How to Develop a Corporate Learning Management System?

Updated on Mar 7th, 2024


It’s impossible to overstate the value of continuous learning for employees to improve their abilities. In the modern business world, corporate training is a must. Many businesses, including small, mid-sized, and big businesses, are becoming more and more interested in corporate training.  

Corporate learning and development are rapidly changing. The time for corporate learning management systems has come.Around the world, corporate learning management systems are redefining the way that human resources, sales, and other departments operate. Also, the LMS for corporate training can work wonders to boost employee productivity in any size business.  

This blog will discuss what a corporate LMS is and how to develop one for your business!  

What Are Corporate Learning Management Systems?

LMS for corporate training is a type of employee management software that provides learning resources for career progression, role-based skill development, and induction training. Using these systems, learners may conveniently access courses, training, and their progress.  

Corporate training is useful for onboarding new staff as well. Text documents describing your company culture, company rules, compliance protocols, and health and safety procedures can be uploaded.  

Additionally, managers and HR specialists can tailor the content using a custom corporate learning management system. The materials for courses frequently include videos, PowerPoint slides, webinars, and other resources. Employee engagement is increased by the variety of formats.  

Is Investing in LMS for Corporate Training Worth Money?

Corporate LMS can benefit an organization by training employees about the products and services it specializes in. An employee can perform better in their roles when they have a thorough awareness of what the business does and how it influences the market. LMS software development can help corporates to get custom training software that is scalable and can fit their employee upskilling requirements.  

Benefits of Using Corporate Learning Management Systems!

Using an LMS for corporate training has several advantages. Here are a few of them:  

  • Easy to track learner’s progress 
  • Personalized learning 
  • Cost-effective 
  • Boost product and compliance training 
  • Promotes personal development opportunities 
  • Lowes employee turnover 

After defining the benefits of a corporate learning management system, let’s talk about,  

Must-Have Features of Corporate Learning Management Systems!

Key features and functionalities that you need to consider during corporate learning management system development are:

Build Course 

This feature is considered as being the most important component of an LMS for corporate training when creating a learning platform. It allows users to design courses on a variety of subjects and quizzes to evaluate learners. 

Skills Assessment

The right features should be included in an online learning platform to monitor and assess users’ abilities. Skills evaluation demonstrates the effectiveness of the learner’s instruction.  

Offline Accessibility 

It is crucial that employees can access the learning document even when they are offline with corporate learning management systems. They will be able to learn thanks to this function effortlessly. Additionally, the corporate learning management systems should be able to monitor the offline learning activity and grade them when they access the learning document offline.  

Mobile Integration 

Standard LMS platforms are designed for web use, but making one available on all devices gives users access to your products whenever they want. Most support systems let students attend classes whenever it’s convenient for them.  

Content Management

 The development of different e-learning courses, including quizzes, assignments, and other learning tools, is made possible by this essential element. As a result, the LMS’s content management functionality is a top priority. Learners should be able to add various content to their courses using your corporate learning management systems, including images, videos, charts, audio files, PDF files, and more.  

Push Notifications 

In corporate learning management systems, simple automated logic may be set up to send personalized messages to learners who are just beginning a course, have finished a course or lesson, or have been inactive for a while. These emails can be filled with personalized material that directs readers to the next part, useful links, or even just a gentle prod to keep learning.  

Create Groups

As the feature’s name suggests, groups play a big role in corporate learning management systems because they help instructors arrange course materials and assign them to learners. Additionally, groups can assist learners in cooperating, communicating, and supporting one another.  


Instead of using outdated traditional lectures, this feature encourages and engages learners by incorporating game design aspects. Leaderboards, awards, and other game-like incentives can encourage the development of stronger teams inside your business or inspire learners to continue their education.  

Calendar Integration 

The calendar is an essential factor as it helps administrators give learners deadlines. If a group is learning on a set schedule, it is also vital. Following a self-evaluation, calendars can help learners feel more confident.  


An essential function of a corporate learning management system is reporting because it enables you to keep a comprehensive track of who has received training and who hasn’t, as well as to record training for regulatory compliance.  

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How to Develop a Corporate Learning Management System?

If you’ve made up your mind to develop a custom corporate learning management system, it’s time to look at key development steps: 

Define the Idea

Determine whether you require merely an application or a hybrid of a web app and a mobile app by researching the market, examining possible competitors, or evaluating the capabilities of your organization. A clearly defined concept makes it simpler to communicate with the development team, which greatly improves the effectiveness of the later planning stage and streamlines the development of the entire corporate learning management system.  

Build MVP  

A corporate learning management system’s development is a great challenge. A high-risk strategy is to go all in on the initial project, especially if you intend to create an LMS for corporate training. 

The MVP is preferable to the full-scale product development of your corporate LMS if you want to improve the possibilities of your project’s success. 

An MVP is the initial version of your custom LMS for corporate training that has only the most fundamental functions and summarizes the benefits of your offering. You must collaborate with a skilled MVP development company for your corporate learning management system development project if you really want to have success with your MVP.  

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Hire the Best LMS Development Company

The following step is to select the team of developers whose experience matches your needs. Find a top eLearning development company who has experience with corporate LMS design first. You can make your decision on a few ratings, typical costs, personal recommendations, or discussions with possible applicants. Reputation in the industry and substantial experience are typically reliable signals. Therefore, you might want to favor development companies that are well-known in the industry, have extensive portfolios of effective cases, and preferably include some LMS projects. 

Select the Right Tech Stack

The technology stack will be suggested by the development team based on the LMS’s specified features and target platforms. The technological stack influences the cost of developing a custom LMS for corporate training in addition to the components chosen, therefore making sensible decisions.  

Do Extensive Testing

Your learning management system should be designed to make the best impact upon release with the aid of QA experts. 

The top emphasis is always quality. Just be patient and wait till all problems are identified and eliminated. Otherwise, instead of giving you information and money, the learning management system would fail miserably.  

How Much Does a Corporate Training LMS Development Cost?

Sadly, there is no definitive answer. The total cost will rely on a wide range of variables like: 

  • Features & functionalities 
  • Tech stack used 
  • Complexity 
  • Hired LMS development company 

Apart from that there are many other features that can influence the LMS development cost.  

If you want an in-depth quotation of LMS development cost, then contacting a top LMS development company would be beneficial for you!  


In this blog, we covered all the essential procedures for building an LMS for corporate training, along with the must-have features and various other considerations. 

LMS for corporate training development can be tedious and loaded with difficulties, but the ideal LMS development company with a strong support network can make it simple for your business. All you need for a smooth LMS implementation is a solid implementation plan, like the one described above, and a reliable LMS development company, like Matellio!  


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