Virtual Try-on, Custom Fitting, Virtual Shopping

A Virtual Trial and Shopping Experience

Project Introduction

VirTry is a trial-based unique service platform that enables users to virtually try the headphones and share the best of their looks on social media platforms. Users can browse through a wide variety of headphones and click on the preferred one to select it for trial. They can also upload the pictures to the database and replace the current one with any of them when needed.
This application also allows the users to edit the image before sharing it to give it the desired touch and even request admins to add products to the application. The website comes with three roles-based logins, 'Business User,' 'User,' and 'Admin.' Upon login, users will be redirected to the product page, allowing users to customize headphones according to images.

Industry Brief

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Website and App Development

The ease and convenience offered by technological advancement over the years have made a significant impact on consumer purchasing habits. Virtually trying things online is no longer a fantasy for storytellers and technologists. Various platforms have been trying to give assurance on how certain gadgets like headphones or earphones will look at them using new forms of technology. Favorite pieces can be saved and shared with online friends, making the process lot more interesting.

  • 3D Fitting
  • Virtual Trial Room
  • Virtual Trial
  • Try Virtually

Technology Stack

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Highlights of Website and App Development for Virtry

Real-time Fitting

A live trial option through the camera of the phone for a real experience.

Upload Pictures

Upload any of your pictures and try the products you like on those.

Role-Based Login

Three role-based logins based on different capabilities for different users.