Top 8 Trends Forging Content Marketing Today

Updated on Jan 16th, 2024

Top 8 Trends Forging Content Marketing Today

In current era, Content Marketing has been rated as one of the most dominant and prominent solutions that earns you lots and lots of business. This proves that Content was, is, and expected to be the king. Research and studies by ace researchers indicate towards the fact that content marketing remains to be the favorite of top-notch brands in the industry. Addressing this, we bring you some fantastic hots in this industry of content marketing that are expected to rule the trends list in the year 2018, and deserve your precious time and hard-earned money.

Top 8 Trends Forging Content Marketing Today

1. Original and Unique Content-Because it Wins
2. Storytelling for Content Marketing
3. Branded Blog publishing Takes a Hype
4. Virtual Reality Paving Ways for Visual Content
5. Content Goes Off-Screen With the Internet of Things
6. LinkedIn to Change the Game for Content Markers
7. Customizing the Content With Machine Learning
8. On-Spot Content Sharing With Live Streaming

1. Original and Unique Content-Because it Wins

Original and Unique Content-Because it Wins

Originality and uniqueness are aspects that serve as the yin to the yang called effective content. While many of you might confuse it with non-plagiarized content, it is not so. It simply implies that the users look for what unique and specialized content do you have to offer them with, while they come to you crossing the ocean of content on the internet. Uniqueness and originality do win you not only higher search rankings but also generates lots and lots of traffic. In addition to this, investing time in new and exclusive ideas also helps you enhance your brand value, in turn, improving your reputation as a reliable friend of your clients in the long run.

2. Storytelling for Content Marketing

Despite the fact that this technique of representing content is still in its embryonic stage, expressing information has now shifted from turgid form to more relaxed one. Taking inspiration from one of the widely acclaimed educational channels, National Geographic, many organizations are now using storytelling to breathe life into their content. Storytelling has recently taken a hype in the area of content marketing as higher number of professionals prefer it as a critical aspect of content marketing strategy. Also referred to as Emotional Marketing, it is one of the popular content marketing strategies that earns you huge revenues and enhances customer retention. A brand story helps the audience to connect with your brand and serves as a strong relation-building tool rather than just another “selling” tool hence winning you the loyalty of your users.

3. Branded Blog publishing Takes a Hype

The organizations’ interest is inclining towards transforming their blogs and content research into an experience of branded digital publications using attention-grabbing content. This inclination not only wins them loyal readership but also helps their brands to grow by leaps and bounds. This shift, while empowering the content marketers to connect with the audience, enables the viewer to rejoice significant benefits with this as they do not have to suffer from a plethora of meaningless company updates, blogs, and so much like this.

4. Virtual Reality Paving Ways for Visual Content

Virtual Reality Paving Ways for Visual Content

Virtual reality is paving ways for immersive content marketing experience simultaneously enabling higher awareness, promoting management and offering the clients with great experience. While the users are always keen on using new technologies precisely the ones that enhance their experience, virtual reality can prove to be one of the most valuable additions to your content marketing strategy. VR helps you represent your services and products in a more engaging form where a client can connect with it emotionally thus strengthening customer engagement.

5. Content Goes Off-Screen With the Internet of Things

No industry has been left untouched by the magic of technology boon known as the Internet of Things (IoT). One of the gifts of combining IoT and content marketing is the fact that you are no more limited to the small screen of your device. IoT now enables you to take your content beyond the screen, which also frees the content from boundaries of the platforms like Facebook or Blogs. Apple’s Siri, Google Assistance from Google, Alexa by Amazon, and Cortana by Microsoft have already paved ways for sharing the content in an all-new way that too with a broader audience. Thus, exploring the ways to incorporate IoT into your content marketing strategy is one of the ideas with the highest potential, which can help you harness best monetary benefits from it.

6. LinkedIn to Change the Game for Content Markers


LinkedIn has witnessed a drastic evolution of a small business and employee oriented platform to a giant professional arena. The world knows that LinkedIn is one of the blessings for the B2B organizations. As LinkedIn looks forward to coming with a better version of itself with an enhanced experience that caters to the content requirement of the world in an all-new way, big brands anticipate making most of it. Even the newbies in the market are relishing grand success in less time, thanks to the content sharing facility. LinkedIn is also preparing for the introduction of video that may prove as one of the biggest game changers.

7. Customizing the Content With Machine Learning

Machine learning and artificial intelligence have been aiding the content marketers in generating a massive amount of meaningful audience-specific data on a daily basis to deliver them with prime experience. This blend also helps the marketers to decode the science behind a comprehensive content by analyzing the user data and enabling them to make sense of the user intent. Now you can offer the audience with customized newsfeed based on their past searches and interactions, automatically generate content based on their interests, curate user-specific content, and deliver better user experience. All this has been made possible due to the new hot in the research industry called, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence algorithms.

8. On-Spot Content Sharing With Live Streaming 

While the video content marketing is gaining popularity, it has indeed added an innovative idea that we can experiment. As the live streaming is rising to a higher platform of fame with giants like Instagram and Facebook striving hard to enhance the live video sharing experience, the pre-recorded videos are losing their edge. With an outburst of the idea in 2016, the time following 2017 will see significant growth with this innovation in content marketing. The best aspect of live streaming is its ability to deliver the audience your message with the precision you want, starting from a glimpse of the employees’ work life environment, to sharing an introduction to the product or service. In addition to this, this new way to bring profit and versatility to your content marketing has scope for boundless opportunities.

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Take Home Message

Content marketing is a marathon rather than just a sprint and has excellent potential to weave magic into your business. Content that speaks volumes about your expertise serves as a way to reach potent clients and magnify your brand value. With the world of technology paving ways for evolution in it, the sophisticated digital technologies are ruling the content marketing industry. As we nail the art of planning a perfect content marketing strategy, it is imperative to stay updated on these trends to ensure that you keep yourself updated to outshine your competitors.

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