Why Should You Choose Node JS for Your Enterprise Application?

Updated on Mar 4th, 2024

Node Js Development

With the increasing need to boost business activities, the new trend is Node JS. It is spreading over the programming environment and has dramatically altered the lives of programmers and business executives. Enterprises or businesses in the present era undergo competitive battles where the secret to success is immediate action. Therefore, it’s no longer a choice to provide a fast and safe way to build applications; it’s a necessity. Decision-making also needs to be rapid as well as on target. And that’s where greatness and superiority are proved to be Node JS. 

According to the estimates, Node JS is currently the leading open-source platform, across over 15 million monthly downloads and more about a billion weekly downloads of packages. Large-scale enterprises and organizations are adopting Node JS and taking it to the market because of its range of benefits and enhanced performance. It enhances business performance, interactions between employees, data privacy, and many other factors.

What Do Numbers Say?

You won’t believe Paypal, Mozilla, Uber, eBay, everyone’s favorite Netflix, and plenty more are built on Node JS servers. Didn’t believe us? Have a look at the stats:

  • Over 43% of developers are using Node JS for enterprise apps.
  • Over 70% of companies globally believe that Node JS enhances the programmer’s efficiency.
  • More than 95% of Fortune 500 companies use Node JS.
  • Decreases development costs by over 58%.
  • As per the survey, startups and SMEs prefer Node JS more.


What is Node JS?

Node JS is an open-source and cross-platform framework that runs JS code beyond the web browser. In context to write command-line tools that run on server-side scripts, programmers use JS in Node JS. Node JS has been the most popular open-source platform worldwide, including over billions of downloads per week. It enables to development of stable and flexible applications smoothly. These APIs build web and Smartphone apps designed to consider the user’s comfort and convenience while navigating within the app. Moreover, the most significant advantage of Node JS is that it uses asynchronous programming. It introduces web apps creation to both client and server-side scripts under a standard programming language.

Features of Node JS

Node JS comes with numerous features; below, we’ve listed some of them.

  • Speed – Due to its composition on Google Chrome’s V8 JS engine, Node JS library code execution is surprisingly fast.
  • Event – Driven – Node JS library APIs are asynchronous and non-blocking in essence, which symbolizes that an API is never supposed to return data from Node JS dependent servers.
  • Zero Buffering – Application built using Node JS has zero buffering. The data is usually produced in sections.
  • Mandate – Node JS is approved by MIT, which grants authorization loads with just a few limitations.

Benefits of Node JS for Businesses

Not only did the development of Node JS boost the competitiveness of emerging enterprises, but it also made it possible for end-users to access and run apps. As a consequence, this has been shown to improve conversion ratios and their net sales. Since we live in a fiercely competitive environment where individuals are constantly in a hurry to accomplish targets, it becomes essential for enterprises to follow-up with customers’ changing demands globally. Programmers and businesses can’t afford to waste time developing apps with colossal complexity and many code lines. Node JS use JS as a primary language, and that’s why most developers prefer Node JS. Node JS not only decreases the coding mistakes but also satisfies the need for enterprises of better Time-to-market. The benefit of Node JS includes:

  • Bridges the gap between front-end development and backend development.
  • Best suitable with microservice frameworks that are massively used in enterprise-level apps.
  • Faster code execution compares to other languages.
  • Allows the developer to write in JS for client-side and server-side.
  • Quick to develop real-time applications.
  • It comes with NPM, which offers numerous tools and libraries to the developer.

Reasons to choose Node JS for enterprise apps

Node JS marks out for its simplicity in the effortless creation of scalable software. Node JS has an advantage over other programming languages due to better tooling and its dynamic graph of creating complex apps. What is it with Node JS, which makes it the perfect choice for building complex enterprise apps? If you’re looking for an explanation, then stick to the post.

