, case-related matters, and transactions can be traced easily. Thus, every bit of the client information stays organized to be used anytime it is needed in a few clicks.  

4. Document Management  

One of the most tangled sections within any law firm is managing the documents they have. There is a plethora of papers related to even a single case. Keeping every one of these documents gathered safely and at the easiest reach is a challenge when done manually. But when you have an on-demand lawyer app developed by experts, you can simplify the entire recordkeeping process. You will not be required to have any duplicate data entry. Rather, the events, notes, or any other document related to any case or client can be accessed with a single tap. And yes, the data are stored safely to prevent any breaches.  

5. Calendaring 

With the calendaring feature, you can do more than schedule appointments. Updating the case milestones, automatically scheduling the deadline for certain tasks based on the court rules, giving out text messages to clients for appointment confirmation, and much more is done through this feature. When you add the calendaring feature, you get the ease of tracking down all the events by organizing the legal calendar as per cases. Customized reminders can be set so you can attend all deadlines and meetings. The best part is that the entire team gets the perk of working collaboratively through a single calendar, as it helps work effortlessly anytime, anywhere.

6. Billing  

Offering excellent services to clients will put you into the good books of the market, but another thing that is also more crucial is money. Increasing profitability can be achieved with good strategies but yes, keeping track of bills is one significant step. With the help of a lawyer consultation app like Clio, you will be able to bag clarity about all the different kinds of expenses and their details. Bills can be created using the custom bill plans to reduce the manual work with this data, as it will also reduce the chances of any error.   

7. Time and Expense Tracking 

With this feature, you can track every moment by sitting anywhere. A time tracker will not let even a minute slip through the cracks. You can review and also adjust the time entries, and it ensures the accuracy of the record. It also helps in creating the time entries mentioned on your bills. The billing record can also be tracked easily via this application feature. Apart from reviewing the work done with the respective time and recording time entries via payments, you can also follow the expenses in just a few clicks. Maintaining an accurate financial record becomes easy. All of this can be generated in the form of a report that includes the exact time and expense entries across the entire organization. 

Benefits of Having Lawyer Consultation App for your Business 

Every person in some time or the three requires legal services, and widespread technological advances have facilitated the entire route through which clients can reach their needed legal assistance. The digital transformation, including shifting towards various legal management solutions such as customized software and applications, has benefited law firms and their clients. Here we have mentioned the crucial benefits that will help you witness the gains your business can have:  

1. Better Time Management 

Time is a precious element that needs to be spent wisely by professionals in the legal sector. With the help of a lawyer consultation app, managing time becomes easy. The data from various aspects are gathered in one place in an organized manner; thus, anything required anytime can be accessed easily. Applications help manage client appointments by arranging them strategically so that time should be well-spent.  

2. Smooth Communication 

The lawyer consultation app will help you maintain a smooth communication track with your fellow professionals. The communication might include sharing vital information or data with the advanced technology you get the top-notch quality of security that encrypts your communication with others. The search operations for any specific conversation or data transfer also become simple with the application.  

3. Digitalizing the Paperwork 

The lawyer consultation app will help you maintain a smooth communication track with your fellow professionals. The communication might include sharing vital information or data with the advanced technology you get the top-notch quality of security that encrypts your communication with others. The search operations for any specific conversation or data transfer also become simple with the application. 

4. Offer the Best Security 

The digital world has undoubtedly altered the lengthy work schedule of the industry and offered multiple perks. But, data security from fraudulent activity has also become a raised concern. Various security protocols are implemented to improve the cybersecurity experience over any digital platform. Suppose you are developing something similar to the Clio app. In that case, you will have to stay on the various standard security controls such as access policies, criminal background checks for anyone using the application, two-factor authentication, and much more.



Working in the legal sector was not easy earlier; it took lots of manual work to maintain the records of individual clients, and keeping them safe was the biggest challenge. With digitalization, the automation of processes has removed the burden from the shoulder of the legal sector. Technology deployment has changed the role of legal practitioners and enhanced their offerings for their clients. When you think of developing a lawyer consultation app like Clio, you get closer to the perk of accessing everything in just a few taps. Establishing an online platform offering legal consultation is a vital and wise decision to meet the growing push in the online legal market. 

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