COVID-19: Using Fleet Management Technology for Fleet Safety

Updated on Jan 8th, 2024

Fleet Management Technology

The global industry suffered very much due to the spread of coronavirus. Whether it be education, healthcare, or even travel and hospitality, each sector today faces a lot of challenges in running their businesses. Logistics and transportation are also amongst all such industries that are thriving hard to survive in these tough pandemic situations. The companies that rely on fleets for delivering products and connecting to their employees struggle to survive in today’s pandemic situation. They had to cut-down several activities to protect their drivers and other employees from the COVID-19 pandemic. 

However, one thing that came out even during this time is the adoption of new normals. Many companies leveraged robust technology and digital platforms to continue running and managing their operations. Fleet management software was one such particular tool that helped many leading logistics and transportation firms manage their fleet operations. From fuel savings to driver’s security, a powerful fleet management software offers many such advanced features, that make fleet operations smooth and effective.

As per the sources, almost 75% of fleet managers confirmed that working with fleet management software was much more comfortable. Likely, 66% of respondents suggested that remote working has become their new normal, and all thanks to fleet tracking software services. 

Want to discover more such benefits of fleet management software in maintaining the feet safety and management? Read on to know more! Today, we will be covering the top features of the fleet management software that helps the logistics and transportation company adopt the new normal. Let’s get started!

How is Fleet Management Software helping in Fleet Safety?     

Here are some of the crucial factors that help fleet managers in running and managing their fleet operations in a smooth manner, even during the coronavirus pandemic.

1. Real-time GPS Tracking

Real Time GPS tracking

Tracking your drivers and assets during these tough times has become a crucial thing for the fleet managers. In such a condition, traditional methods can be of no use. That’s why we have a real-time tracking feature to update you about every movement of your fleets. You can know what areas your fleet passes by, and if there has been any coronavirus suspect in any field, you can seamlessly create a geo-fence around that location. 

Creating geo-fence will enable you to restrict the entry and exit of your fleet in that area, and your drivers could be saved from catching the disease. You can even get a mobile alert if any vehicle enters or leaves that restricted area with useful fleet management software. 

2. Route Optimization 

Route Optimization

Route optimization is again a vital feature that can not only secure your drivers and assets from getting viruses but can even save your time and cost. With the route optimization functionality of our fleet management software, you can provide the fastest and most secure routes to your drivers to deliver any goods to the clients. 

Setting up the fastest routes helps your drivers safely deliver the products, and they also save a lot of fuel. Fuel is the vital component of fleet management, and if you are saving on fuel, you are making huge profits in your business. Issues like road thefts, traffic delays, and late delivery due to improper roads could also be solved with route optimization functionality.   

3. Electronic Inspections

Saving on fuels and tracking your assets is okay, but have you ever wondered what if you can get a detailed inspection of every part of your vehicle in real-time? Yes, you heard it right! With a professional fleet management software, you can reduce the dependency on paper and automate your vehicle inspection process. 

An effective fleet tracking solution carefully inspects the performance of your fleet and its corresponding parts, and if there’s any abnormality, it alerts you. Moreover, you can even take a step further and inspect your drivers to stay updated about their health. Meaning, your drivers can capture their temperature with the help of temperature sensing devices and update you after every trip they take.  

4. Predictive Maintenance

Predictive Maintenance

Predictive maintenance is yet again, a vital aspect in fleet management. If you do not pay heed to the performance and electronic inspection alerts, then there are high chances that you may have to spend a lot on the servicing of your fleets. Especially during a pandemic, it becomes more critical to timely service your fleets avoid any mishappenings or delays. 

That’s why we have predictive maintenance features in our fleet tracking software that can instantly tell you what time to service your fleet for maximum ROI. With predictive maintenance features, you can know the exact time of repairing or replacing any component of the fleet to ensure maximum returns and productivity. You can even keep track of your past services and warranties on parts of the fleet for better transparency.   

5. Safe Driving Support

Safe driving is of utmost importance, whether it is a pandemic situation or any other day. As a fleet manager, it should be your duty that your drivers and fleets are in safe hands. That’s why a useful fleet management software should have all the security systems and seamless integration facilities to ensure maximum safety and easy monitoring of drivers.

With an effective fleet management solution, you can capture your drivers’ images to get updates about them in real-time. You can even get accurate reports of their harsh driving behaviors like sudden brakes, harsh acceleration, speed crossing, etc. directly on your fleet tracking apps. That will help you protect your drivers and even ensure less wastage of your fuel and increased lifetime of your fleets.   

6. Expense Monitoring

Witnessing the present day scenario, i.e., fewer drivers, and fewer products to deliver, you must invest in a powerful fleet management software to make every penny count. With effective fleet management and other third-party systems like camera and SMS gateway, you can save your company’s time and dollars. 

The fleet management software can directly impact your profits from monitoring fuel expenses to capturing the driver’s activities and even predicting the perfect time for fleet maintenance. Even in the areas where the transportation sector is of great importance, a fleet management software can ensure a smooth journey and fast delivery so that no work gets affected. And not to mention, eliminating harsh driving and providing optimized routes also add to the cost savings of your fleet management business.

7. Remote Working

Remote working

Last but not least, a fleet management software secures you from the harmful coronavirus. With the adoption of effective fleet management software, you can seamlessly stay at your home and manage all the tasks, whether big or small, directly from your mobile phone. Not only that, but you can even get all the detailed reports of your drivers and your fleets while sitting remotely.

Our robust transportation software integrates seamlessly with other third-party systems like dash camera, SMS gateways, and payment systems, to help you manage every stage of your product shipment. With the help of panic buttons, your drivers can update you of any danger. With their remote immobilization facility, you can lock your engine to prevent any thefts or mishappenings. What’s amazing? All these things can be achieved via your smartphones!

The Future of Fleet Management

Though we do not have a clear picture of the transportation and logistics industry, we can say for sure that technology will continue to rule the sector even after the coronavirus impact gets over. With the adoption of disruptive technologies like IoT and AI, many new trends will soon become the new normal in the fleet management industry. Additionally, with the advancements in AR, connected devices, drones, and the supply chain, the trucking industry will witness new heights in the coming years.

Although there is still a long way to go, one thing can be said that the adoption of digital transformation will prove very beneficial for the fleet industry, and we may see more in the coming years. Want to become a part of the same trend? Leverage useful fleet management software today! 

We are a global leader in providing custom fleet management and vehicle tracking systems to multiple industries. Our in-house development team and expert client managers ensure to provide error-free and user-friendly software that can cater to all your needs. Reach us today to discover some amazing features and benefits of our fleet management software. Plus, get a free expert consultation on your first visit. Till then, Happy Reading!

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