How to Develop AI Powered LMS Like Absorb LMS?

Updated on Dec 18th, 2023


Learning Management System (LMS) has been used worldwide to empower the learning and development departments of various industries by offering a centralized management for kind of learning resources. 

It is one of the modern solutions which is user friendly, and is not just restricted to the educational institutions but has spread to other niches such as telecommunications associated with corporations, banks and much more. The eLearning development company laced with artificial intelligence can easily develop the AI-driven LMS. Empowering the LMS by merging AI-driven technologies will offer several advantages to education. The AI-based LMS can improve the online learning system by adding automation to enhance the lesson presentation, courses, lectures, and tests. 

  • AI-based LMS is needed in this era as it has various benefits, such as making learning and training easy.   
  • Adding Features like voice recognition, attendance management, and others can help you achieve the best LMS.  
  • By adding customized options and making language selection easy, the LMS is being enhanced by AI.  
  • From identifying your requirement to launch the product, there are a few vital steps that you need to follow to have the best AI-powered LMS. 

Benefits of Having AI-Powered LMS for your Business 

By adapting the functional AI-based Learning Management System, businesses can solve various issues and bag the benefits such as: 

  • It reduces the time of explaining any vital information needed as the data itself is presented in a way that is clear enough to be understood.  
  •  AI-powered LMS can establish a better version of the processes of learning management. The trainers do not have to monitor the formal tasks as AI-based LMS records the time spent on the tasks.    
  • With the AI-driven LMS it is possible to train the employees anywhere as it removes the geographical limitations. It also helps in extending the business on global platform. 
  • An AI-driven LMS can offer a personalized experience of learning new skills to every individual employee. The personalized approach helps the employees to grab the most out of their online training. 
  • Another best benefit of AI-powered LMS is the ability to onboard the employees. With the help of this technology, the HRs can easily keep track of all the employees participating in different training along with their progress. 

These show that AI in LMS has positively upgraded productivity in various fields. LMS, when merged with features of AI, can facilitate a forward-thinking approach for eLearning businesses. If you look forward to growing your business by developing LMS powered by AI, this blog will make your journey seamless.  

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Are-You-Looking-for-Developing-AI-Powered-LMSWhat Does Absorb LMS Do?

Absorb LMS is a cloud-based learning management system (LMS) built to inspire learning and fuel up your business. It has AI-powered LMS features helping organizations to grow by offering the best customer services and is flexible enough for being used by large corporations and mid-sized businesses. So, it will not be wrong to say that Absorb LMS has reached this position by making wise customization of its features using AI.   

Won’t it be wonderful to have an LMS for your organization just like Absorb LMS to support your business growth? We have listed some of the top features you must consider if you want the desired result.   

Features of AI-Powered LMS Resembling the Quality of Absorb LMS

We have established the fact that the success of Absorb LMS can be credited to the features it is laced with. These features are available due to the right use of AI customization. Here scroll through the list of features you must consider while developing the LMS to anticipate a result similar to Absorb LMS. 

Assessment promoting learners’ engagement 

It is important to monitor the level of learners’ engagement. Only then can the issues they face within the training courses be pointed out and worked upon. The bad quality educational material or any challenges faced by the tutors can also be highlighted when the learners are assessed based on their ongoing training. AI software development company has come up with solutions that can easily be implemented to simplify the traditional methods used for the training and development process. With the integration of such software within the LMS, deep learning algorithms can calculate the learner’s engagement based on their interaction history.  

Offers Intelligent Monitoring and Reporting 

The AI-based learning platform provides users with an efficient and stable path of monitoring and reporting that can effectively track the learner’s progress. With in-depth data shown within the reporting, the idea about the learner’s strengths and weaknesses can be tracked, which will help them to improve for the better. Other vital requirements are stats showcasing the correct answers, completion rates, and module analysis to improve the course material offered. These understandings can help enhance the workforce and make them productive to contribute to the organization’s success. The AI-powered LMS applications offer customized push notification that permits the managers to bridge the gaps, and the stats required can also be easily calculated and informed.  

