Top 8 Benefits Of Salesforce Financial Service Cloud For Your Business?

Updated on Jan 12th, 2024


The finance industry has been experiencing some massive shifts lately. With the rapid changes in the technology sector and the ever fluctuating customer demands, businesses have had to adapt and employ new and cutting-edge digital tools to survive. With so many choices available to the customers these days, ever finance business has to do better than their best to make sure that they not only gain new customers but retain the ones that they already have. And perhaps the biggest tool in their arsenal for this purpose is Salesforce Financial Services Cloud.

Nowadays, managing customers and nurturing relationships with them is the key to success for any finance business. Salesforce Financial Services Cloud makes doing that a lot easier. It is a major CRM system that offers standardization and customer loyalty. It is also used to offer real-time access to vital information, transparency into individual customer experiences, and actionable insights at any point of the customer experience, within the organization. 

Nowadays, from commercial bankers to investment banking advisors and insurance consultants, financial firms are revolutionizing the way they serve their clients with Salesforce financial cloud CRM. 

In this blog, we briefly discuss what is Salesforce Financial Services Cloud and then talk about some of its key benefits for your business.  

So without any further ado, let’s get started. 

What is Salesforce Financial Service Cloud?

Salesforce Financial Services Cloud is Salesforce CRM software that has been redesigned for the financial services industry. The custom salesforce financial services cloud software will help anyone get a full view of clients and improve customer relations, whether you’re in investment management, finance, insurance, or financial institutions. 

The Salesforce Financial Services Cloud enables you to optimize your financial services business’s value by harnessing the power of accumulated data, information, and software. This solution takes care of everything for you under one roof, whether it is the reporting or financial strategic planning. Salesforce Financial Services Cloud gathers data from various platforms and consolidates it into a single platform with insightful notifications so you wouldn’t miss a deal, thus empowering you to invest more time serving customers and much less time on repetitive duties. 

Among the most compelling features of the Salesforce Financial Services Cloud is its unmatched ability to change the way wealth and asset management, finance, and insurance firms interact with their clients and professionally. 

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Is the Salesforce Financial Service Cloud Safe?

The Salesforce Financial Services Cloud ensures the safety of your customers’ information. Salesforce Protection may also be used to improve protection. You can be assured that your consumer details will be safeguarded to the highest standards. In addition to the safety features, you’ll have links to Event Monitoring, Field Automated systems, and Application Authentication to ensure that your customers’ banking information privacy is maintained and safe. 

Moving on, let’s discuss.

What does Salesforce Financial Service Cloud offer? Top Features and Functionalities!


Financial Services Cloud is a Salesforce tool that helps financial and banking institutes better track loan applications, offer improved wealth management practices to their clients, and provide an overall more polished and elevated user experience to their clients and prospects.  

A well-designed and deployed CRM can do wonders for any business, including finance and banking. And with Financial Services Cloud, these businesses can truly unlock the potential of their enterprises with a set of tools specifically designed to help them target and manage their clients/prospects more efficiently and offer them better, more personalized services.   

Looking at these benefits and in an effort to become more efficient, the majority of banking and financial enterprises are partnering up with Salesforce CRM developers to build customized CRM solutions. But if you are still on the fence about the joining the Salesforce bandwagon, then this blog post is for you. In it, we talk about some of the top features and functionalities Salesforce Financial Services Cloud has to offer to banks and financial businesses.

1. For Banking and Financing firms

With Financial Services Cloud, banking and financing firms operate based on good and accurate correspondence, insights, and accessibility across all platforms. You can easily monitor and visualize client relationships, sources and priority references, standardize handoffs and collaboration between various stakeholders, and offer transparency in the banking and lending cycles. 

It also helps in:

  • Evolving to adjustments in loan and consumer loan regulations. 
  • Retail banking can standardize next-level customer service. 
  • Predicting member support requests depending on customer path. 
  • Monitoring and automating the advancement of commercial loans. 
  • Complying with the regulations for commercial banking requests. 

2. For Capital Markets 

With efficient automation tools, salesforce financial service cloud integration enables capital markets companies to systematize and standardize their operations and activities.