Let’s move forward and explore the top 8 reasons to choose Node JS. So here we go:

  • NPM – Also called a Node Package Manager. Node JS has a wide range of modules and libraries from third parties that are accessible through NPM. It overpowers dependency and increases the functionality of the Node. Developers can even use the existing usable app modules with NPM and take you out of the headache of writing code for standard features and capabilities right from scratch. Just because of open-source, NPM is under review for many security issues. Nevertheless, to fix the problem, NPM also has an enterprise version that enables enterprises to run NPM systems within their firewall. This allows enterprises to assert control over the code and to understand potential coercion.
  • Micro-service Architecture – This method helps to develop the app into small parts progressively. Preferably, the enterprise application begins with MVP and creates apps that use micro-service architecture to compile small parts and provide robustness. It is possible to develop single-function modules to run independently with a best-designed UI. This strengthens the agile intelligence and DevOps within businesses. Most technology giants tend to create micro-services that are formed to develop a complete app. Essentially, Node JS helps you to build massively efficient and stable web apps on micro-services by breaking them down into small units.  
  • Lack of learning curveNode JS is JavaScript based. Owing to its easy availability, this reduces the learning curve. The syntax of the two is identical, and thus, developers could get the best of it quickly. For such a purpose, Java, as well as .NET developers, encourage Node JS. It is not much of a daunting task to learn Node JS and create scalable applications that operate on Windows and UNIX systems. Whether a novice or experienced one, Node JS is for anyone who wants to develop turboprop speed applications.
  • Easy to maintain and update – Since consumer expectations are continuously evolving, business apps need to change with the market to adapt to the demands. A critical component of this transition in such applications is User Interface. It’s always evolving how organizations want to view elements in the application or want to gather data. The application must be free of clutter, free of interruption, and, most significantly, technically proficient. Thus, it is essential to manage and upgrade the source code of enterprise applications periodically. This is convenient with Node JS, which can be installed efficiently and thoroughly.
  • CachingWith the open-source design of Node, developers could appreciate the advantages of caching single modules. So whenever anyone queries about the first module, it gets cached immediately and dynamically on the app memory. This helps developers load web pages more quickly, as the codes do not have to be re-executed. Thanks to their high response time, users could navigate more very promptly through these applications.
  • Large & Active Community A vast group of successful developers and programmers are hosted by Node JS, who aim to bring some new values to the current resources. A significant mark in the right direction is the Node JS base. Founded in 2015, the Linux Foundation and other major tech companies such as Paypal, Fidelity, and plenty more have funded the framework. The framework encourages developers to demonstrate incredible abilities and research. And that’s the only reason why experts speak heavily about Node JS for Enterprise Apps.
  • Cross-platform DevelopmentNode JS also enables cross-platform applications to be created using those technologies. The developer team will reuse the code from web applications to desktop applications that seem to be compatible with Windows, Linux, macOS. Node JS developers have had the authorizations to access Google Developer Tools and all related ones. And this provides them with the ability to debug efficiently. In reality, all the development tools related to Node JS are cross-platform. Therefore, it dismissed developers’ need to have a windows-based system to develop window applications and a Mac-based approach to build Mac OS compatible apps.
  • Restful APIsNode JS is one of the developer’s favorites for developing smart apps. And another aspect that sets it apart as the finest is its versatile Restful APIs. This would also be the most substantial reason for Node JS to be the best choice for the development of enterprise apps. Now without being sluggish, they can be attached to the backend. Moreover, it is easy to manage vast quantities of data without even winding up in a complicated situation. This essentially encourages the development of applications on a wide scale.



Node JS is an innovative technology, and with its critical offerings of tremendous advantages like mentioned above, it is the perfect framework for enterprise application development and growth. The increase in Node JS awareness represents the rising worldwide demand for high-performance enterprise applications. So if you are looking to build a high-end enterprise application, connect with a leading Node JS Development Company like us. We hold expertise in developing enterprise applications, which stands out from the rest. Also if you have an existing enterprise application and you require additional hand to Fastrack development, you can hire dedicated Node.JS developers and augment then into your existing team.

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