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Redefine your real estate operations while dominating your market and making great profits through AI-based real estate software solutions. Offer next-gen customer experience and get detailed insights for better decision-making with AI in real estate.

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    Get Future-Ready with AI in Real Estate

    Become a pioneer in your field and generate remarkable revenues through AI development services. Here's how the leading real estate brands use AI in real estate!

    Real estate companies experienced better leads and revenues by adopting AI real estate solutions.


    Commercial real estate companies agreed that AI in real estate results in better efficiency and reduced cost.


    Realtors said that AI development services helped them to stay competitive during pandemic time.


    Realtors stated that the use of AI/ML in real estate helped them to enhance customer experience.

    Get Business-Specific AI Real Estate Solutions

    Leverage our decade-long expertise in AI development services and real estate software development to cater to your business needs.
    Commercial Realtor

    Accelerate your growth by automating follow-up tasks & getting real-time business data with AI solutions.

    Industrial Realtor

    Mitigate the risks, understand the user needs, and enhance your workforce with custom AI real estate solutions.

    Residential Realtors

    Simplify your real estate tasks while embracing automation for enhancing your business with AI development services.

    Raw Land Realtor
    Raw Land

    Win new deals by getting perfect insights and numbers of the market in real time with an AI-based real estate solution.

    Get Custom Real Estate Solutions

    Top-Notch Features for Your AI Real Estate Solution

    Upscale your business operations and build better brand value with our state-of-the-art solutions and AI development services.
    Property Valuation
    Property Valuation

    Evaluate the properties' future depreciation/appreciation cost while analyzing the chances of natural disasters in that place via AI in real estate.

    Custom Chatbot
    Custom Chatbot

    Enhance your customer support operations and automate email marketing and customer support operations with NLP-driven chatbots.

    Property Recommendation
    Property Recommendation

    We can help you analyze your customer’s needs and suggest the best properties based on their recent searches with AI-based recommendations.

    BI Modules
    BI Modules

    Understand the latest market trends and dynamic customer needs to create future-ready strategies with AI-based business intelligence modules.

    Design Automation
    Design Automation

    Leverage AI-based design automation features to help you enhance your construction and interior design process while eliminating risks.

    Intelligent Auction and Bidding
    Intelligent Auction and Bidding

    Get real-time data about multiple auctions around you and ensure a profitable bidding process with AI-based auction and bidding features for real estate.

    Smart Home Search

    Get personalized recommendation for your home search based on your references, past experience, search history, etc., with an AI-based recommender engine.

    AI Doc Analyzer

    Go through millions of documents at once and find the relevant information like debts and homeowner’s info with an AI-based document analyzer.

    Automated Contracts

    Seamless create legal contracts based on your business requirement and check the legitimacy of the existing contracts with an AI-based contract management feature.

    How Much Does an AI Real Estate Solution Cost?

      What is

      Why Matellio for AI Real Estate Software Development?

      Business-Specific Solutions
      Business-Specific Solutions

      Get result-driven AI solutions that cater to your specific business needs.

      Strong R&D Expertise
      Strong R&D Expertise

      We can help you discover the best trends and features for your AI real estate solution.

      Strong R&D Expertise
      Flexible Hiring Models

      Enjoy flexible hiring models and need-based scaling services for your AI project.

      Our Real Estate Development Services

      Explore the best-in-class services that we offer to help your company handle the modern-day business challenges.

      Other AI Real Estate Solutions that We Can Build for You

      Frequently Asked Questions

      1. How is AI in real estate beneficial?

      AI in real estate has today become an important trend for running a successful business. From automated customer support and real-time customer analytics to personal property recommendations for your customers, AI real estate solutions can offer various things to your business. Moreover, you can even win more deals and enhance your customer experience with smart AI bots. Other benefits of AI in real estate are reduced operational costs and smart analytics.

      2. Will you provide me with the source code for my AI real estate solution?

      Definitely, once our AI developers create your AI real estate solution, they will deliver the complete solution along with the source code to you. You can then use that code to make further customizations to your AI real estate solution in the future.

      3. How can I monitor my AI real estate software development?

      Our expert AI developers follow the agile development methodology that allows you to monitor your real estate software development constantly. That means you get updates on your product after every development cycle. You can make changes or add new functionalities to your digital AI solution without affecting the previous development stage. That means real-time monitoring with faster development. You can connect with your project manager through email, Skype, Microsoft Teams, or any other video conferencing platform.

      4. What AI development services do you offer?

      We offer a wide array of business-specific AI development services, including (but not limited to):  

      • Predictive analytics  
      • Building automation system development  
      • NLP services  
      • RPA services  
      • ML-based real estate app development  
      • Linguistic annotation services  
      • And more

      5. What process do you follow to develop AI real estate solutions?

      At Matellio, we usually follow a very streamlined process to develop your custom enterprise solutions. Here’s what our real estate software development process looks like:  

      • Analyzing your business needs  
      • Creating several mock-ups and an MVP using your preferred features and designs  
      • Developing your custom AI solution  
      • Integrating third-party tools and systems  
      • Testing and deploying your AI real estate solution

      6. Which other next-gen tech can you integrate into my real estate solution?

      We can integrate various next-gen technologies into your custom real estate solutions, including AR/VR, IoT, Big Data, Blockchain, Cloud Computing, etc.