Top 7 Conversational AI Platforms for 2021

Updated on Feb 6th, 2024

Top Conversational AI platform

Change is the only constant!

The above saying is true in today’s digital era, especially for the artificial intelligence sector. For instance, as the chatbot market is booming rapidly, new AI applications have already started to gain huge momentum in 2021. Yes, we are talking about conversational AI platforms!

With the recent advancement in artificial intelligence, conversational AI platforms became popular. Right from assisting the businesses in customer services to automating the sales and marketing tasks, the use of conversational bots has today become a global trend for getting huge profits and brand success.

In fact, the conversational AI market is predicted to reach $16 billion by the year 2024! Leading brands of the market, including WhatsApp and Facebook, today are pioneer users of conversational AI. 

But, what exactly is this conversational AI, and how can you make profits for your business using conversational bots? Let’s have a closer look at it!

Conversation AI for business

What Is A Conversational AI Platform?

To put it simply, conversational AI is a robust application that mimics and understands human behavior in the most efficient manner. Right from chatbots to messaging apps, and even social media, a conversational bot could replicate human actions, thereby enhancing your customer service and marketing operations.

With a conversational AI platform, your customer could get all their answers in a personalized manner without any human assistance. Moreover, if the user wants to interact with a real person, these conversational bots would automatically transfer the call to the most qualified service staff. All that means better responses, resulting in high sales, improved profits, and a better user experience. 

How Can Conversational AI Benefit Your Business?

Well, if you think that the use of conversational AI platforms was only limited to automated customer service, then you may need to hear more!

The conversational bots could be easily implemented to websites to make the online lead conversion process more simple, personalized, and cost-effective. Moreover, with this robust AI application, you could even automate your marketing campaigns as per the trend. That means the conversational bot helps you channelize the right kind of marketing campaign at the right time and to the perfect audience. In all, it results in high conversions and an increase in revenues.

Wait, it’s not over! Here are some more benefits that you could get with reliable conversational AI services!

Personalized Services

The first and foremost benefit of implementing conversational AI in your business is personalization. We all know that to succeed in today’s competitive world, personalization is a vital key. You need to deliver personalized services to your customers to enhance their loyalty and user experience. 

Hence, you could easily deliver personalized customer services to your valuable audience with a conversational AI platform. Whether we talk about service updates, or offers and discounts, you could seamlessly target your users most uniquely and effectively.

Cost-Effective Operations

Another big benefit of conversational AI platforms is their cost-effective capabilities. As discussed earlier, a conversational AI chatbot automates all your mundane and complex tasks. Right from replying to the customer query to sending personalized messages to your leads, and even in sales, a conversational AI platform facilitates the business’s complete automation.

Hence, you could save a big chunk of your business expenses with that kind of automated service. You will no longer need dedicated resources for every small task, which would eventually help you reduce the cost of hiring new people.

Increased Productivity

Apart from offering cost-effective services, a conversational AI platform even helps you increase your business’s overall productivity. We have already read that conversational bots automate all the mundane and human-dependent tasks of your organization. Hence, with that, your employees could focus on other crucial tasks such as administration or improvement in HR policies.

All in all, with conversational AI platforms, your staff could manage all the critical tasks that would further help you to bring innovation and profits to your organization.

Better Brand Value

Finally, we have better brand value as an added benefit of conversational AI platforms. It is no doubt that in today’s competitive era, only those who bring innovation and deliver something unique to their customers become a leader of the market. And, conversational AI is surely a new and most advanced application of AI.

Hence, with this unique and user-friendly application, you could entice your customers and could bring new value to your business with less cost and effort. Things like virtual assistants and automated chatbots would help you attract many valuable clients that would eventually help you recognize your brand globally!

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Best Conversational AI Platforms for 2021

Now that you know conversational AI platforms let’s quickly discuss the top eight most promising conversational bots trending in 2021. With these best conversational AI platforms, you could get an accurate idea of what features to include and what design to implement in your custom conversational bot!

  • SAP Conversational AI
  • Chatfuel
  • WotNot
  • Ideta
  • Landbot
  • Liveperson

Let’s discuss them in detail!

SAP Conversational AI

SAP Conversational AI is the topmost trending conversational AI platform of 2021. Besides having a simple UI and multiple versioning and environments for the users, it also mimics human behavior effectively.

You can use its advanced NLP technology to develop and upgrade your chatbot to a more advanced version. That means your customer would get all their answers 24*7 most humanely. And not to forget, the advanced analytics tools offered by SAP for your business are again something that cannot be ignored!


