Top 8 Ways In Which Salesforce CPQ Enhances The Customer Experience

Updated on Aug 25th, 2022


A fundamental objective of companies is to remain competitive and to achieve higher profits from business activities. And perhaps nothing else is as effective as Salesforce CPQ software solutions in helping them achieve that goal.  

Many companies fail to deliver precise, accurate, and optimized pricing, though in the modern age. Their obsolete pricing and ordering methods rely on traditional entry, leading to waste and inefficiency in quoting and pricing, and off-putting customer interactions. Rather than focusing entirely on closing contracts, salespeople devote around 66 percent of their time producing quotations, drafting plans, and receiving permits. It often takes days or even weeks to create a quote, so if that quote is entirely wrong, the consumer will certainly not be satisfied. It’s usually assumed that poor customer service takes clients the way of your rivals. 

That’s the reason nowadays, many companies and businesses are moving towards Salesforce CPQ software solutions to standardize their sales activities, generate quotes instantly, and speed up their deals. Thanks to the high flexibility and compatibility with CRM, ERP solutions, and other such enterprise solutions, Salesforce CPQ is prominent across numerous sectors, including its potential to configure robustly tailored and appropriately priced customer offers. Businesses can turn their capacity to expedite sales processes and quote performance using Salesforce CPQ solutions.  . 

But how does Salesforce CPQ software help businesses keep their customers satisfied and provide excellent consumer experiences? By the end of this blog, we assure you that you’d get the answer. 

In this blog, we have listed in-depth details about salesforce CPQ software solutions like overview, benefits, why you need it, top ways in which salesforce CPQ enhances the customer experience. So, without any further ado, let’s get started. 


What is CPQ?

CPQ is an acronym for Configuration, Price, Quote. Simply stated, it’s an enterprise solution focused on consumer choices for arranging the products, outlining costs, and providing actual quotes. 

What is Salesforce CPQ?

With Salesforce CPQ software solutions, companies can easily customize goods and services, price orders and save precious time through rapid and robust quotations. These solutions not only offer a company the opportunity to quote rapidly, reduce the complexity and improve productivity at a great speed, but it also helps staff to make personalized sales journeys for each specific customer. Salesforce CPQ software enable you to leverage the ultimate support of Salesforce Sales Cloud’s features to quote fairly efficiently, close transactions more quickly, and speed up your shipment cycle. 

Salesforce CPQ provides advanced sales that are ten to thirty percent easier and more efficient to execute than conventional CPQ apps. Nowadays, Salesforce CPQ salesforce is used in small to large companies, high tech firms, manufacturing, development firms, and plenty more, but many are still probably not even aware when to use and need it. So, let’s move forward and discuss,

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Why Invest in Salesforce CPQ? When is Salesforce CPQ Right for Your Business?

Here are some of the most significant reasons that demonstrate that investing in enterprise solutions like Salesforce CPQ is a smart move for all businesses:  

1. Using Traditional Systems  

If you are using paper or applications such as Excel or PowerPoint, then Salesforce CPQ software can help you modernize your practices. They can help customers with quotations or contracts personally. They can also save many resources, time, energy, decrease errors in the quote, and improve efficiency. 

2. Missing Chances and Opportunities

Salesforce CPQ-powered suggestions and relevant advice will help ensure that such chances are not overlooked. Also, these enterprise solutions tend to ensure that the right product is presented to the consumer. 

3. Releasing Incorrect Sales Quotations

Imprecise sales quotes for consumers reflect unprofessionalism and understanding of product offerings. Salesforce CPQ software eliminate the discrepancy between the operations of CRM and quotation. An incorrect sales quotation can spoil many marketing results and lead to frustration in the sales department. Take that opportunity provided by Salesforce CPQ to reduce the selling process’s errors and concentrate on improving client relationships and prospects. 

4. Inconsistency in Data

As we know, salesforce CPQ can be easily integrated with CRM and ERP systems. When you hire Salesforce developerthey help you streamline the information so that all the appropriate teams have access to the relevant information, enhancing decision-making, authorization, quoting, contracting, and analysis. As the sales department all have links to the same details, this would also minimize mistakes and misinterpretations. 

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5. Salespeople are Spending too Much Time on Pricing

Sales officials spend lots of time producing quotations instead of selling. Whenever prices are demanding, sales reps are often more likely to stay longer creating quotes instead of selling. By insisting on a specific deal counter for customizing the goods using Salesforce CPQ software, some companies try to mitigate this consequence. 

6. Salespeople are Unable to Keep up With the Variability of Services and Costs.

A comprehensive but easy-to-use collection that offers versatility requires expanding and customizing product range and variable pricing strategies. It can lead to poor results, frustration, and disappointed clients if salespeople would not keep records of these dynamic. In contrast, competitive pricing mechanisms also depend on calculus equations, like complicated discount offers, packages, and renewals. 

Few Other Reasons are:

  • Multiple errors through various deals in quote setup.
  • Fall in performance and productivity of sales teams.
  • Fall in closures for purchases.
  • Manual mistakes that occur in quotation mistakes.
  • Depletion of brand equity.
  • A gradual decrease in rates of conversion.
  • Slows in the quote set-up.
  • Fall in rates of closing.
  • Long decision-making cycles.
  • No automated renewals were resulting in a decline in retention.
  • Disruptions in quotation preparation and sending.

As of now, we have discussed what Salesforce CPQ software are all about, when you need it, and why to invest in them. Now, read on to find the-, 

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Benefits of Using Salesforce CPQ

There are many benefits of using Salesforce CPQ software. They help you streamline business operations and customer experience are huge. Below we’ve mentioned some of the most significant benefits. Let’s take a look! 

