How to Develop AI-based Video Learning Platform?


In this era of digitalization, video is considered one of the most popular ways to deliver and consume content. It has become one of the best ways to share information and knowledge. Multiple MNCs catering to different industries encourage people to share and watch informal or formal videos related to various services. Video-based learning platforms have gained popularity as it helps customize the training and informative content for multiple e-learning platforms.

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted the education and training market. E-learning has become the mainstream platform for reaching out to the targeted audience. With the growth of virtual and e-learning platforms, video-learning platforms have become profitable. The market data value of e-learning is estimated to reach $457.8 billion by 2026, with a CAGR of 10.3%.

Here through this blog, we will be talking about the different aspects involved within development of the AI-powered video learning platform.

  • The global eLearning market is flourishing, and the need for an AI-based video learning platform is expanding with it.
  • The video-based learning platform has multiple perks, from adding extra value to the customer to enhancing their engagement rate.
  • Not one or two but multiple features are must-haves when developing an AI-powered video learning platform.
  • The ways AI enhances the video learning platform include but are not limited to customizing tutoring sessions, real-time questioning, and much more.

Benefits of Video-Based Platform

Visuals can help activate the brain to react faster, which can also result in improvising focus and information retention. Videos can empower people to learn effectively and independently. Many industries are adopting widely known virtual learning platforms and here we will be unpacking the advantages of video-based learning:

Accessible to Users from Any Location

It is the era when people are addicted to having every kind of information with few clicks. With the video learning platform, location does not remain an issue. Anyone can receive training or knowledge about any required topic from their respective locations. Users from around the world can have access to the same informative material. It significantly expands the reach of the people for that specific information and training to various people.

Can be Customized as Per the Requirement

The AI-driven online learning platform that uses different media type such as video can easily be customized as per your business requirement. Every detail can be as per your demand from the design you need to the information it conveys. The features that will help your business and add value within your video learning platform can be integrated.

Providing Extra Value to Your Customers

E-learning companies often choose to hire the best companies for enterprise software development so that their video-learning platform can add value to their customer services. The customer can use the platforms or the application for online learning. Post-pandemic, many people are looking for a platform that can offer them exclusive features and access to informative learning through these video learning platforms.

Increasing Profit by Adding Digitalization to Your Business

Another benefit of a video-based learning platform is that it offers the chance to grow and gain profits by building the latest business models. Post-pandemic corporate training and many other informative sessions can reach the target audience through these eLearning platforms. Thus, businesses can easily earn profit through these platforms.

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Features Within an AI-Based Video Learning Platform

After learning about the benefits, let us talk about the features that can make your AI-based video learning platform operation smooth and successful. These features added to your platform can enhance the performance and customer experience. Some of the major features are:


Administrative Panel

It is the feature that helps manage the entire platform and offers a way for companies can view users’ insights. With the help of this feature, the learning platform can push notifications, add new content and make the required modifications.

Real-time Questioning

Learners who engage with any eLearning platform hope to receive answers to their queries immediately. They wish to avoid searching the net and disrupting the learning process. AI offers an accurate, fast, and efficient service when it comes to responding to users’ queries. The AI-powered Video-based learning platform can respond to their user’s queries in real-time by offering the clarification required.

Defining Learners’ Pathways

AI has one very significant feature of gathering and analyzing the data of any individual every time they interact with the technology. It helps define the pathway of the users the AI-driven e-learning platform. The questions asked by the end users allow AI to determine the next level they wish to achieve. Then the users are directed to that relevant platform or content. Integrating AI within the platform features and other aspects connects your platform with the user’s needs. AI will help your platform and users connect according to their requirements, style, and pace.


Uniqueness in your online learning offering through video is very necessary. The presentation of courses and their format can be twisted, but the material has to remain the same. The feature of gamification can make your video-based learning platform different. The courses can be arranged in the layout of the interesting game. It makes the learning journey fun and motivates the users to be loyal to the course and the platform.

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Personalizing the Tutoring Session

One size does not fit all solutions, and this is not a secret anymore, specifically within the learning process. No matter what is the mode of learning, every individual has the abilities, pace, and style to grasp what they need. It is an era that supports personalizing the offering as per the requirement of the end user. With the help of AI technologies, tutoring or training sessions offered through the video learning platform can be customized as per the user’s choice.

Recommendation Engine

AI in eLearning has done wonders, and the feature of the recommendation engine is an example of the same. With the help of this feature, the data filtering tool uses ML algorithms for recommending the relevant courses as per the user. It functions on the principle that finds the pattern within the user’s behavior data and then starts suggesting video learning courses as per their interest.

