Top 9 Image Recognition Apps in 2021

Updated on Mar 6th, 2024

Image Recognition Apps

Over the years, Artificial intelligence has revolutionized the world. AI is everywhere, whether it’s healthcare or fashion. The concoction of AI and machine learning have delivered numerous apps that make our lives easy. One such improvement is image recognition app development that has gained significant popularity over the years. Image recognition apps are mobile-friendly and assist the users in identifying various objects. The advancement of AI has brought us some advanced tech such as facial recognition, categorization of objects, and computer vision. With the assistance of machine learning algorithms, these apps identify anything that is scanned through them. Machine vision is an advanced concept based on artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms and helps people and various automated machinery identify objects for further tasks to be performed. 

Image recognition technology has been normalized by integrating them into various smartphones. However, it can also be integrated into some smartphones through an app. The image recognition technology has gathered a massive user base over the years, and it can be seen in their number of downloads on Google Play Store or Apple’s App Store. However, there are some image recognition technology-based apps that can be accessed directly from the device’s camera. With a considerable number of apps available online that works on image recognition technology, it can be confusing to choose the best one that suits your needs. In this blog, we will be discussing the top nine image recognition apps available in the market. 

1. Google Lens

It is a known fact that Google has the most extensive database, and in terms of categorizing images, no one could have done a better job than Google. The Google Lens is an image recognition technology developed by Google, and it uses the camera of the device to perform an image search and deliver accurate results. However, it is similar to the Google web image search, and it only delivers links to various websites that have the relevant information regarding the searched image. Google is constantly updating the software with the help of artificial intelligence and its database of billions of images. Google Lens was launched in the year 2017 and was only available in the Google Pixel smartphones back then. In the first quarter of 2018, it was made available on both the platforms; Android and Apple. To use this excellent image recognition app, your android device should have Android 6.0 or above. It has an overall rating of 4.7 on the Google Play Store. 

Google Lens App

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Top Features of Google Lens

Copy Text: Users can scan any document that has text on it and copies it to the clipboard for further use. All the users have to do is just drag the selector to the desired area of the document and click on copy. 

Add Contacts and Find Directions: Another eye-grabbing feature of Google Lens is adding contacts to your device just by scanning a digital business card. You can also find directions to that business by simply scanning it into the app. 

Real-time Translations: Google translate is integrated with this app. Hence, you can get a translation of a text in real-time. Just scan the text and select translate, and you are good to go.

2. Aipoly Vision

Aipoly Vision is a powerful image recognition app that acts as an object and color recognizer app. This app has gained massive popularity as it has been advantageous to people with color blindness, impaired vision. It has been beneficial to such people as it helps them understand their surroundings better. With the help of artificial intelligence and the device’s camera, it scans the object and announces its name to the users. Airplay vision is a perfect example of how AI and emerging technologies are changing lives for good. Along with its ergonomic accessibility, it comes with a torch feature that automatically turns on the flashlight of the torch in case the frame is dark. Users can download it for free from App Store and Google Play store. The app operates with a subscription fee on both platforms, and it can detect text in seven languages. Aipoly Vision App has an overall rating of 3.0. 

Top Features of Aipoly Vision

Works Offline: This fabulous image recognition app doesn’t need any internet connection to work and fetch results for the users. 

Performance: Aipoly Vision makes the most of the image recognition technology as it can recognize a wide array of objects at a rate of three images per second. 

Multilingual: The apps can identify seven languages, and it announces the results to the users for feasibility.

3. ScreenShop

ScreenShop has been developed to assists the users in enhancing their shopping experience. This image recognition technology primarily serves fashion enthusiasts. You can just scan an image of apparel, and it will display your information about where you can purchase that item. Apart from the scanned item, it will also suggest to you the accessories and related items to that piece of apparel. The fashion industry is constantly changing. Hence, the database of the ScreenShop is kept updated at all times. An updated database can detect a large number of images and deliver selected results. The young generation covers the majority of its user base as it helps them find the latest fashion quickly. Apart from the images taken from the camera, it also recognizes the items from screenshots, videos, and pictures. 

ScreenShop App

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Top Features of ScreenShop

Wide Variety: It offers a wide variety of options as users can apply celebrity style, style lens, and colors to refine their search. 

Feasibility: Apart from the camera’s picture, users can also find the relevant results with the help of a screenshot. 

Exact Matches: With its vast updated database, the users can find the link to buy the exact dress they are looking for in the app. 

4. TapTapSee

TapTapSee is another revolutionary app based on image recognition technology that is specially designed for blind and visually impaired people. The app has been powered by the Cloud Sight Image Recognition API and uses the device’s camera to scan the object to identify. With the help of voice-over functions and the camera of the device, it records a picture and video of the object, and after identification, it tells the users about the results in audio form. All the users have to do is just double-tap on the right side of their device’s screen to click a picture or double-tap on the left to record a video and point it towards the item they want to recognize. The technology involved in TapTapSee can analyze and identify any two-dimensional or three-dimensional objects placed at any angle. After the results have been analyzed, it uses the voice-over function of the device to speak the information to the user. TapTapsee has an overall rating of 3.9. 


