Top 5 Benefits Of Using Salesforce For the Education Industry?

Updated on Mar 6th, 2024


Educational institutions are the foundation of what we see today and everything else the world has come to. Salesforce enables educational institutions to go further beyond, through its range of products and services. We as a Salesforce development company, enable more to you,  the custom software we create for you will leverage everything on offer by Salesforce and beyond. The size of your educational institution doesn’t really matter,  Salesforce provides support for institutions of all sizes.

The Salesforce Education Cloud enables more to higher education institutions and the cloud service ensures maximum efficiency for all educational institutions. If you are looking forward to revolutionizing the way you operate your education institution, we can help you build the perfect software for that. Our bespoke software development services deal with the same,  we help educational institutions gain the upper edge

What is Salesforce CRM and the Salesforce Education Cloud?

What-is-Salesforce-CRM-and-the-Salesforce-Education-CloudThe Salesforce customer relationship management is a system that enables your institution to gain a unified software platform. From the Salesforce CRM you will be able to manage, control, and sort all the data in the system right from one place. The Salesforce education cloud is aimed at making the processes prevalent in the education system easier and more efficient.

Let us now begin with the top benefits of using Salesforce as an Educational Institution.

1. Student Management

There is so much to do for an educational institution for the students and Salesforce lets you manage it easily. There are more than a hundred dresses to deal with and for that, you will be needing a centralized solution. We ensure all these requirements are met within the software solution we create for you. We leverage all the features available with Salesforce CRM and with the Salesforce education cloud.

With custom Software Solution, we build for you, you will be able to essentially manage everything and all the information flowing into the system. the dashboard will be directly equipped with tools to gain direct insight into every student that is starting in your institution. We centralize the software to ensure one can get a perfect view within the dashboard the information will be synced across the system.

2. Teachers Management 

For an educational institution managing the teachers is as important it is as managing the students. With the software solution, we create for you, you will be able to manage all the professors and the teachers in the system from one single dashboard. a perfect system will be created for you from where you will be able to manage everything that is going on in the institution.

This particular software will help teachers gain more insights into the students to increase their efficiency. The Salesforce CRM Will provide a unified dashboard for teachers and students together, topped with the features of the Salesforce education cloud, we will create an efficient, and yet cost, effective solution for you.

3. Parents portal

We give you an option to get a parent portal made, as every parent is concerned about how their kids are performing in your Institute. we make sure the parents can access the information from well within their comfort, the portal will feature every information you want to share with the parent. It can be a USP of your institution, as most parents these days are looking for institutions that keep them connected.

Parents are always on the lookout for the best for their children, and they would want to be updated as soon as possible. Having a software solution integrated with Salesforce CRM is a necessity in today’s times, and that’s why you will see a lot of educational institutions have it already. If you are looking forward to providing a better experience to parents, a Salesforce-based software solution is a must-have.

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4. Marketing

Marketing is essential for every business, and so it is for an educational institution. The competition space is rising with each passing day and to ensure you can keep up with the competition we help you leverage the Salesforce marketing cloud. This particular Salesforce service helps you get better leads for your business, you will be able to manage everyone who comes to the system with their personalized information.

5. Support

Having an all accessible channel for parents, teachers, and students will let the processes be much smoother overall. We can set up and configure the Salesforce Service Cloud in a way to fulfill this requirement with ease. We have created various solutions that provide direct access to relevant information to all the users in the systems and can implement the same for you with ease.

6. Automation

Salesforce has been widely known for its automation within its services and products. We take the best of the best from their services and top it with our advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning. We can automate most of your processes that were done as tedious tasks and can help build a better solution. We automate everything from marketing to management of your institution to make sure you can make the most out of your investments.

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An education institution requires a different software solution for the particular processes and users it serves too. The different aspects of an institution make up for the need for a special solution, we create a custom solution for fulfilling all of them and more requirements. The Salesforce CRM and the Salesforce Education Cloud can be combined with our services to provide you the best possible solution in the most cost-effective way.

We are a software development company who aim at making the educational institution’s work easier, we create bespoke solutions to ensure they can manage things much more smoothly. Our expertise in artificial intelligence and machine learning will assist you to make all your processes automated to a very high degree. We combine our expertise with what Salesforce has on offer to present a solution that can do it all for you. If you are looking forward to getting your own software developed for your educational institution, you can reach out to us any time you like, we would be happy to assist you.

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