More Targeted Marketing

Data is the oil that becomes the base for multiple processes within the business. There are times when companies collect the end users’ information and need help figuring out where to use it. So not just gathering but arranging the data as per their need is also very important in supporting your business growth. Once the data is sorted safely, it can help form a process promoting targeted marketing. AI can be useful in this aspect as it can help identify the data and its significance per the business’s need. With the help of AI, the data can be analyzed efficiently and deliver a better form of targeted marketing.


The benefit of video-based learning can be enjoyed completely by potential customers when the chatbot is integrated with the platform. It enhances customer services by using AI and ML. These AI-driven chatbots can add value to the video learning platform by answering queries and guiding the users toward the right process. Integrating chatbot with their platform increases the chances of achieving quality leads by guiding the potential customer quickly and accurately.

Easy Communication using NLP

These eLearning platforms supporting text or video-based courses are usually not dedicated to any one language. The target audience can be from any location, and the language of the courses has to fluctuate accordingly. Sometimes, the users wish to communicate regarding the courses in their preferred language. Well, this fluctuation can be made easy by adding the feature of easy communication, where NLP can help the system to process the language and make the interaction smooth and quick.

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Steps For Developing the Best AI-Powered Video-Based Learning Platform

There are numerous perks to developing the perfect AI-based video learning platform. It helps to create a brand identity and offer your business the desired growth. But in order to create the platform with perfection, you need to understand the basic yet significant steps for the same. Here we have highlighted some of the major steps that will help you develop the best video-based learning platform.

Identifying the Target Market

The first step demands you conduct market research and establishes who you want to cater your service to. Companies can hire eLearning software development services to design different learning systems targeting various audiences. But it is always helpful to consider major objectives, demographics, and learning preferences. So, researching beforehand and identifying the market of e-learning you wish to target through your platform is essential. Once you have a well-defined portrait for your online learning platform, strategizing for its marketing will become easier.

Developing a Vision for the Product

Once the market research is done, it is time to develop your vision of the AI-powered video-based learning platform you wish to build. It would be best to visualize the inclusions within your platforms, from their primary functions to the high-tech features you want in your product, which should be thought out well with specifications. The goal of your platform should be clear, and every query related to its objectives should be answered well. The clear answers to every how, if, and what will ensure your platform’s long-term success even before its development.

Creating the Business Strategy

The third step for developing the AI-based video learning platform is to create a business strategy. These strategies are significant to be planned as they help assist the budget and forecast future revenues. It might require you to hire a DevOps consulting service, as it will help you align the development and operation teams together to develop the best quality software in less time. By hiring this service, you will also get an idea about the budget required to increase the reliability of the software used within the platform. The strategies should be made considering the best as well as the worst market scenarios.

Choosing the Development Team

It is one of the most significant steps as it will help determine your AI-powered video learning platform’s reliability, functionalities, and quality. There are two options available when choosing the development team. Either you create an in-house team that requires you to establish multiple tools from scratch and will for sure expand your budget. It is recommended that you outsource your development to a staff augmentation company or hire the software development services from the best providers.  It will help save you from the time-consuming and expensive process of setting up an in-house team. It can be challenging to make sure that you have the right team but always base your decision after examining the third party on different parameters.

Working on the Development Strategy

After choosing the right team to develop your AI-based video learning platforms, it’s time to brainstorm the development strategies. This step requires you to discuss the technical specification with the developers you have hired. The project’s features need to be addressed precisely so that the final products as smoothly functioning. The development will be distributed in different stages, and each stage needs to be planned. You should control every aspect of this project before the process begins.

Creating the Minimum Viable Product

Creating a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) is very important for your project as it will help evaluate your final product’s quality. You and your team can scan through the list of features that would be best for your video-based learning platform and should be released first because of the competitive edge. It would be best to determine which features are a must and which can be added later. The technical team you have can help you design a technical diagram and UI/UX design, write code, and launch the platform.

Gathering Feedback and Revising Accordingly

It is crucial to develop the best AI-based video learning platform and improvise it with changing trends and your customer’s requirements; after launching your platform, you must receive feedback. You must know which feature is most liked by your users and how they utilize the platform by tracking the user activity tools. This data will be essential for you to improve your offerings in every aspect. Through the data gathered after feedback, you will be able to detect the issue, solve it and be attentive toward your users.



“Video has become one of the widely consumed media kinds on the internet,” one has to agree with this statement. There is no surprise that for the success of their eLearning business, companies are choosing video-based learning platforms. The market is anticipated to expand with time, and this is why multiple start-ups and SMEs are hiring developers to create the best platform offering courses in video format. Through this blog, we have offered you an insightful journey about different development aspects of an AI-based video learning platform.

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