Offers interactive voice recognition 

Another significant feature is voice assistance, which is vital for learning new languages. It also helps users to get essential information without facing any complicated processes. Here, AI-powered LMS does wonders as it can read the texts aloud, recognize the student’s speech, and then respond to their queries. This function can be performed as AI can smoothly merge with NLP, voice generation, and speech recognition.   

Provides personalized training sessions 

On the other hand, the efficiency of any educational process is completed when it is adjusted per the demand of the certain learner. The traditional LMS also does offer a few adjustments while choosing the courses for training. But with AI, the entire process becomes more personalized and flexible. With AI, customized training sessions can be planned after gaining insight into the learners’ performance, qualifications, and achievements.   

Accuracy with attendance management 

Keeping track of the student’s attendance at the remote lectures can be hectic as it demands too much effort to manage every step and no doubt takes time. The AI-powered LMS can be the best choice you make as it offers algorithms for image recognition. The student photos can be collected as a dataset, and the AI can easily detect the students via video feed. Not just recognizes but can calculate attendance, saving time and effort.   

How AI Enhances LMS?  

The features that AI adds within the LMS have been mentioned earlier. The traditional LMS components cannot be used for the trending requirements of this era. AI empowering LMS is the best combination required to beat the challenges against all odds. Let us explore the ways through which AI can improve LMS.  

Solve the language-related issue 

Natural Language Processing is a subfield that AI has and focuses on assuring that the company understands and processes the human language. Sometimes, the users have to choose the training program language and desire the tutors and the content to be in their native language.  

Offer real-time assistance to the employees 

The entire learning process can smoothen down efficiently as AI can act as the virtual tutor, answering the questions required. There are times when the users cannot feel like asking questions to the tutors out of fear of looking stupid or any other insecurities. But users must understand every part of the training and get clarity with their doubts. When AI-powered LMS is used, it solves this issue, and the user can clear their doubts by looking up the right answers by asking AI.  

Speed And Accuracy 

AI has the power to behave as a catalyst and speed up the learning process by making it simpler and more efficient. Adding automation offers a perk to the employees and gives them a chance to learn and work fast-paced and work as per the dynamic of the business environment. It enriches the learning experience and helps them learn new skills accurately. 


It is a general practice that corporate training has a common training format that is distributed among the learners. But the AI-powered LMS can offer the opportunity to personalize the learning experience by providing the training content as per the requirement of individual employees. The AI-driven LMS tools help in identifying the proficiency level of the individual.

Enhance Gamification 

With the help of AI, we can enhance the features of gamification tools used within the learning platform. Here artificial intelligence plays a vital role in building a smart design and developing game features that can help push the learning activity. It helps create a sense of entertainment and improves engagement towards the lessons, ultimately increasing retention rates. 

How to develop an AI-powered LMS?

Now it’s time to scroll through the significant steps that is taken by AI software development company for developing the best LMS empowered by artificial intelligence.   

Specify the requirements 

The first step to laying the foundation of your AI-powered LMS is to recognize your requirements. The solution you wish to create should include every specific demand you will need to build the best LMS.  

Team Selection 

One crucial step is choosing the team for your project. You can select the in-house team setup, but it will require you to have a heavy budget. On the other hand, choosing any staff augmentation company for your project can be pocket-friendly and a wise decision.     


Minimum Viable Product (MVP) is the next step you need to focus on. MVP is a product that has enough features that are good to attract customers who are early adopters. MVP is essential as it helps in enhancing the product to a better version of itself.


Now it’s time to test your AI-powered LMS against every requirement. This testing is a process of verifying and evaluating the software application or the product based on the purpose it was designed for. Testing will give you the assurance that your system is free of bugs and also helps in enhancing performance.  


Once your AI-driven LMS passes the testing stage, it is ready to be launched and used. But after launching the product or application, it is crucial to keep track of the feedback received after its use and work on its upgradation.   


Wrapping Up  

AI-powered LMS has become a vital element supporting companies’ success by offering them the chance to grow smartly through various pieces of training. It provides a system that helps the employees to learn and polish their skills internally, increasing the employee retention rate. It is clear why an LMS must have the twist of AI; chatbots and ML data analysis are some of the common yet smart ways of utilizing AI in an LMS. Companies who wish to develop a healthy, growth-oriented environment for their employees by keeping it trending with technologies choose the artificial intelligence-integrated LMS.


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