Top 8 Web Development Trends to Watch for in 2020

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Undeniably web development is a progressive field that keeps on changing as the new trends and technology emerge every year. But in the year 2020, website development is going to witness the plethora of possibilities that would set new trends. It’s necessary for almost every business to have an online presence in order to grow and increase its visibility. Keeping abreast of the latest web development trends and technologies would not only help businesses increase the base of their audience, provide them a competitive edge, but also give them a foresight about future web development trends so that they could implement the same in the website development. 

Hence, in the year 2020, web developers would adopt new technologies and techniques, experiment with them and update themselves with knowledge. Also, with this, the previous trends would not fade away, they would continue in the year 2020 and further. 

Top 8 Web Development Trends to Watch for in 2020 

  1. Progressive Web Apps
  2. Chatbots
  3. Javascript Frameworks
  4. Acceleration in Page Load Speeds
  5. Single Page Applications
  6. Low Code Development
  7. Cyber Security
  8. Voice Search Optimization

Let’s go through them in detail! 

1: Progressive Web Apps

The mobile web users have grown at a skyrocketing pace over the past decade. The progressive apps are one of the most talked-about technology shifts in the web development space. These are the web apps that provide a pure mobile application feel to the users. This implies that the users have access to all the information and details without the need to download a mobile app. Instead, the technology delivers an app-like feel to the users within their browsers. As reported by Google, more than 50% of the users tend to leave a particular site if it doesn’t load within 3 seconds, which is, in general, the same when it comes to mobile sites. But the PWA also has a solution for this. Coupled with the best of web and native applications it provides an excellent end-user experience. Hence, the PWAs reduce the steps between the discovery of an app and getting it on the home screen and thereby completely eliminates the friction of getting an app installed. 

The best part about these apps is they can be used offline as well and users can sync it to multiple devices. 

The PWAs appear on a full screen and the URLs are not visible. It also helps in building a strong brand identity. In a nutshell, the PWAs offer functions traditionally available to the native apps like the push notification feature, hardware access, etc. 

In short, we can say the PWAs are here to make the situation better by troubleshooting the issues and problems faced by the users which they hate the most: poor website experience, slow loading, and no offline access. 

2: Chatbots

The chatbots are getting unparalleled momentum and according to the reports, more than 40% of the users worldwide would prefer to chat with the company live than any other medium of contact. Similarly, the Gartner report states that 85% of the interactions would happen without humans on the business end by the year 2020. But possibly many of you would be wondering what these chatbots are? Well, the chatbots are the software that processes and simulates human conversation. These are the simple and basic programs that have the capability to answer even the complex queries of humans and entertain them alongside. Nowadays, nobody has time to look and search for the answers, the users don’t like delays and all they need is just the quick solution to everything, chatbots can answer every question asked to them, and hence, provides the high level of personalization to the users. So integrating them with your websites is always a good idea as it leads to the lead generation and makes websites attractive. This way you would be able to fulfill all the consumer expectations and on the flip side, you would get something you could rely upon. Undoubtedly, the chatbots are the most popular web development trend running successfully and are a blessing in disguise for web developers. You should definitely integrate chatbots in your projects for 2020.

3: Javascript Frameworks

The third in the list is the Javascript frameworks. Basically the javascript frameworks are at the heart of web development, and it’s no surprise that these are also at the forefront of the developer’s job. These frameworks are the application framework written in javascript. To put it simply, this framework serves as the foundation base for the developers to build their javascript on. The frameworks also have APIs, some libraries and other functionalities within. Lets now see why do we need one? Well, it’s obviously possible to code without using them. However, a well-chosen framework makes your task a lot easier. 

First and foremost- it improves efficiency. And let’s think of them as a shortcut of sorts like you need to write less code, as there are already functions and pre-written patterns that are ready for you to use. It truncates the unnecessary codes and is a big-time savior. One more advantage these frameworks provide is code reusability. Like the developers need to write the code just once and it can be used as many times required. 

These frameworks aid the developers in many ways, which is the major reason for the javascript frameworks being in the list of top web development trends in 2020. One more good thing is that the most popular JavaScript frameworks are free and open-source. Hence, you don’t risk anything trying a few and choosing the one that seems to work best for you personally.

