Top 5 Live Video Streaming Apps of 2021

Updated on Dec 18th, 2023

Live Video Streaming Apps

The internet penetration rate has increased exponentially in the last few years, which means there are more users using the service and exploring online content. The most viewed content on the internet is live streams. Whether it is sports, fiction, or podcasts, users are more attracted to live streams. Since this genre has massive popularity, brands started to develop a live streaming app to enhance the user experience, and the user base as almost everyone has a smartphone in the current times. These apps are more popular than the original platforms as they offer extraordinary features that make the user feel more valuable.

Since the pandemic, there has been a massive rise in live video streaming development as the genre attracted a huge wave of users. Everyone was streaming something, and people were watching the same. Given the short attention spans of humans, we are bored easily and move to the next thing around to entertain ourselves; the same happened with the live streaming content during the pandemic. The market valuation of the genre consists of amazing sets of digits; in the year 2020, the live video streaming app development market stood at 6144 million US dollars. It has been projected; the market valuation of live video streaming apps will cross the mark of 15,092 million US dollars by the year 2025.

Since the last couple of years, the live video streaming sector has seen various new apps launches, and some of them have made it big. Before moving to know the top live video streaming apps of 2021, let’s get to the core concept.

What is a Live Video Streaming App?  

Any live streaming app is a piece of broadcasting software that allows the users to record, stream, and share the content live with their audience; it is the generic definition of the term. However, the number of features and functionality delivered by these apps depends on the app company. Some offer a ton of features and a less complex setup, while others offer fewer features with a complex setup.

There are various types of live video streaming apps in the market that offers services as per your business needs. For instance, there are some apps that offer just basic functions such as capture the content and stream the content. These types of apps are great for marketing or promotions in a huge building, arena, and much more. The other types of apps, which are considered complex, offer advanced functions like pre-recording, promotional tools, etc.

The user of this genre is massive as compared to any other app of any sector in the market. People use it for marketing, promotion, gaming, sports, and a ton of other kinds of stuff. These apps come in various shapes and sizes; they can also be customized as per your business needs. However, you will need a trustworthy development partner to build a live streaming app that fits like a glove with your business needs.

Flawlessly engineered live video streaming app

Top 5 Live Video Streaming Apps of 2021  

Every other live video streaming app on the App Store and the Google Play store offers a different range of features and functionalities, some are paid, and some are free of cost but contain a subscription or in-app purchases. Here are the top 5 live video streaming apps of 2021.

1. Facebook Live   

If you are a fan of social media networks, you must know the massive user base and the dominance of Facebook over the genre. It owns WhatsApp and Instagram. It was launched in the year 2016 since most of the local users of the platforms started using the same. A ton of features have been added to the app over the years. However, it does not have an app, but its massive popularity and functionalities have earned a place among the top live-streaming apps. Earlier, only mobile broadcasting was allowed on Facebook live, but now you can go live from anywhere, whether you are a page or a personal account, it does not matter; the feature is available for everyone.


  • Extensive reach
  • Live video stays on the feed like a post
  • Massive user base


  • Marketing costs money on Facebook
  • A little slow at times

Top Features:  

  • Pin Live Comments
  • Video Permalinks
  • Video Insights for Profiles

2. Twitch   

Twitch is another live video-streaming platform with a ton of in-built features that awe the users. The majority of the live streaming on the app consists of live gaming. The players who broadcast their online gameplay on the platform are known as streamers. It offers the users to also broadcast commentary on the gameplay of their favorite titles; it seems like commentary really pays off since the majority of the followers on the platform are only there to listen to the fun comments made by their favorite streamer. Twitch was launched in the year 2011; since then, it has grown into an application of its own kind. On average, Twitch handles more than a million streamers in a day. You would be surprised to know that players on the platform have a celebrity status based on the number of followers.


  • Massive daily user count
  • Easy to navigate interface
  • Highly rewarding


  • Lots of users create spammy chatrooms

Top Features:  

  • Live discussions
  • Dark mode
  • Live broadcasting

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3. YouTube Live  

YouTube is one of the biggest giants when it comes to video streaming apps. It started as a video library in the beginning, but as the technology grew, it introduced the live streaming feature. However, in order to stream any content, one should have at least a thousand subscribers in their account. YouTube also has a rewarding system based on the number of subscribers and the number of views on a video. Just like Facebook live, you can choose to get the live-streamed content posted as normal content. Viewers who were not able to join the live stream can watch the stream later with all the effects and replay of live chat. The only difference, the users, watching the stream later can make the video go forward or backward as per their convenience.


  • Cost-effective medium
  • Mobile live webcasting
  • Collaborate with others


  • It automatically has access to use the broadcasted material for its advertising.

Top Features:  

  • Age restriction
  • Scheduling of events
  • Advanced incentive system

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4. Instagram Live   

Instagram Live is one of the features of the platform that allows users to stream their live content. Users have the option to pin their stories or the live streams in their profiles as highlights. In case one person with 1000 followers goes live on the platform them every single follower of the streamer will get the notification. They can join the live stream and ask to join the live stream with the initiator of the live video stream. Instagram has a feature that is called a story; the same feature in WhatsApp is known as “status.” However, the story feature of Instagram has a ton of functionalities.

The live streams on Instagram are shown as the story on the streamer’s profile. It has got a massive user base as, on average, more than 300 million people use the platform as per the company’s statistics. It has also been found in a study that users on Instagram live streaming are more likely to buy any services or product promoted on the platform, as compared to any other streaming platform. Users have a ton of features on the platform, from stickers to a range of filters.


  • Streamer can pin the comments on the top.
  • Add other guests on the live stream.
  • Save a replay of the live stream to the stories section.


  • Quality issue

Top Features:  

  • Real-time notifications
  • Live chat
  • Filters in live streaming

5. Tiktok Live   

TikTok does not need any introduction; it has attracted a huge load of attention since its launch. The initial function of the app was 15 seconds video uploads. Content creators on the app would upload their videos with various filters and other features, which made it attractive and alluring enough to gather a massive crowd. After some time, TikTok enhanced the limit of its videos to 3 minutes, and now it has introduced TikTok live, which allows the creators to stream their content for an unlimited time. If the users are above the age of 16 years, they can start live streaming on the platform provided that they follow the user guidelines of the platform.


  • AI-based algorithm enhances the reach of the stream to non-followers.
  • Easy usability
  • Smart incentive system


  • More spam content as the majority of the population of the platform is teenagers.
  • Strict platform guidelines

Top Features:  

  • Live interaction with users
  • Add moderator
  • Keyword filters for comment moderation

Which Live Video Streaming Platform is Perfect For you?

As the technology is evolving, the number of features and functionalities are increasing in these live video streaming apps. The above-mentioned live video streaming apps are just the tip of the iceberg; there are tons of live-streaming apps in the market with completely different sets of features from each other. Users can use these apps to learn something, interact with a personality, and even buy products of their interests.

Each app has its unique domain; for instance, all the major live events of the planet are streamed live on YouTube, whether it’s a rocket launch or rewind by will smith. Similarly, you can generate a niche for your streaming app and build your own community. If you are a business, you can build a live video streaming app with a unique set of features and concepts.

Live Video Streaming app development

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