Top 10 Benefits of using Property Management Software

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For generations, in order to document financial accounts, write down audit/inspection reports, tenant demands and assignments, property managers often use paper, graphs, and email. It doesn’t affect what business you are in nowadays, the technology you use will have an impact on efficiency and profit. Real estate transactions have improved in organization and simplicity of implementation as new innovations and technology have indeed been released into the market. In order to monitor their properties, buildings, and daily operations, property managers and companies are now using Property Management Software. Property management Software can indeed be confusing and challenging, If you are still not experienced with how it can support your business.

According to business-insider, the global property management software market size is predicted to reach more than 3.33 million dollars by the year 2022 with the CAGR of 7%. Huge isn’t it?

But, what is a property management system? To whom is it? What precisely does this software do for your business? Should you make use of it? All these common questions and many more will be answered in this blog.

In this blog, we’ll be covering:

  • What is a Property Management Software?
  • Functions and types of property management software?
  • Features of Property management software?
  • Benefits of property management system?
  • Upcoming trends.
  • Conclusion.

So without any further ado, let’s get started.

What is Property Management Software?

Discover-Property-Management-SoftwareA PMS “Property Management Software” is a type of software that operates locally to optimize business processes for enhanced performance and transparency on a device or server side. It’s really the adviser-de-camp of land owners, property managers, and for companies, trying to simplify tasks that would require a huge amount of time and money. For overstressed and overworked property managers, owners, Property Management Software is a blessing. The roles of such individuals at the office and back office are diverse, extensive, and in several instances, repetitive. Any of these responsibilities usually involve: interacting with tenants or residents, handling lease requests, keeping track of on-time and late payments, handling maintenance requests, and maintaining and reviewing detailed lists of properties. All such activities and responsibilities are time consuming, but it’s a piece of cake for property management software.

These types of software are not only intended for one specific category of specialist in the industry. The PMS will help your company with a greater degree of accuracy and success, even if you own rental property, commercial property, and have real estate investment.

Who needs a software solution like this though?

The software will help real estate professionals in several different positions. Below are some:

  • Real estate Investment firms and companies – Property management software does not only help landowners, it could also support real estate investment companies with substantial values. REITs and private equity companies could also use this software solution to efficiently leverage investments and handle portfolios, doesn’t matter how massive they are.
  • Commercial – Managers requires software that gives them the capabilities to enhance their approach, improve analysis, and optimize the performance of their portfolios. Those who are employed in the sector of commercial real estate require software solutions that will help them to minimize property maintenance waiting time, collect complicated rental data from a number of individual contracts, or to simplify core functions which sometimes takes hours to finish.
  • Retail – Building owners and managers of retail real estate requires unique software solutions to improve their strategic thinking and performance analysis. Retail property acquisition, growth, and management require a strong software solution to meet their decisions based on data to pick the correct mix of tenants.
  • Tenants – While making maintenance requests, getting alerts about building changes, or incoming deliveries, and connecting with managers, tenants could use PMS “Property management software” through the use of a tenant portal.
  • Property owners and managers – To maximize their duties and operations, property owners of every form of rental can use property management software. All these properties can benefit from this software solution which streamlines or enhances processes, whether they handle short or long-term rentals, student homes, houses, luxury apartments, commercial buildings or trailer parks.

Features of Property Management Software

Property-Management-Software-FeaturesA Property Management Software will have different features and functionalities based on its purpose. Below are some core features of Property Management Software, so have a look.

  • Accounting – A financial module which will help you to deal with mortgages, transactions, banking information, debts, and plenty more can indeed be incorporated with your property management software. Which make it all through one location, stored safely and can be accessible with few taps.
  • Communicating – You can contact tenants directly through text messages and by email using a designed-in communication feature and functionality. You could even send messages separately or even in mass, build groups and save the chat history inside the application.
  • Online payments – Integration of payments will help you to mitigate the hours spent on billing and bring down the cost incurred on paper records and collect funds safely. You give your audience a fast solution by providing an online payment feature, as well as allowing them the opportunity to check their bank statements or collect receipts. With automatic alerts and email updates, the online payment feature functions perfectly.
  • Maintenance Management – Property management software enables support and maintenance requests to be handled, service providers and suppliers to be scheduled and tenants and property owners to communicate about scheduled maintenance tasks.
  • Space Management – The space management feature and functionality role simplifies the allocation of resources, tracks, reports on the usage of space and materials and allows physical properties to be properly controlled.
  • Document Management – All the data about your property, land, tenants, and finances can be saved by your property management software. You can upload, import, and handle documents such as flow statements or lease rolls using a personalized solution.

As of now we’ve discussed the features and type of property management software. Still wondering how property management software will help your business to stand up from the bottom line. Below are some features of property management software, so have a look on them.