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Top Features of TapTapsee

Social Media Sharing: Users have the option to share their search results over their social media platforms through the app. 

Save Results: Users can save the identified results on their phones and use them later. 

Gallery Uploads: Users don’t need to record everything for recognition as they can also use the images or videos already present on their phones. 

5. CamFind

Cam Find image recognition app has a simple architecture but excellent functionality. It assists the users in identifying the images clicked by the user. The most popular feature of the app is the visual search, as users can identify any object in their physical surroundings. With the help of machine learning and artificial intelligence, this app will analyze the picture clicked by the user and tell you all about it. The users are presented with a wide variety of options in terms of search results; it presents links, images, and videos to the users to choose the appropriate option. CamFind is powered by the Cloud Sight image recognition API and allows users to share the results with others on the app. In order to discover other’s findings, users can follow others on the app and check out their feed. CamFind has an overall rating of 2.6. 

Camfind AppImage Source 

Top Features of CamFind

Price Comparison: Users can compare the price of the identified object on the app to fetch a great deal. 

QnA: Users can follow other’s feeds and also ask questions and get relevant answers. 

Social Profile: Users can build their profile on the app and can follow others. Users can also share their finding with other on the app. 

6. LeafSnap

LeafSnap is one of its kind. This image recognition technology has been developed by a team of researchers from Columbia University, the Smithsonian Institution, and the University of Maryland. LeafSnap uses visual recognition software to identify the species of the tree or any plant and delivers relevant information about it. LeafSnap can identify the tree or plant with the picture of any leaf. The app’s database consists of high-resolution images of flowers, leaves, and fruits that deliver a fantastic experience. LeafSnap image recognition app is loved by travelers and bio researchers as it helps them in identifying the trees and plants in their surroundings and delivers them relevant information related to them. LeafSnap has an overall rating of 4.7. 

 Image Source

Top Features of LeafSnap

Plant Encyclopedia: The app has data of over 27,000,000 plants and trees and is delivers an accuracy rate of ninety-seven percent. 

High-Quality Images: When the users scan an image of any leaf of any plant, the app comes back with relevant images of its fruits, leaves, and full-size trees that are mesmerizing. 

Colossal Database: The LeafSnap has an immense database and a tremendous accuracy rate. 

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7. Google Reverse Image Search

Google Reverse Image Search is another popular image recognition technology developed by Google. This app assists users in quickly finding similar images on the web. The users just have to click a picture or upload an image from their device, and Google reverse image search will display images related to your input along with links. The users can easily find out similar images in different sizes. Google Reverse Image Search is most popular among researchers and journalists as it helps them in finding out the source of the image along with the date on which that particular image was uploaded on the internet. However, along with journalists, various Photographers are using this app to find out the images that are being used by various websites without their permission. 

Top Features of Google Image Reverse Search

Locate Source: The users are able to locate the original source of the image and can claim copyright if any are applicable. 

High-Resolution Images: Various users deal with the unsatisfied quality of an image. Google Reverse Image Search delivers higher quality versions of the same images. 

Identify Creator: Users can locate the original creator of images with the help of this app. 

8. Vivino

Vivino has a massive following of wine lovers. Vivino uses image recognition technology to identify the wine with just a label and tell you all about it. However, it is not necessary to always click a picture of the label, users can just take a photo of any restaurant’s wine list, and it will display detailed information about the asked wine along with the ratings and reviews that are verified. Users love this app as it also avails them the option of buying wines and get them shipped to their homes. Vivino asks the users about their reviews of the wines they have tried from their app for a personalized recommendation. Vivino takes extra care when it comes to the delivery of the wine to its users. 

Vivino AppImage Source 

Top Features of Vivino

Social Community: Wine lovers can interact with various other wine enthusiasts over the app and make friends. 

Door-step Delivery: Users have the option to buy their favorite wines and get them delivered to their homes through the app. It is one of the reasons for its popularity.

9. Calorie Mama

Calorie Mama image recognition app is powered by Food AI API and delivers the relevant information related to a food item. The Food AI API is a combination of recent innovations in deep learning and image classification technology that helps users quickly identifying food items. The users just have to click the picture of the food, and the app will tell them all about its nutritional value. The Food AI API used in the app has been trained on various cuisine from all around the world. With the help of deep learning technology, the app continuously learns about various food items and cuisines that are searched on the app. Calorie Mama is extremely popular among health-conscious people that are highly cautious about their calorie intake. The app also offers assistance in keeping track of calories consumed by the users daily and helps users to adjust their intakes to achieve their health goals. 

 Calorie Mama

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Top Features of Calorie Mama

Custom Monitoring: Users can plan their calorie intake and include or exclude various factors related to their diet plan. 

 Workout Plan: Users can avail scientifically proven home workout plans and efficiently achieve their fitness goals. 

Image Recognition App Development

The Bottomline 

Image recognition technology has evolved over the years and is now used in various apps for different purposes. From helping the visually impaired to identifying nature at its best, this app can do it all. Image recognition app development is on the rise as users find it more feasible. There have been several improvements being made in the field of image recognition, and it will continue to increase in the coming future.  

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