What are the key features to develop an app like Beat JAM?

Updated on Dec 18th, 2023

What are the key features to develop an app like Beat JAM?

Music has been a part of today’s modern world. Music has been played, appreciated, refined, and praised for ages, ranging from rhythmically beating random things to the violin. Music development is becoming a lot broader in terms of how we can really compose it as technology advances. Rather than requiring a four-track recorder, microphone, and a few instruments earlier in the day, we can now just download software onto our phones or tablets and get started with just our fingertips.

The majority of the time, the process of making music entails a lot of hard work, dedication, and timekeeping. But, we have undoubtedly reached a new age in music app development, where anyone can produce hit music from the tablet or, if necessary, the phone. Besides, the music creation app helps you instantly record your song concept and start working on it.

As music maker apps help users create music on the go, today, many entrepreneurs and business owners are looking forward to music app development.

Do you also want to make such a music app like Beat Jam? Then, this blog is for you!

Beat Jam: Overview & what it offers!

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The beat jam app allows you to build the new tunes in seconds with this incredibly powerful beat creator tool that, in only a few taps, unleashes your inner hit-making producer, DJ mix-master, a great musician. Beat Jam app, which is seamlessly connected with your music collection, offers you easy access to all of the music on your device as well as millions of tracks. You can perform live, remix tracks, or use Automix mode to have beat jam automatically generate a smooth mix for you. Beat jam provides the easiest yet powerful DJ experience on a tablet, whether you are a professional DJ or a beginner who simply enjoys playing with music.  

From A to Z, and everything else in between, Beat Jam walks you through the whole process of making music. To begin, simply open the app and begin tapping the pad to make those wonderful noises. Beat JAM is a free music app for DJs, beatmakers, producers, and music fans of all levels, from beginners to experts. With the song mixer, you can make beats and produce music at any time and from anywhere.

As we’ve discussed, the overview of Beat Jam along with its offering. Now, it’s time to discuss,

What are the key features of developing an app like Beat Jam? 

Well, as you already know that there are many music maker apps available in the market. So, how will you differentiate your app from the rest?

Well, the answer is very simple “by including top-notch features.” You need to include the best possible features that you can add to your app during music creation app development.

Competent music app developers at Matellio have curated a list of key features that you can consider while custom music app development! So, have a look!

  • Share Track – This functionality has the potential to be a game-changer for your app, such as Beat Jam. Users may effortlessly share their tracks with their friends, listen to music from others, and participate in competitions. Users can even allow someone else to join their project and contribute their thoughts. But, they have to make sure their internet connection is stable, or they may experience latency issues.  
  • Record and Multitrack – This function allows you to record and multitrack tracks and immediately bounce them to the DAW. Just keep in mind that the noises use a lot of space on your phone. However, it’s still a good alternative for keyboardists and drummers, and it’s great for experimenting with sounds and song ideas wherever you are.  
  • Smart filters – Modulation, delay, and overdrive may all be used to truly deform your sound. You can use a line/mic input, a sampler, or perhaps even their built-in mixer to input sound. If you get the FX correct, you can effectively transform your voice to sound like something completely unrelated. The audio quality is acceptable at 16-bit, 44.1 kHz, and you may record up to 10MB of samples.  
  • Rhythm box – You may blend multiple sounds at the same time and instantaneously with a rhythm box. It includes a bundle containing a variety of musical genres as well as an 8-channel sequencer. This functionality is rounded off by a user-friendly interface that is ideal for all types of users.  
  • Multi-Track Editor – Multitrack editor is an easy solution for recording, editing, and remixing any melody to perfection. Use thousands of great sound packs to add creative effects, rhythms, loops, and vocals, and be influenced by sounds from EDM, dubstep, garage, hip-hop, house, rock, rap, and much more. 
  • Make music – Make lovely jams with that bassline, that high note, and also that loud note. You have to choose a jam pack in the style you desire, and the Algo-Rhythm functionality will work with you to produce exquisite beats and make you feel like a great beat composer extraordinaire. 
  • Smart edit – Do you think you’ve just created a modern classic that’ll blow people’s minds? Consider this feature when creating a music app that allows users to contribute a video to your hit. You may whip up a new clip with the music-video-maker tool, record it, then publish it to your favorite social networking networks to acquire a slew of new admirers and followers.  
  • Push notifications – Push notifications are better to transfer than emails and are less likely to end up in spam folders. This can be text, graphic, or a combined effect thereof to send to your users once their edited music is complete. Push notifications since they are focused specifically on the individual user and are more likely to be of interest to them. 
  • Feedback – Feedback is an excellent approach to encourage your users to tell you what they really want and to filter that information into what has to be added or removed, what can indeed be done with a little effort, and what should be ignored. By including a feedback option in the app, customers can tell you what they believe might improve it.  
  • Offline Mode – One of the must-have mobile app features is the ability to operate the application even when it is not connected to the internet. As a result, they may engage with and enjoy your application without having to worry about data constraints.  

