Top 13 Reasons Why Successful Businesses Choose Custom Web Development

Updated on May 5th, 2021


With nearly almost, all the consumers are using the internet nowadays, to gather information, buy products, avail services, and whatnot, distinguishing yourself from your competitors in your niche is critically essential for your success. By doing so, you let your customers identify your brand, explore your services, build trust in your business and ultimately, choose to engage your offerings. So, of course, all this states that it is not only essential for businesses to have an online presence, but also it should be appealing to keep the engagement rate high.

Moreover, website development has become effortless today than it was like a decade ago. Thanks to the outstanding and state-of-the-art web development platforms such as WordPress, with which one can build his own website even without having the basic coding knowledge. But being a business entrepreneur, you need to make crucial decisions before you plan to develop your website. 

One can choose to go for custom web development, as it provides an out of the box solution to match customer’s unique preferences. It is a perfect solution that is developed taking into consideration the business’s prerequisites, functionalities, products, and services. In short, we can say, custom website development services meant to entertain all the needs and wants of your customers. So if you are planning to let your website outshine other competitors, then the custom website is a perfect choice. 

Now let’s study, in brief, why is it necessary to Choose Custom Web Development to have a successful website! 

Top 13 Reasons Why Successful Businesses Choose Custom Web Development

Custom Web Development

1. Be Unique
2. Website Speed Is Improved
3. Better Security
4. Scalability and Flexibility
5. Full Control Over Functionalities
6. Optimized Customer Journey
7. Great Business Function Automation
8. Freedom To Be Creative
9. Seamless Brand Integration
10. SEO Ranking Improves With Custom-designed Websites
11. The Custom Back-end For Better Control
12. Personalization and Localization
13. Good Maintenance For The Website

1. Be Unique

Well, at first developing a website would be easy, that too with tools like CMS software or website builder. But if you are building a website from scratch and planning to make it successful it could be expensive in the beginning but, in the end, it would all be worth the efforts. The custom website development has no limitations so it would be made exactly the same way you want it to. 

Since the custom websites made by website development companies provide robust capabilities as well as unique, tailored features personalized to individual visitors, users, and customers. All these benefits will not only represent the vision of your business but will also give you a competitive edge. The custom website developed by a great web developer assures that you enjoy the tangible results that can only come with such a website. 

2. Website Speed Is Improved

Think that speeding up your website isn’t important? You need to think again. Even a one-second delay in page load time yields:

  • 11% fewer page views
  • 16% decrease in customer satisfaction
  • 7% loss in conversions

A few extra seconds can have a huge impact on your ability to engage your customers and make sales. Thus, this implies that having a fast site is essential as it can not only rank well but also it will increase your bottom line profits as well. But how do you think you can have faster loading times? A website is made up of tools like CMS and is integrated with lots of inbuilt functionalities, the reason being the website is made up in such a way to serve different businesses to a great extent. And here comes a problem because not all businesses and companies would need the functionalities, so this can automatically affect the speed and the structure of the website. 

Even the study states that the average time of the customer’s concentration towards the site is 5 seconds. So, slow uploading would cause you to lose your potential customers. Hence the custom website is an ultimate option, as you do not have to worry about the speed and you can choose only the necessary functions for your site to make it successful. 

3. Better Security

Cybersecurity has become the most common threat, and a few years back it was a hot topic among the customers and search engines. And ultimately with such a massive increase in the security threats has reached a point where Google has to warn the users to be careful with their data. All they need to do is to make sure that the page where they put all their essential data and information has to be SSL installed. Moreover, in order to build a website using the existing platform, be it through a website builder or an open-source CMS opens up the vulnerabilities that could affect your website and in case, if one of the websites using these web building platforms has an issue, it could affect other websites as well using the same platform. In short, if a website with which you share server space is infected with a virus, Google can penalty every website on that server until and unless the issue is completely resolved.

In order to avoid these kinds of vulnerabilities and want complete security for your website then custom website security is the best option. And By doing this, you add an extra level and top-notch security as well as an authentication tool. 

4. Scalability and Flexibility

Most of the websites are neither scalable nor flexible, that ultimately suggests their lifespan is limited. The web designers should design a website in such a way that it becomes user-friendly. To do so mandatory requirements and necessary arrangements that are highly needed should be scaled in the design. At first, the developers set up a proper structure while designing the site’s roadmap. The websites can nowadays be customized whenever required making it a salient one in business growth. There are some websites, for instance, template websites not providing customization options as the code can not be edited making website usage disadvantageous for many organizations. If an organization wants to build its own customized website having scalability and flexibility then open source CMS or custom building is a good option, though it demands high price and professionalism it could be taken into account for smooth functioning. 