It also helps in:

  • Complying with stringent surveillance, enforcement, and data protection regulations. 
  • Creating a powerful analytics system that offers you the information whenever you need it. 
  • Gaining a competitive edge with the help of AI. 

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3. For Insurance Companies 

Companies could use the Financial Services Cloud to handle their insurance contracts. As we all know, each beneficiary is special, and Financial Services Cloud assists insurance providers in meeting such individualized needs. Staff and customer service staff have exposure to 360-degree views of each policyholder’s achievements and real-time feedback and analytics to suggest coverage. 

It also helps in:

  • A customer’s perspective from every angle. 
  • Workflows for onboarding activities. 
  • Provide quick alerts. 


4. Other Offerings

Apart from the above offerings, here are some other Salesforce Financial Services Cloud offerings that help businesses streamline you’re their daily operations. 

a. Customer Categorization

As there is a range of customers, you would have to schedule and communicate with them so that interaction is seamless and you are aware of all of their particular needs. Also, it helps you divide your client base into smaller sections centered on what you’d like to know right now, using powerful filtering abilities. 

b. Automated Systems

Technological advancement not only eliminates the possibility of human error, but it also frees up financial services professionals to concentrate on recruiting and keeping new clients, resulting in increased revenue. 

c. Report & Record Management

Managers will profit from this tool, too, though. You can access your mobile device, display your dashboards, and see all of the critical performance measures you’ll need to manage your project data, opportunities, company, and analyst performance. 

d. AI

A system like a custom Salesforce Financial Services Cloud with Einstein analytics functionality uses AI technology to analyze data specific client information, forecast future results, proactively suggest the right next moves, and even optimize advisor activities. 

e. Interactive Dashboard

You’ll be able to see all of the opportunities to visit your customers in advance, as well as when and why you should meet them. You’ll also be able to see several customers you haven’t connected with in the last months, clients nearing retirement, their birthdays, and much more. 

As of now, we’ve discussed some offerings of salesforce financial service cloud. Let’s quickly discuss, 

Features and functionalities of Salesforce Financial Service Cloud

Well, Salesforce Financial services Cloud comes with great features and functionalities. Salesforce custom development can help you take advantage of the following features and functionalities: 

  • Dashboard
  • Push notification
  • Prospect tracking & management
  • Account management
  • Financing and banking goal management
  • Task management
  • Einstein management
  • Contract management
  • In-app chat
  • Case management

So, these are features and offerings of the salesforce financial services cloud. But, 

Why Use Salesforce Financial Service Cloud for Businesses? Top Benefits and Reasons!


Apart from offerings and features that Salesforce Financial Services Cloud offers, below are some benefits of using it for your business or company. So take a look! 

1. Meaningful Client Engagement 

Customers today expect timely feedback, results, and recommendations. Timely involvement, particularly in the financial sector, can be the difference between profit and loss. Customers often demand a consistent experience from a company at all touchpoints. By focusing operation around the vibrant customer profile and then communicating closely with consumers more effectively, you can reduce silos in your company with Salesforce Financial Services Cloud. Salesforce’s strong community outreach experience will also link the employees to the customer. 

Below are some other benefits of the salesforce financial service cloud: 

  • It’s very adaptable. 
  • Integrations with your current systems and infrastructure are quick. 
  • Compatible with a variety of devices. 
  • Data is stored in a central location. 
  • Automated activities and real-time warnings. 

2. Creates Smart Action Plans 

Executives could use Salesforce’s Financial Services Cloud to direct new employees and make onboarding easier. A blueprint is the starting point for every implementation plan. It is also possible to identify routine tasks, delegate responsibility, and set deadlines. The primary advantage of providing action plans is that almost everyone associated with the process is on the same wavelength. It will also allow you to see most of a team’s connections to prevent any misunderstandings. 

