List Of Trending IoT Tools For IoT App Development

Updated on Mar 18th, 2024

The Internet of Things has accessed every aspect of daily life through embedded network connectivity made up with the ordinary devices used at work, or while moving on the streets. It can be anything and anywhere like plugs, lights, doorbells, home appliances, wearables, vehicles, and other innovative objects. IoT app development platform extends not just to domestic use but also to industrial facilities due to the accelerated expansion of wireless networks, M2M connectivity, software-defined networking development, and cloud computing. By combining the attributes of IoT to sense, collect, transmit analyze and distribute related data with the people, It will offer the knowledge and wisdom to thrive in the coming years. The consistent IoT improvisations and connected physical devices have combined the device hardware and programming, which opened the new possibilities for business models and IoT app developers. According to an estimate, 57 percent of development companies have adopted the IoT platform and 50 billion by 2020 according to Cisco IBSG predicts. Furthermore, IoT connected devices have grown to 26.66 billion from 15.41 billion in 2015, and it has been expected to surpass 75 billion devices by 2025. Beyond the figures, an unavoided question is how can enterprises avoid being disintermediated by incumbent players or newcomers in their market who capitalized the IoT platform. On the other hand as the existence of IoT also solidifying its significance in industry, the requirement for comprehensive, reliable developer toolkits is a prime concern for every mobile application development company. The complex apps like Uber also make use of IoT in the best possible manner.

So every IoT solution providers have been busy in creating hardware designs and software that will assist developers to introduce novel IoT devices and applications. Here are few significant and popular IoT development tools that can be used to develop mobile applications efficiently and successfully.

Trending tools used by best IoT app Development Company

  • Arduino

Arduino is an open-source prototyping platform which is easy to use IoT platform or is a tool which enables the computer to sense and exercise efficient control over the physical world. It offers a blend of hardware specification that can be applied to interactive electronics and the software coming in an Integrated development environment and programming language of Arduino. It stands distinguished from the rest of the listed tools due to it’s easy to use hardware specifications and software. It is a sublimed package to develop well suited an interactive application and optimized platform for IoT application development enterprises.economy. Moreover, it provides ease in usage and efficient implementation to the naive beginners who wants to explore unique IoT mobile applications.

  • Node-RED

Node-Red connects API, online services and hardware devices with an integrated browser-based flow editor through an innovative and unique approach. In other words, it is a visual tool built on Node.js, a server-side JavaScript platform wiring the Internet of things developed by IBM with an objective to provide a User-friendly interface for IoT app developers so they can connect physical devices very easily and quickly. In other words, it provides an elegant solution to merge various IoT devices and services, and within a local area network.  Furthermore, it can be managed to run on Raspberry pi and more than 60000 modules to extends its potentials.

  • Home Assistant

It is an open source tool with a Python-based coding system which is developed for home automation and function controlled through the desktop or mobile browsers. It is easy to set up  Home Assistant which supports every system which runs on Python 3 and get regular updates every 2 weeks. Although it lacks a cloud component, it is appreciated for its capability to protect data with the frictionless operation and security standard during internet outages. It has been proved as an ideal option for IoT application developers keen to develop connectivity between the internet and people’s living spaces.

  • Raspbian

This IoT IDE is developed for board created by IoT tech enthusiasts and it is stuffed with over 35000 packages and numerous examples. The use of Raspberry Pi extends in many applications like in parent detectors to the weather station, music machines, digital maker projects and tweeting birdhouses with infrared cameras. Furthermore, Raspbian does not belong to the parent organization, Instead, it is regarded as the best tool for Raspberry Pi used by IoT development companies for advance mechanisms. It is consistently in the development phase and broadens the access for computing which enabled the users to get maximum benefits.

  • Device Hive

Device Hive is the most preferred IoT application development platform which is a free open source M2M communication framework. Basically, it is a cloud-based API and enables the IoT app users to control remotely with no need to change network configuration, management protocols, protocols, and library. The compatibility and experience of Device Hive have been incredible while using it for automation, smart home devices, sensor, and security. There are other added benefits of leveraging it like resources, support,  and references from its thriving dynamic community of programmers and online blogs.

  • Kaa

Kaa is a multipurpose tool that developers can craft applications, IoT solutions, and numerous smart products provides end to end support for connected devices in an IoT app. It also offers the IoT app developers to distribute firmware updates remotely, scrutinize user behavior for target-specific notifications and tenable cross platform interoperability. The developers find it so handy that they can integrate Kit Kaa with gateways, sensors or with any other array of devices.

  • OpenSCADA

OpenSCADA is a companion project of SCADA by Eclipse IoT industry Group endeavored with security, flexibility, and modern design. It facilitates different tools like several interface apps, configuration tools, functional libraries, etc that IoT app developer can combine to develop advanced IoT applications.The platform supports editing and advanced debugging, various programming languages and includes sub-projects like Orilla, Utgard, Atlantis and others.

  • Tessel 2

Tessel 2 is a hardware provider used to churn out a host of server and build hardware firmware IoT solutions and prototypes. It supports JavaScript and used by the IOT app development company for offering almost everything from build basic level IoT mobile applications and prototypes to complex apps. As Tessel 2 can be easily programmed using Node.JS, any Java developer proficient with Node.JS is able to use this device. It can be used to run firmware applications rapidly, exercise a better input/output control with efficient power management. Additionally, You can also integrate its numerous sensors and modules like cameras, accelerometers, RFID, GPS, etc.

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