So, these are few of the must-have features that you can include in your app, like Beat Jam. Besides these, there’re many more other features that you can incorporate into your custom music app. You can contact us to know more about music app development.

Back on the topic, apart from features and functionalities, there’s also a crucial component which you can’t miss in order to develop a competitive custom music app like Beat Jam. Let’s move forward and discuss the same!

Top tips for successful music app development!

Below, we’ve listed a few points that you need to take into consideration before starting the app development phase!

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1. Research what users want to use

Every effective mobile app satisfies a requirement. This demand could already exist, and individuals are looking for a solution or unaware of the need. So, either you meet the requirement, or you raise awareness about the need for your app like Beat Jam. So, once you begin to work on your mobile app, do some research on your target audience. Find out why users want to use your application or whether they will have a compelling cause to do so. Solve a serious problem in a unique way that no other application can. And you know what? It’s also known as the value proposition of your mobile music app.

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2. Choose the right platform

There are platforms to choose from, each with its own set of advantages and disadvantages when it comes to creating an app. Different people choose various mobile phones with various operating systems. There are iOS lovers. The Android has a sizable user base. These are all distinct platforms, and you cannot run an app designed for one another. If you want to target a broder audience, you’ll need to develop your mobile app for many platforms. Which platform do you think you should consider? It all depends on your user base and where users are most likely to begin using your app right away. Else, Cross-platform app development is the most effective solution to handle this problem.


3. Focus on app design

If you really want to provide your users with the greatest music app ever, a beautiful design is just as crucial as a brilliant idea. You should concentrate on creating an appealing user interface that will readily capture mobile clients’ undivided attention. It should also be simple to understand while yet being engaging.


4. Never overlook app’s testing

Some runtime failures and faults may occur simply because the setting on the mobile device where your app is being used is inadequate. Exceptions and mistakes that go undetected can cause a lot of problems and make it difficult for your mobile app to succeed. For starters, it’s possible that your app will be rejected by the app store. The App Store or Google Play team will reject your app if certain exceptions and facing problems while it is being examined. Two, if your app frequently fails without warning, your users will quit using it or lose interest in it. As a result, it’s a good idea to test your app like Beat Jam before releasing it.


5. Choose the right tech stack

Even though you can alter your design & development environment whenever you choose, switching technology later is frequently costly and time-consuming. The languages, server environment, databases, and interface design tools you use to create and develop your mobile app are your tech stack. It is, therefore, preferable to choose a good music app development company because they have experts who understand which technologies are best for creating music apps.


6. Try MVP development

The minimum viable product (MVP) development process evaluates your product in its most basic version. This method enables your team to test product assumptions and understand how your target market perceives and reacts to the app’s fundamental purpose. This method will help you allocate your budget in the most efficient way possible to meet your overall business goals. Building an MVP is an evolutionary process for identifying user demands and determining the appropriate product features to meet those needs over time. Building an MVP involves a rapid release schedule, which necessitates the use of seasoned, professional developers. Our team of music app developers has experience with a wide range of technologies and has collaborated on numerous projects. We’ve shown to be a very effective MVP development company from the first class to the final release. We provide more than simply development; we also provide design, UX, UI, and continuous support and maintenance.

Although music app development is not a new concept, if you want to get the most out of it, you ought to do your research before offering an app to your users. In this case, strictly following all of the tips mentioned earlier will result in more targeted results. Let’s move on to the next, which is,

How much will music creation app development cost?  

In short, it depends!

Well, the cost to develop a music app depends on the factors like:



The cost of developing a music app is primarily determined by its functionalities. The features were chosen have a direct impact on the future product’s usability, monetization, viral potential, marketing opportunities, and so on.

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Technologies used

An app can be used on a number of different devices. The cost of developing an app is determined by the music app development technologies you select.



Your app’s visual design offers it a distinct appearance and feel. When it comes to design, quality sometimes comes at a price, so emphasize the components if you’re on a budget.


Music app development team

The development team’s skills and experiences have an impact on the cost of music app development just as much as the app’s intended functionality. Your selections for the squad can either save or add a significant amount of money to the project. Cheaper isn’t always better; in fact, it can sometimes be quite the reverse. That’s why it is preferable to hire a trustworthy music app development company.

Well, these are the factors that affect music app development costs. If you want to quote your music app development project, you can contact us.


We hope you liked the information given in this blog on how to develop an app like Beat Jam which is very useful for you. Always remember that developing a music app is not easy; it requires a level of experience and skill to create an app that stands out from the rest. To develop your app, you have to hire the best music app developers, and if you are looking for the best music app developers, then contact us.

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