4: Acceleration in Page Load Speeds

Since the number of things is accelerating, faster load time is also a hot and one of the most talked-about topics for optimizing the speed. Everything today is aimed at “the faster, the better” but have you given it a thought what does it basically mean to have a fast loading site? How does it even matter? Well when it comes to speed, the Accelerated Mobile pages would be the first to strike. Because from a consumer standpoint, this is the most crucial element of a site. The faster the page load, the faster it is viewed by the visitors. When it comes to browsing net surfers become quite impatient. Then comes AMP to the rescue. Even a delay for a second can lose visitor’s reliability compelling them to visit another site. Google has been an endorser of AMP and offers web developers instructions to help developers create fast-loading mobile pages, make content-rich websites like videos, animation, and graphics that will work alongside smart ads. 

AMP doesn’t work on fancy or more modernized features, thus AMP removes all the dynamic features that decelerate the website. Additionally AMP only accepts the HTML sheets that are well constructed eliminating all sorts of unnecessary external sheets. Thus, allows google to pre-render and load the web pages without any delay. 

5: Single Page Applications

As the name suggests a “single page” means that everything is available and can be seen on a single page itself, even with no or fewer blogs included. To put it simply, the SPAs are web apps, loaded as a single page and do not require the loading of entirely new pages. The aim behind this approach is to avoid the interruption between the user interaction and the consecutive pages and to provide them smooth user experience. Moreover, a SPA approach enables the user to consume and interact with the web page while new elements are being updated and fetched. This automatically results in much faster interactions and page reloading. 

When the users are being served everything on a single plate, they will not look for more. Everything would be available on a single page only. Hence, it improves the user experience because of less full page reloads and upgraded performance. 

6: Low Code Development 

The low code development is again one of the most popular web development trends. It is basically the development approach that allows the delivery of web apps faster than too with minimal hand-coding. The low code platforms will help the developers to improve their efficiency and become more functional by less coding approach. They do not have to be a coding expert in order to build excellent websites.  The low code development helps them create complete applications visually using the simple drag and drop user interface,  integrations, data, and logic quickly. This low-code application development also enables the production of a full range of app types for disparate use cases. These app types can range from upgrading legacy applications to IoT-enabled smart applications.

7: Cyber Security 

When the data gets attacked or damaged due to unauthorized access, it becomes quite apparent to secure the networks. Even the largest corporations and banking companies have witnessed the breach of security. We all have heard from many resources about hacking, as the website contains all the personalized information, there are more chances of it getting hacked. It is very essential to protect the websites from any kind of cyber attack, that’s why the cybersecurity comes into role play. It thus implies protection of all the internet-connected systems that include hardware, software and the official websites with all the confidential data. Cybersecurity should be implemented by SSIs, LSIs, employees, and individuals. Since it should be kept in mind that investing time in ongoing website maintenance is a key way to ensure that your business website is as protected as it can be against varied cybersecurity threats. Cybersecurity helps to prevent the breach of data, identity theft or any kind of ransomware attack. The developers today are implementing new techniques and ways to protect the websites from being hacked. 

So you need to keep this particular factor in mind before you plan to develop the website for your business. 

8: Voice Search Optimization 

The voice search has been popular since it made its first debut in the year 2008. Because a few years ago, the voice search approach seemed like a far-fetched idea limited to science fiction movies. But today it’s the most used digital marketing tool. And as stated by Google, the voice search is one of the mist fastest-growing forms of online searches. So why do you think the business owners should focus on making voice search-optimized websites? Voice search is the ground-breaking trend in search engines all across the world. Voice search basically allows users to say their queries out loud rather than typing them in order to get the results. The speech-recognition technology primarily understands what users are asking for and then offering the best-matching results orally. It’s that marketing strategy that not only enhances the profitability but also provides the greatest customer satisfaction and excellent customer experience. It has transformed the traditional way the people used to search for their queries by providing multitasking.

For instance, Cortana, Amazon’s Echo and Alexa, Siri, etc are increasing voice searches. With this consistency and continuity in voice search, a time will arrive where the technology would operate on voice search without using hands. Not only this but all the voice search optimized websites would be operated through the human voice.  Therefore, this is an out of the box feature that will improve the competitive strength of the business, so if you want your website to be extraordinary then you should think about implementing this feature. 

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If we want to keep ourselves competition-ready we should always focus on trends, latest technologies and new approaches that are gaining popularity among the users. Thus, trend analysis not only complements the innovation but also upgrades the inventions. It’s not difficult to create a website just by mere learning of coding, but in order to increase the engagements, you should follow all these recent trends. It would require your time and effort but in the end, it would all be worth it. As stated by Mark Zuckerberg, “figuring out what the next big trend is, tells us what we should focus on.” 

So if you are planning to upgrade your web app, you can hire the best software development company and share your needs.