5. Full Control Over Functionalities

When the outlet for a website is designed the other aspects like marketing and branding shouldn’t be considered alone, optimization too should catch the attention. The freedom for optimization in the website design can help an organization to triumph in the web world. Having a well-optimized website can help to cope up with prevailing drawbacks. Open-source CMS can again be beneficial though it has complications. 

6. Optimized Customer Journey

Due to the availability of functionalities and design options, the efforts to search for anything online could be lessened as this will ensure a good and satisfying customer journey which is a key requirement for the survival of the business. It will imply that “VISITOR WILL BECOME THE CUSTOMER”. 

The other benefits being provided are

  • Decrease in drop-offs 
  • Increase in conversion rates 

7. Great Business Function Automation  

Having a tailor-made website definitely makes the journey of the customers easy. It will also help the business to optimize internal and external functions. A customized website will not only help in lead generation and attraction of potential buyers but will reduce the huge efforts of organizing data that they have received online and sending them to an excel file for the sales team. The custom made website is all in one, as it

  • Helps in automatic addition of clients into CRM system requiring no manual efforts 
  • Helps in connecting internal stock keeping with POS software coping up with business needs 

The CMS and website builders are a cheap, easy and quick solution for any website. Since it is cost-effective, the technicalities are truncated, which is beneficial for business owners who want to develop a website. The matter of the fact is that the CMS will be more flexible and will have more functionalities than that of website builders. 

Moreover, if you are focused on the long-term goals and the continued prosperity of the business then the custom build website is a great option. Since this option is a bit expensive, it will mean high costs. But it will all be worth it when the business prospers and you will be witnessing that this option has now become much cheaper and cost-effective ensuring profitability and increase in engagement by turning the visitors into customers. 

8. Freedom To Be Creative  

Creativity is a skill that is required in almost every field, even when it comes to the website. When someone invests in customized websites that person actually is in anticipation to have returns on what he has invested. An expert, therefore, can help to achieve the cited objective as he possesses the knowledge of different tools and functions that helps to retain creativity alongside.

9. Seamless Brand Integration

The customized websites play a vital role in ensuring perfect incorporation of all the brands. Though its a crucial task when it comes to website builders or CMS tools, you can customize the integration of the brands according to your wish to your website.

10. SEO Ranking Improves With Custom-designed Websites

Search engine rankings are a key aspect that compels digital marketers to go for custom build websites. Because the search engine is personalized and user friendly it is probably preferred for the custom build websites. There’s immense competition for online visibility, but the overlooked fact is that web development and SEO go hand in hand. Another important aspect of better ranking is mobile-friendliness. The custom build website will open more doors for opportunities to make the website more optimized and in the end, increase the user experience on mobile. 

11. The Custom Back-end For Better Control

Backend, being an essential part of every business should be maintained by someone, who possesses the knowledge and is acquainted with the details in it in order to control the website. So it is of utmost importance to have an expert web development company that can handle your web designs effectively.

12. Personalization and localization

Every business in the initial stage requires access to the local market. In order to achieve a higher success rate. The flaws being faced by the web developing companies are slightly different from that of others in the market. A company must have the ability to provide a clear view of the portfolios prevailing just by studying the content of the business on the website. This will ensure 

  • Effective decision making 
  • High return on investment 

13. Good Maintenance For The Website

A website must be maintained in order to be user friendly. Due to the advancements and technological changes business owners try to chase the new features and extensions. There are a lot of benefits to a web development company that is being overlooked by business owners. The biggest benefit the owners will get is that the maintenance will be at its best with no hurdles included. 

Good maintenance ensures 

  • Reduction in efforts 
  • Timely update 
  • Reduction in hurdles
  • Increased property and reliability 
  • Complete satisfaction 
  • Reduction in repairs
  • Reduction in overtime costs 
  • Safety and security 
  • Intentional check-ups resulting in improvements 

Taking into consideration the importance of these services one must decide whether he/she should opt for a web development company or not. If in case it becomes hard for you to decide you can simply contact us since we will offer the best of what we have. And all your questions and inquiries will be timely satisfied by us.


As stated in the article the web development companies are gaining vital importance as they simply save energy. They have a well-organized team possessing great skills ensuring high-quality services. This will not only ensure the investment returns but will help you to reach the top of the profitability graph. 
So, before you decide to go for custom web development, it’s better to consider the above-mentioned benefits. It would be also wise to bear in mind that you want your business to stand out among your competitors. You may be investing more initially in Custom Web Development, and it can be a great investment in the success of your business.

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