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Leverage AI technology for K12 education to degree education to take learning to the next level.


Step up training with AI solutions for employee training and use predictive analytics for personalized learning.

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AI solution development for education startups and edtech to revolutionize traditional learning and training.

AI-Powered eLearning Solutions

Custom solutions that leverage artificial intelligence to redefine learning the digital way.

Know the Cost to Develop a AI eLearning Solution

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    Why Matellio for AI-Based eLearning Software Development?

    Core Expert

    We have some of the best AI developers with different expertise, ensuring a perfect solution for your institution.

    Decades of Experience

    Our experience in different technologies helps us implement and build the toughest and most complex solutions.

    Reliable Support

    Our technical support will always be available for your urgent requirements; all you need to do is give us a call.

    AI Development Tools and Frameworks

    We help you choose the best technology stack for you to achieve maximum performance with your solution.
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    Our Portfolio

    A few of our clients we previously worked with, along with their projects we worked upon.
    Lessonwise - featured-image

    An e-classroom web solution connecting students and tutors.

    tryengineering - -featured-image

    An eLearning Platform to Benefit both the Students and Teachers.

    Imagine-mobile-learning - featured-image
    Imagine Mobile Learning

    An eLearning website providing full-fledged human resource training.

    Other supported Technologies for eLearning

    Leverage other next-gen technologies to complement your AI-powered eLearning solution


    Leverage the best AR/VR development services to provide mixed reality experience for learners and enhance virtual learning experience. AR/VR along with AI can create a unique product that delivers next-gen learning.



    IoT systems working with a well-built AI eLearning solution can improve accessibility, ease of use and practical learning. With proper implementation by IoT experts, you can expect a improvement in learning and training quality.



    Blockchain is one of the next-gen technologies that promise stability and security. Integrating blockchain with an AI eLearning solution can ensure fraud-free certifications, that can be verified over blockchain records.



    Combining the machine learning capabilities, you can expect more from your AI eLearning solution. Leverage the datasets generated every second by machines and use them to improve the system continually.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. How to get started with AI development for my idea ?

    You can get started by simply filling in the form at the bottom of the page. We offer a free consultation on the submission of a qualifying RFP, wherein our experts will walk you through the entire project development cycle and answer your queries.

    2. How much does it cost to develop an AI powered eLearning solution?

    The cost to build an AI eLearning solution completely depends on the scale and the features you want in it. While a simpler system would take less time to develop and even lesser time for AI integration, building a complex one takes time and costs more. Rest assured, when you choose Matellio, we will allocate our experienced resources to ensure your project is built at the least possible cost.

    3. What AI Development Services can Matellio offer for my business?

    We can build a completely new system, integrate AI solutions with your legacy system, and migrate it to a newer system. We can help you with all your development needs regarding both AI and eLearning software solutions. We offer AI service integration for predictive analysis, computations, NLP, and more.


    4. Which problem can AI solve for the eLearning industry?

    AI can solve most management-related problems. But what AI can actually do is personalize learning for each student by analyzing their true capabilities. Using AI, eLearning can be reformed based on actual metrics and real-world factors rather than simply relying on examinations.


    5. Do you develop AI-powered apps?

    With the world moving towards portability, we have already developed many AI-powered apps. If you are planning to target mobile phones and tablets, our expert AI app developers will develop the perfect solution for you. You can choose as many features as you like, we will implement them in the app we make.

    6. Do you offer AI development services for other industries?

    Yes, we do. We offer AI services for almost every industry including retail, transportation, healthcare, and more. In case you have any questions on the possibilities for your particular industry and niche, you can reach out to us at any time and our consultants would be happy to help you.