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What is Transportation Management Software?

Transportation management software is a powerful and scalable custom software solution, that aims to simplify various aspects of the transportation industry. With transportation management software, you can reduce the overheads of your organization and can manage the exact life-cycle of the transportation. Moreover, the transportation software also lets you significantly increase your delivery process by efficiently collaborating with all modes and service providers. You can optimize your supply chain process and can make more improved decisions.





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Frequently Asked Question

Yes, our custom transportation management software can manage the accounting process automatically. By leveraging the accounting functionality of the transportation software, the businesses can use the available resources in their accounting departments efficiently along with lowering the chances of bookkeeping mistakes.

The cost of building a transportation management software usually depends on some critical aspects like platform selected, the technology used, features included, etc. You can send us your ideas to get an accurate estimation of your product pricing.

Yes. In general, the reputable cloud-based service providers invest a lot in making their software secure and keeping their client data safe. So, make sure that you choose a trustworthy service provider that uses data encryption (SSL certification) while developing software.

Matellio provides support to all its customers irrespective of their location. Our consultants can connect you in real-time for any assistance required. Also, we can support on an individual basis, if need be. Additionally, our support staff is available to assist you with questions throughout the day, either by telephone or skype.

Yes! Matellio offers an extensive range of pre-built reports to cover a wide range of your data reporting needs.

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