3. Keeps Tracks of Leads 

In the finance sector, being able to track leads and references is essential. Numerous referral features are included in Salesforce Financial Services Cloud software to assist consultants and commercial bankers keeping track of references. In the Salesforce Financial Services Cloud, a referral takes a similar direction to that of an opening. From conception to transition, it passes through a lot of phases. When you convert, the system will build a Profile and an Option for you. To classify the top referrers, referrer details may also be displayed on a specific list. 

4. Makes Scheduling Easy 

You can choose groups, times, and dates using the generic scheduling assistant feature of the salesforce financial service cloud. On the other hand, your team can use the scheduler to arrange outbound conferences and meetings with clients. What’s more, clients could schedule an appointment with one of your employees for financial appointments regarding investment conversations or capital expenditure. The ability to invite others by entering their name isn’t the only option to get them involved. There’s the possibility of looking for someone inside the functional departments. In this way, you will choose the right agent for a specific client in a specific case. As a result, it makes dealing with leads and prospects more convenient and straightforward. 


5. Advanced Analytics with Salesforce Einstein 

Einstein Analytics for Salesforce Financial Services Cloud incorporates next-generation data workflows, enriched databases and spreadsheets, and fast start implementation wizards to offer a range of retail and commercial banking-specific analytics. 

6. Easy Risk Reduction and Wealth Enhancement 

Internal and external threats are involved in any investment and financing operation. When you’ve already taken good care of the threat aspect with data-driven enhanced communication, the next step is to optimize your customer’s resources. Herewith, custom salesforce financial service cloud software helps you do so for your client by providing informative advice supplemented with strategic tips as needed. 

7. Easy to Gather Feedbacks 

Salesforce Financial Services Cloud enables you to easily create personalized and optimized surveys for your consumers, which can be presented in the customer’s account and then compiled into reporting and analysis, which can be exchanged centrally as customer reviews. For example, after a conference, a relationship manager may submit a customized survey and use the responses to adjust services to increase brand loyalty and increase customer experience. 

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8. Enhanced Security 

In combination with a firewall, Salesforce Financial Services Cloud provides a versatile range of protection and enforcement capabilities, as financial service firms typically have the toughest security standards. This means the company will create clear onboarding tasks to guarantee that the customer’s best needs are always reflected and provide an additional layer of protection in the form of advanced services that track data access and use and protect against fraudulent activity. Custom salesforce financial service cloud software ensures that any consultant, employee, or financial firm can meet regulatory initiatives at scale. 

How can Matellio Help You in Salesforce Financial Services Cloud Integration?

Matellio’s excellent custom Salesforce development services describe company competitiveness and progress. Our experienced team will assist you in collaborating with your customers to achieve success. With tailored Salesforce tools, we take good care of every last detail and ensure that your organization meets its goals. Our goal is to help companies of all sizes thrive by providing exceptional deliverables and excellent customer support.  

Why Choose US?

  • Decades of Experience – We have a rich legacy of partnering with financial services companies. We recognize the specific regulatory hurdles that financial institutions face as they embark on multiple digital transformation projects. We can provide useful feedback and advice on best practices in the diverse and rapidly changing financial services sector. 
  • Best in Class – Matellio is the ideal salesforce development firm because we provide a one-of-a-kind approach to customer needs with tailored financial solutions. Our best practices include high-quality products and assured client satisfaction. 
  • Professional Squad – Matellio has a team of highly qualified experts who can react quickly. This resource pool examines the customers’ financial data and provides tailored strategies to help them meet their future goals. 
  • Agile – A tried-and-true transition method brings a project from evaluation and preparation to configuration, training, and acceptance in a cohesive manner. To achieve the highest degree of business profitability in the quickest way possible, we use scrum-based agile development to shorten production cycles and improve outcomes. 


Final Words 

Financial Services Cloud by Salesforce decreases complexity and increases productivity by deepening and optimizing routine and critical interactions and processes between the employees and those you serve. Overall, Salesforce Financial Services Cloud is a CRM system that any investment and financing advisor should have. As the world’s most popular CRM platform, Salesforce CRM is sure to impress you and your customers with its array of creative and practical functionality. 

Would you like to explore how the salesforce financial service cloud fits into your business? Give us a call! 

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