Top 8 Benefits Of QuickBooks Salesforce Integration

Updated on Apr 30th, 2021


In today’s competitive environment, businesses need comprehensive accounting to prosper. And we already agree that even without the best accounting software, accounting is a challenging task. Managing budgets, from billing to paycheck to final taxes, can be time-consuming for a business owner or employee to keep records. However, investing in QuickBooks Salesforce Integration would resolve all of these issues.

Salesforce and QuickBooks are the two most prominent used cloud computing applications for separately administering client and accounting data. The Salesforce QuickBooks Integration gives you a good picture of how your company operates and where it could be improved. QuickBooks integration with Salesforce saves you time by removing the need for manual data transfer, making accounting simpler and quicker.

But, what is QuickBooks? What is Salesforce CRM? And why integrating QuickBooks with Salesforce is beneficial for your business?

In this blog, we’ll answer these questions and tell you why investing in salesforce integration with QuickBooks is beneficial.

So without any further ado, let’s get started!


What is QuickBooks?

QuickBooks is a bookkeeping and accounting application that enables companies and businesses to monitor daily accounting tasks, revenues, and expenses. You could add accounts, analyze profits, get an analysis of your revenue, arrange transfers, calculate taxes, and perhaps even set bill payment alerts with QuickBooks. QuickBooks has a range of attributes and advantages that set it apart from others. You can indeed easily view your receivable accounts and client history to see how much money you can expect to earn and which invoices you should pay attention to.

Besides, it is easier to maintain this app even without an accounting instructor, which could save the business’s cost of employing accounting professionals.

Moving on, let’s move forward and discuss,

The features of QuickBooks:

  • Cloud Accounting – Quickbooks accounting software is convenient, and it is cloud-based and can be accessed, coordinated, and operated from any computer, mobile device, or tablet.
  • Easy Invoicing – Quickbooks Online Accounting Software allows you to quickly and easily generate personalized receipts, account statements, and projections.
  • Banking – Quickbooks Online Banking functionality allows the user to access banking activities and statements remotely in just a couple of clicks.
  • Reporting – Quickbooks tailored reporting, and actionable insights make account reporting straightforward.

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What is Salesforce CRM?

Salesforce is the world’s most popular CRM software, allowing companies to communicate with customers in real-time, from any location. Customer service, marketing, and accounting will all benefit from Salesforce. With Salesforce CRM, all of your departments will work together in one canopy. Besides, there are many other salesforce services that you can use to streamline your business; a few of them are:

  • Salesforce sales cloud.
  • Salesforce marketing cloud.
  • Salesforce service cloud.
  • Salesforce Einstein analytics.
  • Salesforce commerce cloud.
  • Salesforce community cloud,
  • Salesforce financial cloud.
  • Salesforce IoT cloud.

Benefits of using Salesforce CRM are:

  • Easy to use – The very first reason to use Salesforce CRM is that it is simple to set up and use. All you have to do is log in, and you can use it from anywhere. The user interface is extremely user-friendly, and customizing it is a breeze.
  • Easy to integrate – With the aid of open APIs, Salesforce CRM offers integration options. It enables businesses to more effectively map their operations on the Salesforce system.
  • Enhances Customer Service – Customer service is what distinguishes you other than your rivals, whether your company is expanding or has established itself as a company. When your entire team is using Salesforce CRM, you’ll be able to quickly access a consumer’s entire profile and history, resulting in easier interactions and increased confidence in the company or business.
  • Helps to find the right prospects/clients – When it comes to growing a small accounting department, timing is crucial when it comes to making the most out of the marketing strategies. However, once your sales and marketing teams are connected under one canopy through Salesforce CRM, you could build and target compelling discussions to convert leads prospects into clients.
  • Improves Productivity – You can prioritize leads and prospects in Salesforce CRM depending on the probability of conversion and close depending on the customer experiences.

