Top 11 Factors CEOs Should Consider While Hiring an IoT Development Company

Updated on Apr 20th, 2021

Top 11 Factors CEOs Should Consider While Hiring an IoT Development Company

After years of buzz and development, the Internet of Things is here and is proliferating. Home automation, smart cities, telemedicine, etc. are already transforming our world and the competitive market as well. According to research, the number of connected devices will exceed 50 billion by the end of 2020. That proves that IoT has immense opportunities for businesses, and a customized IoT app is necessary to grab them. But before we proceed further, it is essential to know what the IoT platform is?

IoT or the Internet of Things is a system of interrelated devices, sensors, machines, or even objects or people that have unique identifiers (UIDs). They have the ability to transfer data across networks without the use of human-to-human or human-to-computer interaction.  

McKinsey Global Institute estimated that by 2025, IoT would have a total economic impact of up to $11 trillion. So, it is very crucial to hire a professional IoT development company to develop a professional app for your company.

These days so many companies want to jump on the IoT platform to leverage the benefits of this top technology. But without experience in the field and almost no technical knowledge, it may become a mind-boggling task for them. 

Some important factors that you should consider while hiring an IoT development company. Let’s get going.

#1: Expertise relevant to your Industry

The first and foremost factor to consider while selecting is the expertise of the company. IoT uses several interface options in place of drivers, sensors, and gadgets. Therefore IoT applications must handle various platforms, OS, and devices very efficiently. Moreover, it should also develop a solution that perfectly matches your core values and business goals.

#2: Big data Integration

Different industry verticals use tremendous amounts of data every day. So there is an excellent possibility of crashing or misuse of the application. Hence, your business partner should craft a mobile app that can tackle these issues quickly.

#3: E-commerce Integration

The growing trend of online shopping and e-commerce has opened up a new panorama on applications. According to sources, it is estimated that there will be 2.14 billion digital buyers in 2021. That’s a great opportunity for businesses. Hence, your preferred company should offer solutions for mobile connectivity to harmonize the online shopping process and facilitate the complete online transaction process.

#4: Security Threat Handling

Security is one of the essential aspects that a firm needs to fulfill. There are a variety of operating systems, devices, and connection protocols that are prone to high risks. So, developers need to take necessary security actions and ensure the safety of data and secure IoT environment.

#5: Portfolio and Feedbacks

While choosing an IoT development company, you can request for the portfolio or the mobile apps developed by the company. Moreover, you can also review the feedback given by the earlier clients of that company. That will provide you insights and will surely help you to understand better the firm that you are investing in.

#6: Communication Level

When coming to a communication style, some companies prefer a hands-off approach until the project is completed. While some other offers reassurances and check-ins at regular intervals of time. That is, basically, a good indicator of a company’s accountability. Taking a more active and involved role in communication is very much required as it allows the project to change to meet customer’s needs fluidly. So always go for a firm that involves you before initiating the project work.

#7: Trusted QA

Always make sure that the firm which you select for IoT development should have an influential testing culture and trusted Quality Assurance. They must have automated testing suites to match international quality standards compliance. As automated testing can let developers immediately know about the bugs or errors that they’ve inadvertently introduced. 

#8: Design and Development Standards

Another crucial step is to know the IoT app design and development standards of the company. That is because the prominent market stores like Android or App store have their specific set of instructions that you need to follow to get the desired store. These instructions are also necessary to align the software with the operating system. Therefore it is required that your partner firm should follow proper design and development codes.

#9: Infrastructure and Team Size

While selecting, you should also make sure that the company has well-equipped support and team to develop your application. These two can have a significant impact on your project. If the company does not have proper team members, then it is quite possible that your project will not be completed on time. Furthermore, you may have to outsource your project because of insufficient infrastructure. 

#10: Flexibility

Both parties need to remain flexible during the entire project, life-cycle. You should hire a firm that helps you to understand the difference between your wants and your needs. It should deliver you the perfect product by providing a flexible decision-making process until the end of the project.

#11: All-round Capabilities

You should prioritize the firms that are strong in web development and web security. Try to go with a company that offers you scalable and flexible solutions for your enterprise; in short, it provides you a full-stack solution. Full-stack companies handle different aspects of your project like hardware, web interface, mobile interface, etc. very efficiently while providing you secure apps.


The Key Takeaway

IoT technology is continuously developing with changing times. New and out of the box ideas are added every day that is challenging the developers. No doubt that IoT will soon become a global reality and will surely make our businesses and market capital grow. So you should also consider using an IoT app for your business. We, at Matellio, have first-in-class developers and expert testers to provide you best IoT app. We follow agile practices to ensure a safe and secure working environment with high efficiency. Contact us to know more.

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