All You Need To Know About The Advantages Of Java Development

Updated on Jan 27th, 2023

java development advantages

Almost three decades after the inception of internet, the languages which used to be the support system for desktop application has now become the most reliable platform for the web application. The internet first started with just sharing of file whereas later on, it spread its arms over the distributed environment. The distributed environment puts multiple OS over the single environment and makes them communicated easily with no bridges in between. This required a reliable platform which can make the applications and software compatible to a different OS. This capability made Java, one of the most used and most powerful languages in creating websites and app. It offers web developers the possibility of creating dynamic websites and application via Servlets and JSPs (Java server pages provide support to the web applications). With the rise in the demand of web developers, there has been significant growth in the demand for Java development companies. The reason being that the robust language has imparted the great development in the software industry and has now its stronghold over the market.

In this article, we will look into the advantages of Java web development, which pushed the industry to grow with the secure Android environment along with the parallel growth in the web application industry.

How does Java Web application work?

Why Java web developers are among the most talented resource of IT and why Java web developers are in high demand all over the world. All story lies behind how Java works. Java is the cross platform environment which is clearly defined and available with the third party support and development. What disappointed at first was the booting of java app which is a bit slower than the native app but still as the app starts, it is no less. Alongside, caching, JIT compilers and other features make it more powerful.

Working mechanisms: 

Web apps are the distributed applications that are made to run over the different OS and communicate through the network. These apps came as the solution for a load of installing and updating the app over the client nodes. These apps can be as simple as the general application form or as complicated as the enterprise application, which can use JEE (Java Enterprise Edition), JSE (Java Standard Edition), JSP (Java Server Pages), and etc.

Tools used for Java Web development:

1: Java Servlet API: These are the codes usually run behind the server for the crucial calculative tasks which are otherwise not possible with the client-side scripts.

2: JSP: It is one of the most admired ways of developing the dynamic web pages with the use of Snippets (<% …….%>) which allows writing the code between the HTML tags. JSP contains the static data which is expressed in text format. As the name suggests, Java server pages let the script run on the server and used for dynamic web page construction.

3: Java server page standard tag library:  It contains the conditional tag for accessing the database, controlling the flow and managing XML documents and common functions.

4: Java Server Face: For building web applications, JSF is used to form UI.

5: Java message service: It forms a powerful tool through the combination of Java with enterprise messaging. It solves enterprise computing issues. Alongside, Java Mail API for mailing system, Java Beans for encapsulation, XML processor and J2EE connection architecture, Java Authentication services, SOAP API, XML registries and JTA are used depending upon the level of application.  

At the moment web application development is one of the most in-demand projects in the market with almost every enterprise looking to establish their companies on the web. As a result of this professional with the knowledge in web developing are also seeking jobs at development companies, which is the platform based upon Java. Most web development companies are using Java web application for developing and creating websites and application because the language offers quite a few advantages to the developers.


Advantages of Java Web Application

There are several reasons that make web applications popular among the developers as well as clients. Web applications being apps run in a browser and the ubiquitous nature of a browser makes the application popular. The feature also allows you to run the application on any platform without downloading it into machines thus making it easier to maintain. Apart from these, there are several other advantages of Java web application. Here are the top 10:

1: Simplicity: Java as a language was created bearing in mind that it should be easy to learn, write, compile, debug, and use compared to other programming languages.  Since Java uses automatic memory allocation it is simpler to use than C++.

2: Object-Oriented Programming: This feature allows a developer to create modular programs as well as codes that can be reused. Hence the system can be flexible as well as extensible Object Oriented programming allows you to interact between two objects after you create classes and then within it create objects.

3: Cross Platform: Due to JVM the runtime environment of Java allows it to translate code into machine code that is compatible with the native operating system (OS). So irrespective of whether the OS is iOS, Windows, or Linux the program developed with Java Web application can run in any OS. This makes it versatile while having better functionality. Thus making it a choice of many development companies.

4: User Experience: One of the main reasons that enterprises hire Java developers is because the application developed with Java web application has one of the best user experiences (UX). It is interesting to note because of the brilliant UX Java web application is used by many Android apps.

5: Organized: Most of the apps developed with Java web application are created based on open source, which enables the developer to create different apps in a planned way. With the network platform well organized, the process of creating an application with this becomes hassle-free.

6: Multilingual Support:Java application offers multilingual support thereby people from different region and language can connect with it. Different language accessibility allows many developers to use it, as a result, many android app development companies use Java web application.

7: Security: Another factor that makes Java web application in demand among the application developers is because of its security feature. Java apps automatically have security in it and that too at all levels, thus ensuring it is protected from theft and other illegal activities.

8: Rapid Development Tools: Java has opensource development tools, which has made the language a powerful option for developers. Due to the opensource tool coding is simpler and creating an app with it is faster. Thus ensuring time to market is less.

9: Community Support: Java has one of the strongest and extensive communities that provide support all the time. Irrespective of the query, Java web application can depend on the community to get a reply. The community also updates news, features, developments, and any information related to Java.

10: Easy to find: Compared to C-based languages Java is easy to learn hence the chances of finding a Java developer is higher. Typically any developer who knows C-based language has knowledge if Java. Also, the open source libraries make it easier for developers to work on Java. The libraries are well matured and have industrial support. Along, with the fact that it is free thus making it cost effective.

The popularity of Java web application can be gauged from the fact that many e-commerce apps and websites use it along with banking institutions.

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