salesforce implementation servicesAs of now, we’ve discussed both the tools and their benefits and features. Now, let’s move forward and discuss the main component of this blog,

How is Salesforce QuickBooks Integration beneficial for your business? Top 8 Benefits!

quickbooks salesforce integration top benefitsSalesforce and QuickBooks integration will aid in data synchronization and the conversion of prospects into leads within Salesforce CRM. It helps businesses save money and time by streamlining business operations, increasing productivity, and optimizing manual document management. You’ll be able to exchange financial information with your sales department using Salesforce CRM and QuickBooks accounting software. Your management team would track costs, generate customer statements, and gain valuable intelligence to predict and enhance the business processes.

Here are a few of the benefits of QuickBooks salesforce integration. So take a look!

1. Enables Customization 

Quickbooks Salesforce integration offers many ready-to-use invoices, graphs, tables, and business plan templates for businesses to use. The tool also makes it much easier to customize the layout of those documents, making them less generic and more likely to make the most sense. Customizing invoices is especially helpful, as it allows businesses to include their business name and relevant details about each business unit. Customers will be able to settle their receipts and reimburse them on time as a result of this.

2. No need to worry about Data Loss 

When it comes to traditional systems, there’s always the chance of losing your data. The option exists because it was originally saved on your computer and then backed up to your private server. If anything goes wrong with your technological breakthroughs, you could end up losing that important data. That’s not a concern with Salesforce QuickBooks Integration, fortunately. The interconnected solution conveniently stores everything, and all of your company’s financial statements are maintained on cloud storage.

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3. Save Times 

Static accounting and reporting tasks are easy to handle with Quickbooks Salesforce integration. It could be set up to handle routine, repetitive, and continuing bookkeeping duties for you. Simply having this benefit can save you hours in total. You’ll have more time to focus on enhancing performance and expanding your business.

4. Keeps track of all records 

QuickBooks integration with Salesforce is popular among businesses and entrepreneurs because it allows you to generate receipts for your consumers. You could even arrange and monitor them based on who they belong to. It’s simple to track financial transactions and excess client debts when you maintain all of your receipts and information in one spot.

The integration also benefits in:

  • With a sales receipt, you can keep track of your sales.
  • Keep track of sales by invoice.
  • Make a note of your deposit.
  • Keep track of any unbilled transaction.
  • Make a charge that is postponed.
  • Keep track of your time weekly.
  • Invoice your clients.
  • Make refund receipts for customers with adjustment notes.

5. Enables to categorize transactions

Once you’ve configured your accounts, you can begin categorizing your transfers and accounts. QuickBooks Salesforce integration allows you to arrange and distinguish your payments by personal, company, costs, revenue, and sales, among other categories. You also can tag your main business costs so you know exactly how much you can claim when tax time arrives.

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6. Ensures effective team collaboration

Working in the cloud enables your organizations to effectively collaborate and share information outside of typical business channels of communication. With salesforce QuickBooks integration, you could give your personnel and staff access while retaining stability over what data they can view or alter.

7. Budget-friendly 

QuickBooks integration with Salesforce is an excellent investment. This is a cost-effective and worthwhile investment for your corporation. When you innovate your business, you are preparing to keep up with the latest trends, which will help you long term your company or business.

8. Ensures Easy Billing 

It’s simple to take out your smartphone, put the details into the application, and save the invoice anywhere safely with Salesforce QuickBooks integration, which isn’t difficult and less time-intensive. Several of the best features of Salesforce’s QuickBooks integration, in our view, are this functionality. You can create invoices for your customers with just one keystroke; it’s that easy.



Quickbooks integration with Salesforce makes things simpler to exchange financial information, check finances, view sales, and marketing channels, and find business opportunities by automating the task of forming and processing payments to clients and customers. It can assist with sales forecasts for growth plans or leads and upgrading existing customer relationships. With Quickbooks Salesforce Integration, you automate statistics and business processes, and it also helps companies run smoothly and efficiently during the new reality after the pandemic.

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