Top 8 Tips for Hiring the Best Web Developer

Updated on Jan 12th, 2024

Hiring a web developer can be the most critical task for any organization. After all, a dedicated web developer will be the person that will help you develop a scalable and professional web app for your organization. The skill and experience of your web developer will define the effectiveness of your web app. The best web developer will be the one with a greater skill set, flexibility, better experience, and cost-effective prices. 

However, despite all those characteristics, there are many other factors that one must undertake to hire the best web developer for their projects. Otherwise, you may be spending a lot of money, but would still not get that perfect web solution for your business. So, to help you out, we, an expert in web development, have listed out the top eight tips for hiring the best web developer for your project.

Follow these tips and hire the best resources at cost-effective prices. Let’s begin!

1. Specify your Business Requirements

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The first and foremost thing that you need to do to hire the best web developer is to specify your business requirements. You need to understand that all the web development projects are different, and so, you will be needing different resources to complete them efficiently. For instance, you might be needing a web developer for:

Simple Website Development – You might need a web developer for a simple web development project like building a website, or updating your already existing app with new features, etc. in such a scenario, your business requirements are very low.

eCommerce Development – Next comes the medium web development projects. These may include eCommerce store development, mid-sized apps development, dynamic site development, and so on. In such a scenario, the business requirements can be moderate to high depending on the complexity of the project.

Feature-Rich Web App Development – The third level of web development projects is a dedicated web app development. Large projects such as developing a social media app like LinkedIn or ERP Software development falls under this category.

Other Projects – Other projects like shifting to cloud-based solutions, or upgrading your web app to a more secure platform also requires a dedicated web developer.

Now, depending on your business requirements, you may have to choose the dedicated developers for your project. For instance, for a small web development project, a web developer for a few days may be required. However, for a mid or large-sized web development project, proper dedicated web developers will be needed on a fixed time or project basis model. 

2. Hire Curious Learners

The next big thing to consider while hiring web developers is to hire only curious developers. While experience is important, a person’s innate curiosity decides how ready he/she is to learn new things and fits in your company’s environment.  Like if your office environment has strict deadlines and dedicated working, then the developer should be readily available to comply with it, or else, if your working environment is relaxed then the developer should be ready to adapt to it. 

Whatever the scenario maybe, if a person is ready to explore and learn new things that are needed for your web development, then that will be your best web developer. For instance, if you hire a web developer that is excellent in working with huge financial companies, but you are a startup, then that developer will be of no use to you. 

So plan accordingly, and evaluate the developer’s skills in the best possible way to hire the perfect web developer.

3. Pick Flexible Web Developers


As mentioned above, hiring the best developers is a critical task. You need to thoroughly evaluate the developer’s skills in order to know whether he/she is perfect for your web development project or not. Likewise, if you hire a web developer with only a particular skill set, then it may be a problematic situation afterward. Meaning, if you plan to update your app to a more secure and next-gen platform in the near future, then that developer might not have the perfect skill set needed by you. 

That’s where flexibility comes to play. If you hire a web developer with a good skill set and someone who is ready to learn new languages, then that might be a great benefit for your company.  But, what is the best way to know whether someone is flexible and ready to learn a new language or not? Here’s how!

  • Ask them what all the new languages they have learned recently?
  • What are their favorite platforms when learning and exploring anything new related to development?
  • What all blogs or platforms they follow to be in touch with the latest technology advancements?

Once you get answers to all those questions, you will surely have a better idea of whom to select amongst all the web developers available. 

4. Attract the Best Web Developer

Becoming a talent magnet can also be one of the fastest and most effective ways to hire the best web developer for your project. But, how can one become a talent magnet? In other words, how can you attract the best talent for developing your web apps or other projects? That’s simple! 

All the best web developers always want to work on some amazing development projects. Meaning, if you create something engaging and modern, then all the best web developer would be attracted to your work. And, the best way to do it is by flaunting your work. For instance, if you have an excellent work environment, then promote it through different platforms. 

Studies show that, if an employer tries to satisfy the employee’s top priorities, then that can automatically set them apart and the best talent automatically gets attracted.   

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5. Use Real Coding Problems

Using the real coding problems that you think might come during the web development process might be the perfect choice for evaluating the developer’s skill. Often it is seen that the companies while hiring the web developers skip this section, and only look at the certificates and experience of the developer. 