  • Easy Third-Party Integration
  • Personalized Messages
  • Multi-Language Support
  • Powerful Analytics Tools
  • Free for Developers
  • Offers 1000 Chats a Month


Another excellent conversational AI platform of 2021 is Chatfuel. This robust automated messaging solution has been widely used by the social media giants Facebook and Instagram. With this conversational bot, you could seamlessly predict the behavior of your users. Moreover, you could even analyze their shopping and browsing patterns to target the right set of services/products for them. 

Marketing, customer services, HR, and sales, all these departments could be automated with this single and efficient conversational AI platform. Also, this robust AI platform serves as the most promising tool to build an advanced and data-backed conversational bot for your enterprise. 

Chatfuel home page

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  • Seamless Integration with Facebook, Dropbox, Twitter, etc.
  • Offers Detailed Analytics Tools
  • Multi-User Assistance
  • Less Coding Knowledge Required
  • Speech Recognition and NLP Tools


WotNot is a no-code chatbot building platform where you can build rule-based and AI chatbots that can help you generate leads, book more appointments, and scale your customer support.

It can provide a personalised customer experience to your current and prospective customers. It helps you provide 24/7 customer service, instant responses, and multilingual support across multiple channels.

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  • Easy to use no-code bot builder
  • Free Trial
  • Advanced Live chat
  • NLP Integrations
  • Ready to use Templates
  • Insightful Analytics Dashboard


Are you looking for a conversational bot builder that requires no coding skills and even offers a free version? Well, then Ideta is a perfect choice for you! With this unique and user-friendly conversational AI platform, you could build and scale your chatbot to great heights.

Equipped with advanced NLP techniques, Ideta helps you identify the accurate intent of your users. With that, your conversational bot could easily frame a personalized message that suits the customer’s behavior and experience with your brand. And that’s not it! You could even integrate your chatbot with powerful platforms like Google, Facebook, IBM, Microsoft, and so on.


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  • Free Trial
  • Less Coding Knowledge Required
  • Seamless Integration
  • Advanced NLP Tools
  • High Customizations Available


In today’s digital world, thousands of customers might visit your website to explore your services/products. But, have you ever thought that how could these visitors be converted into leads and customers? Well, that’s what Landbot does!

This intuitive conversational AI platform helps you build and host your custom conversational bot on WhatsApp Web and Facebook Messenger. That means you can simply direct your marketing campaigns to the most suitable audience with the right set of keywords using a single and centralized channel. That eventually results in better conversions and more sales.


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  • High Traffic Conversion
  • Code-free Chatbot Development
  • Automated Marketing Efforts
  • CRM Integration
  • Customized Templates
  • Unsupervised Learning is yet again an excellent Conversational AI platform that isn’t built only for your customers but even caters to your employees and admin needs. This enterprise-grade conversational AI platform enables you to develop, test, and host your automated chatbot to any suitable platform. 

You can create your conversational bot without compromising the security and safety standards. What else? This excellent AI platform even helps you design the bot as per your needs and is suitable for every big and small industry! 


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  • Flexible Deployment Models
  • Detailed Customer Insights with Alerts and Common FAQ
  • Customized Chatbot Versions
  • Omnichannel Marketing Bots
  • Automated Speech Recognition
  • Integration with SAP, Salesforce, etc.  


One of the most natural and user-friendly conversational AI platforms with some advanced functionalities is Liveperson. This conversational bot and cloud service platform helps businesses streamline the communications between the system and the user.

Moreover, Liveperson even helps businesses analyze their users’ real intent to make the replies more personalized and target-oriented. The platform helps you design and develop the chatbot with unsupervised learning capabilities that further reduce training costs.


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  • Multiple Version Available (Mobile+Web+Desktop)
  • Facebook Messenger and Google Integration
  • Detailed User Insights
  • Predictive Targeting
  • Customizable Features   

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How Can Matellio Help?

As evident, the world today is full of these robust AI applications due to their cost-effective and user-friendly nature. Whether big or small, every other business today is benefiting from conversational AI platforms. Hence, if all your friends and competitors are implementing conversational AI, why are you restricting your business? That’s where Matellio comes in!

With over 12+ years of experience in custom software development, we, at Matellio, have been the leading choice of businesses when it comes to enterprise AI solutions. From custom RPA solutions to conversational chatbots and even computer vision applications, our certified and reliable developers strive to deliver the best to all our customers. Our agile methodology and trending technology tools are what make us unique and reliable from other competitors.

Hence, if you are looking for a reliable technology partner that offers expert consultation and trending designing services, then Matellio is a one-stop solution for that. Right from free consultation to best UI/UX services, we have everything to cater to your unique business needs. So, keep discussing, and keep growing!

Till then, Happy Reading! 

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