Benefits of Property Management System

1. Easy maintenance monitoring

Some individuals say that the average landlord will indeed favor and don’t have to think regarding repairs. It is generally considered worthless which requires money without providing value. From the other side, it is indeed possibly the one possible option that is most strongly affiliated with tenant gratification. Poor maintenance can lead to building impoverishment under the worst scenarios. Hardly any property manager would like to have to contend with that kind of problem. Thankfully, property management software could indeed cure the problem by providing fully prepared access to information. As quickly as a work order is connected to the network, cloud based software will automatically alert you the problem. Most of these services offer the tenants the opportunity to generate tokens the very same way they could if a customer support portal were used. Although most current property management software solutions even allow tenants to attach images of problems to their communications, you might not have to manually inspect the problem.

2. Easy payments from tenants and contractors

For your tenants and yourselves, receiving rental payments electronically makes it simple. Allowing a tenant to pay online will remove some need to meet someone in person or keep daily hours, which can save your time spent on admit, process, or deposit the payment. Tenants might also want to opt for direct debits which if payment is due then without input subtract money from their bank accounts. Many would not like the concept of an automatic deduction, but without having to meet someone in-person, they may still be happy about the chance to make a payment. This benefit will also allow payment reporting and readily accessible records for both landlords and tenants to help to resolve any conflicts over rent payments.

3. Data tracking

If you plan on keeping track of everything in your house, daily data tracking and report generation is essential. If you are a single owner who owns an apartment, complex, or multi-unit house, then you are probably acquainted with how hard it could be to maintain track and gathering of financial details. If you are a small company operating a couple of commercial buildings, the scenario would be little as messy. Several property management software offers the option of recording financial data automatically that takes all the trial and error out of the assignments. You’ll be sent monthly text documents along with tables and diagrams, which will provide you the overall picture.  Throughout this way, using property management software will enable you to have a handle about what facets of your project need to be altered to increase your return on investment.

4. Property management

This is possibly among the most significant reasons why owners of properties are thinking about developing property management software. The kind of solution that makes accounting, monitoring, and communicating processes simpler. In the owner’s tab, all the details are available about property. While reducing third-party resources, property management software accelerates business processes so that you can achieve greater management uniformity and improve performance.

5. 24*7 support & customer loyalty

To provide your client with outstanding help anytime or whenever, you can incorporate property management software with chatbots and voice agents. Your business or company can be taken to the next stage by strong property management software. You will make your clients feel valued and appreciated with device alerts and personalized marketing. What are even more multiple languages and currency can be enabled by your software, which will further improve your client relationship.


6. Quick inspection

Property inspection is amongst the most time-taken business practices that property managers need to face. It needs one after another inspecting properties, writing all the appropriate details down, and afterwards writing it back in the office. You can perform property inspections and produce informative reports when out there in the area with property management software. You could save a great deal of time and just never forget about something by using inspection templates planned accordingly.

7. Tenant screening

To safeguard honesty, every landlord conducts a background check on prospective tenants. Papers are often easily lost or destroyed, which is why the most secure alternative is to use property management software for tenant screening services. There will be an integrated scanning tool in the software that allows landowners to search for potential records form state registers if possible. However, it is important to remember that the documents it reviews are those that are readily accessible to the public. As the right to privacy is often protected by property management software. However, the software will ensure that important information is given to complete your background check.

8. Enhances visibility

Property management software provides unprecedented access to your properties with precise, updated, and real time data, directly and immediately through one powerful software. Throughout your full portfolio, you will have the information you need to make smarter decisions that will boost your activities, advertising and finances.

9. Calendar scheduling

Among the best benefits of good property management software, certainly. Calendars are required to display booking, property availability and customer or guest status from various channels. It will help you to arrange appointments with tenants, build reminders for collecting rent and plenty more.

10. Better Reporting

Reports will provide you a lot of meaningful information on how the company pays costs, sales, taxes, payment, and availability of lands. By inserting extra columns or sorting by multiple variables, these reports can be tailored to the needs of your organization.

New upcoming trends in Property Management Software

We all know nothing is permanent, technology keeps on changing. Although, property management software holds full potential to take businesses on a next level, but in coming time we’ll be seeing new property management software with Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality integration for 3D visualization and variations, energy conservation for better utility usage, blockchain integration for better security of the software, AI integration for better relations with tenants and lot more.



The rental industry is continuously searching for ways to simplify and standardize structure. They can monitor and optimize back-office activities, finances with property management software. Property management software enhances the communication between tenant-owner-and managers.

Custom property management software allows businesses to offer best services and to expand on a larger scale. If you understand all the features and benefits of property management software and are looking for a development firm, then team Matellio is happy to help you. Our experts’ developers will provide top-notch solutions and our professional QA engineers will make sure that the software is of finest quality.

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