Now, there is no doubt that experience and certifications are necessary, but if the person does not actually have much practical knowledge, then it may not be the best choice for your project. You are investing in the web development project, and hiring the best developers should be the foremost task for you, and providing real-time coding issues can be a perfect tool for you! 

6. Hire the Right Web Developer

Now, that’s a critical task that is often overlooked by the marketers. If you are planning to develop a certain web application, then you should be having a clear idea of what type of web developer you will be needing to complete that project. 

For instance,there are majorly three types of web developers for any project, front-end developer, back-end developer, and full-stack developer. Let’s have a closer look at each of them!

Front-end Developer – Front-end developer majorly works on the client-side of the application. he/she is responsible for making changes on that specific part of the websites that visitors interact with. So, if you are planning to change the design and layout of your website, or make it more dynamic and interactive, then front-end developers can be a good choice. Front-end developers mostly work on frameworks like JavaScript, PHP, Node.js, React.js, Vue.js, Angular 8, etc.

Back-end Developer  Back-end developers are the people that handle your server-side of the application. Everything happening at your front-end is managed by the back-end developers. If you click on sign-in and you are redirected to another module, then that is because of the back-end developers. 

Hence, if you want to improve your website’s speed, integrate any third-party solution, or solve any other technical issues, then hiring the back-end developer might work for you. The back-end developer uses technology platforms like PHP, Ruby, Java, MongoDB, SQL, etc.

Full-stack Developer – Lastly, we have full-stack developers that are experienced in developing both the front-end and back-end side of the application. These are skilled programmers that have been very popular amongst the startups and even large companies because of their capabilities to handle the complete application. 

If you want to develop a completely new web app, then hiring the full-stack developers will do your work. However, it must be noted that hiring a full-stack developer might cost you a bit more as compared to hiring a back-end or a front-end developer. That’s because of the skills and experience of the full-stack developers in managing a complete web app all by themselves.  

7. Don’t Forget to Look for Experience


We have mentioned everything so far, but one thing that remains critical when hiring the best web developer is experience. If a person has a proper skill set and better experience, then it can seamlessly solve all your development issues in no time. They will have solutions to all the new problems that might come during web development and will ensure a smooth and error-free web application.

That’s why it is always advisable to hire web developers from an experienced software engineering firm. An experienced firm will offer you all the dedicated resources at the best competitive prices. They will even provide you with out-of-the-box ideas to make your web app a hit in the global market. 

So, always look for a professional and experienced software engineering firm, and hire the best resources for your project! 

8. Select Suitable Working Models

Last but not least, look for the budget and scope of your project. If you think that your project can be completed in a few days, then it is not worthy to hire developers on a full-time basis. There are majorly three types of working models, namely:

Project-based Model – This working model is particularly popular amongst startups and for small web development projects. Under this model, a predefined set of work is allocated to the development team, and they are the ones who decide the technology framework and management of the project. The developers are hired only until the project gets complete or for a few days.

Dedicated Business Model – The dedicated business model works great if you want to introduce some new functionalities or want to develop any complex web app for your business. Things like AI chatbot development, cloud integration, the addition of new features are all part of the dedicated business model.

Under this model, the project is either managed by a project manager or someone from your side. The development team works under the same person who is managing the entire project. That means, everything from the technology platform to deployment is handled by the project manager. 

Out staff or Extended Team Model – Last but not least, we have out staff or extended team models. When you want to develop a large project, but want to save the time and cost, this type of working model is preferred. You will have the CTO, and Project Manager from your side, whereas, the web developers can be outsourced.

All the control and the management of the project is basically in the customer’s hand under this type of working model. Also, the developers will be managed by your Project Manager until the project gets completed.

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You need to choose whatever suits your project requirements. At last, it will be you who will spend amounts in hiring the best web developer. So, be careful!   


To Conclude

So, those were some of the top tips that will surely help you to attract and choose the right web developer for your development project. To conclude, we can say that choosing the right resource may be a tedious task, you may need to run a lot of evaluation tests, depending on your needs, to get the perfect web developer. However, all that tedious work can be eliminated if you hire dedicated web developers from an experienced and professional software engineering firm.

We, at Matellio, have years-long experience in developing web applications for a multitude of industries. Our certified and flexible web developers along with testers, and UI/UX engineers promise to deliver a quality and high-end web application that perfectly matches your brand value. Our projects and past clients convey our work culture more profoundly. Want to know more about us? Reach us today, and get a free 30-minute consultation on your next web development project!

Till then, Happy Reading!

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