  • Ensure a comprehensive view of the sales funnel.
  • Increases sales team productivity to generate better quotes.
  • Decreases pricing errors.
  • Enhances sales and productivity with smarter quoting.
  • Enhances customer satisfaction.
  • Reduces operational costs.
  • Provide tools and templates for automated quoting.

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As mentioned above, one thing is precise that salesforce CPQ comes with loads of benefits. Moving on, let’s move forward and discuss,

How Salesforce CPQ Enhances the Customer Experience? Top Ways and Reasons to Use

Well, Salesforce CPQ software solutions enhance the customer experience in many ways; below, we’ve mentioned a few of them, so take a look! 

How-Salesforce-CPQ-enhances-the-Customer-Experience - Top-Ways-and-Reasons-to-use

1. Reduces Failures and Mistakes

With Salesforce CPQ, through one application, new goods, setups, and prices are all modified in actual environments, ensuring that all quotes match exact pricing. This enterprise solution will produce error-free quotes depending on different form factors and absolute values, with correct product configuration procedures in place. You will reduce the sales cycle to less by providing specific quotes and removing a need for modifications. 

2. Reduces Downtime

The Salesforce CPQ software solutions help you and your client to get the most out of their resources. They decrease the latency involved in creating proposals automatically once you optimize the quote procedure. So, this helps a company’s salespeople to aid with more opportunities in far less time. Companies using these enterprise solutions are seeing a decline in their sales process duration and a continuous rise in the number of proposals per official. 

3. Transparency

To see what is efficient with your sales department and what requires updating, you can use analytics offered by Salesforce CPQ software solutions. A critical viewpoint on your sales operation is provided by these enterprise solutions, which offers more meaningful insight through each quote produced and for products and services proposals. Salesforce CPQ can also view personalized sales reports and visualizations so you can differentiate your superior edge customers, the most profitable customers, and the optimal pricing strategies. 

4. Better Sales with Minimal Input

Salesforce CPQ software produce much more accurate alternatives which are purely appropriate for your business after carefully monitoring the situations. Both the production and sales procedures are efficiently influenced by the Salesforce CPQ system’s changes crafted, and you’ll have esteem in its carefully planned ideologies. Your company’s profitability can be anticipated and then further be used to make final proposals that guarantee the success of your desired outcome. The automated method will certainly save a significant amount of time and enable you to split your focus wisely. 

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5. Consistency and Accuracy

While Salesforce CPQ software solutions provide rapid services, they are also precise. Negligence will be a nonissue as optimized; error-free pricing is generated automatically by the Salesforce CPQ technology. To facilitate all your product offerings, these enterprise solutions further act as a single, centralized monitoring system. Just think of having every price quote, every query already sent to a client over one location to endorse a quotation is unique.  

This data is not only centralized, but the CPQ system ensures accuracy. And you will still profit from handling all these pricing records from a singular, standard system, even if you deliberately use a dispersed pricing policy all over your sales channels. 

6. Offers Customize Offerings

There are plenty of software developers on the market who provide Salesforce development services at cost-effective rates. These services allow businesses to get tailor-made Salesforce CPQ software solutions for their sales team. If salespeople depend on diverse systems, including such spreadsheets, there is a possibility of using obsolete pricing systems to collect price quotes. Current pricing data exists in one location with the Salesforce CPQ system, and sales managers are more aware of pricing changes and offers, minimizing the risk of mistakes and unauthorized undervaluing. To generate customization, custom Salesforce CPQ software can use client account details through using salesforce account management. 

7. Analyzing Productivity

By assisting you to evaluate sales processes and carry out contract demand forecasting and more, Salesforce CPQ software involve ensuring that your sales offers are efficient, so you can only produce economically successful and competitive quotes through automated processes. 

8. Quote from Anywhere

The efficient sales factor ensures that both the sales representatives and customers will go from any device across the sales process in the fields or on-the-go. Being accessible from any computer wherever and whenever, Salesforce enterprise solutions will offer more influential perceptibility over the selling process. 

Why Choose Us?

Matellio is one of the best Salesforce CPQ consulting providers and developers on the market. We have years of experience helping businesses build custom Salesforce-based enterprise solutions that drive sales and improve revenues.  We aim to help you improve your productivity, reach the highest level profits. We develop salesforce CPQ system on a budget that is CFO-friendly and approved. 

  • Professional TeamAll deployments are carried out by teammates who are experienced in this Salesforce development services and have carried out numerous custom salesforce developments in different sectors. Our team is full of salesforce development experts.
  • Consistency – We never raise prices suddenly and never avoid threats. We expect your trust to be won and sustained.
  • Collaboration – We match our expectations with yours and, faithfully, commit ourselves to fulfill them.
  • Outcomes – We understand we’re largely going to be defined by what we develop, therefore we consider quality a ritual.

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Wrapping Up

Salesforce CPQ software solutions have the potential to change your business operations. They can be adapted and implemented into your particular business use scenario. Salesforce CPQ allows you to analyze the information and create the most efficient and time-saving quotes with a clearer understanding of the market environment.  

Upkeep, quoting, or mistakes should not be as much of a challenge with Salesforce implementation. With that progress, your company or business can grow, broaden offers, and have a salesforce CRM that expands. Having the right mix between customization and maintenance may be the secret to longevity. 

Many leading businesses and organizations have benefited from the introduction of enterprise solutions like Salesforce CPQ, and you must embrace it to begin on a journey to build a successful business. 

If you are looking to hire Salesforce developers who can build custom Salesforce solutions, then Matellio is the right partner for you. Our salesforce experts can help identify the business requirements, develop a plan, and execute the salesforce solution. Please speak to our salesforce specialist on how to be a partner in Salesforce CPQ software development and integration with Matellio. 

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