Time and Cost-Effective Product Engineering Services
Right from the ideation and strategising to development and deployment, we enable you to engineer incredible IT products to represent your brand on the digital platform.

What is Product Engineering?

In the evolving business ecosystem and rising customer demands, enterprises rely on the power of technology to discover promising opportunities and address business challenges. For this reason, businesses need to continually innovate and modernise their legacy systems in order to gauge new business opportunities. This is where product engineering comes in. Product Engineering is the process of innovating, designing, developing, testing and deploying a software product.

With in-depth product engineering expertise, lesser time-to-market, and emphasis on customer delight, Matellio helps you easily navigate through the digital transformation journey. Our experts are not just skilled, but also possess immense experience in diverse industries to build highly efficient, scalable IT solutions.

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Bespoke Enterprise

Legacy System




Product Modernisation

Matellio offers a full spectrum of the product engineering services to upgrade your existing system to cut down operating costs while controlling principal expenditure and releasing advanced products for new strategic and revenue-generating initiatives.

Technology upgrade

Architecture transformation

Cloud enablement and automation

UX and accessibility enhancement


Product Development

With continuous product development, we help you with smooth digital transformation incorporating the designing of the technology architecture, seamless environment development, and integrated products deployment.

Product conceptualisation

Product design and engineering

QA and testing for glitch-free operation

Implementation and integration


QA and Testing

Our expert QA and testing resources extend a broad spectrum of product testing services to gauge its usability quotient and adaptiveness to technologically advanced market. With rigorous testing via processes, tools, and automation frameworks, we enable highly efficient systems.

Agile and DevOps testing, service virtualisation, and test data management

Quality assurance

Test advisory and transformation services

Digital assurance and testing


Product Maintenance

We help you keep your product in its most efficient form as well as ensure its compatibility with the current industry standards with our cost-effective product maintenance services.

Efficient bug analysis, resolution and fixing with ongoing support

System modifications to support business advancements and technical requirements with adaptive enhancements

Functionality or feature addition with perfective upgrades

Optimisation restructuring with technological improvements


Our Product Engineering Process

Our Showcase

Rapid business innovation powered by cost-effective product engineering services.

Create a perfect roadmap for your enterprise product that drives success for your business.

Choose the Engagement Model that Suits You Best


Dedicated Developer Model

Hire our team of seasoned developers on a full-time or part-time basis for your product engineering requirements.


Turnkey Project Model

Share your requirements with our business analysts and utilise their expertise to build an on-budget solution that fits your goals.


Time and Material Basis Model

Take full control of your enterprise development and IT consultation teams by hiring us on time and material basis.

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