Amazon Connect Migration: A Step-by-Step Guide

Updated on Jul 8th, 2024

Amazon Connect Migration A Step-by-Step Guide

In today’s rapidly evolving business landscape, customer service excellence can make or break your company’s reputation. Traditional contact centers often struggle with issues such as scalability, high operational costs, and limited integration capabilities, which can hinder your ability to provide top-notch customer experiences. That’s exactly where AWS Connect comes into play! 

Companies across the globe are opting for Amazon Connect migration for better security, scalability, cost reductions, and more.  

In fact, according to Synergy Research Group, AWS Connect holds the highest YoY growth rate in the cloud contact center market, boasting a 31% customer count increase. Intrigued? 

So, when your competitors are leveraging Amazon Connect migration services, why should you lag? In this guide, you can discover a step-by-step process for migrating to AWS Connect. We will also discuss the benefits of Amazon Connect migration along with a detailed comparison between Amazon Direct Connect and its other competitors.  

  • AWS Connect is a cloud-based contact center service that offers scalability, cost-efficiency, and advanced features like AI-powered chatbots. 
  • Amazon Connect migration can improve customer experience, boost agent productivity, and reduce costs. 
  • This blog post outlines a step-by-step guide for Amazon Connect migration, including choosing a cloud migration services provider and training your team. 
  • Matellio is a cloud consulting services company that offers expertise and support throughout the AWS Connect migration process. 
  • Migrating to AWS Connect with Matellio can ensure a smooth transition and help you leverage the full potential of this powerful contact center solution. 

Why Opt for Amazon Connect Migration? 

Imagine a cloud contact center that seamlessly integrates with your existing infrastructure, scales effortlessly to meet demand fluctuations, and empowers agents to resolve customer issues quickly. That’s the magic of AWS Connect. And that’s not all! Amazon Connect migration can offer you perks beyond just scalability and easy integrations!  

Perks of Migrating to AWS Connect 

Here are some compelling reasons to switch to AWS Connect: 

Improved Customer ExperienceImproved Customer Experience 

AWS Connect personalizes interactions through self-service options like chatbots and interactive voice responses (IVRs). This reduces wait times, increases customer satisfaction, and frees up agents for complex inquiries. 

Enhanced Agent ProductivityEnhanced Agent Productivity 

Forget clunky, on-premises systems. AWS Connect offers a user-friendly interface with real-time data and integrated workflows, allowing agents to focus on what matters most – resolving customer issues efficiently. 

Reduced CostsReduced Costs 

Eliminate the hefty upfront investments associated with traditional contact centers. Amazon Connect migration offers a pay-as-you-go model, scaling based on your specific needs. This translates to significant cost savings for your organization. 

Unmatched Scalability Unmatched Scalability 

Whether you experience seasonal spikes or unexpected surges in demand, AWS Connect effortlessly scales to accommodate your needs. You’ll never be caught unprepared for a customer influx. 

Security and ReliabilitySecurity and Reliability 

AWS boasts a world-class, secure infrastructure. AWS Connect leverages this foundation to deliver robust security features and unparalleled uptime, ensuring your contact center operations run smoothly 24/7. 

Cloud IntegrationSeamless Cloud Integration 

AWS Connect integrates seamlessly with other AWS services like Amazon Lex (AI chatbot) and Amazon Transcribe (speech-to-text conversion), unlocking a world of automation and intelligent customer experience (CX) capabilities. 

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    The Competitive Advantage of Amazon Connect Migration 

    While numerous contact center solutions exist, AWS Connect stands out due to its unique blend of features and benefits. Here’s a table comparing it to some popular alternatives: 


    Here’s a brief breakdown of the key differences:


    AWS Connect offers a clear advantage with its on-demand, pay-as-you-go model. Both Genesys Cloud CX and Five9 require upfront investments and scale based on usage, which can be less flexible for businesses with fluctuating call volumes. 

    Cloud Integration 

    As a native AWS service, AWS Connect seamlessly integrates with other AWS offerings, unlocking a vast ecosystem of cloud-based tools and functionalities. While both competitors offer robust cloud integration capabilities, they may require additional configuration compared to AWS Connect. 

    Cost Efficiency 

    All three solutions offer flexible pricing models. However, Amazon Connect migration allows you to leverage a pay-as-you-go approach for more granular cost control, potentially leading to significant savings for businesses with variable call volumes. 

    Security and Reliability 

    All three competitors prioritize security, with industry-leading certifications and uptime guarantees. However, Amazon Connect boasts a world-class, proven infrastructure, which gives AWS Connect an edge in reliability. 


    While all three platforms offer customization options, AWS Connect stands out with its support for custom functionalities using services like AWS Lambda. This allows for highly tailored solutions specific to your business needs. 

    Customer Satisfaction 

    While all three provide solutions for improving CX, Amazon Connect migration helps you place a strong emphasis on self-service options like chatbots and IVRs, which can significantly improve customer satisfaction by reducing wait times and offering convenient resolution options. 

    This table provides a clearer picture of how AWS Connect stacks up against its main competitors. Remember, the best solution for your company will depend on your specific needs and priorities. You can share your requirements with our cloud services experts to know the best platform for your business needs! 

    Beyond Migration: Digital Transformation with AWS Connect 

    Amazon Connect migration is just the first step. This powerful cloud platform unlocks a world of possibilities for digital transformation within your contact center.  

    Here are some exciting ways to leverage AWS Connect for your business: 

    AI-powered Chatbots 

    Implement Amazon Lex chatbots to handle routine inquiries and deflect simple issues, freeing up agents for complex interactions. 

    Speech Analytics 

    Utilize Amazon Transcribe to analyze customer conversations and identify trends in sentiment, product feedback, and areas for improvement. 

    Real-time Reporting and Analytics 

    Gain valuable insights into contact center performance with real-time dashboards and reports. Make data-driven decisions to optimize agent scheduling, resource allocation, and customer satisfaction initiatives. 

    Omnichannel Customer Engagement 

    Extend your reach beyond traditional voice channels. AWS Connect seamlessly integrates with chat, email, and social media, allowing customers to connect with your contact center on their preferred platform. 

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      Step-by-Step Guide for Amazon Connect Migration 

      Migrating to AWS Connect might seem daunting, but by following a well-defined process and partnering with a cloud migration services company, you can easily handle this challenging task. That’s where Matellio steps in!  

      As your trusted cloud services partner, we can help you with Amazon Connect migration. Let’s break the process down into manageable steps: 

      step 1Assess Your Current Contact Center Environment

      Before initiating the Amazon Connect migration process, conduct a thorough assessment of your current contact center environment. This includes: 

      • Evaluating Infrastructure: Examine your current hardware, software, and network capabilities. 
      • Identifying Pain Points: Look for issues such as high operational costs, limited scalability, and integration challenges. 
      • Determining Requirements: Define what you need from your new AWS Connect setup, including specific features and integrations. 

      This assessment will help you understand the scope of the migration and identify any potential challenges. 

      step 2Define Your Objectives

      Clearly defining your Amazon Connect migration objectives is essential for a successful transition. Consider the following goals: 

      • Cost Reduction: Lower operational and infrastructure costs with AWS Connect’s pay-as-you-go model. 
      • Scalability Improvement: Ensure your contact center can scale up or down based on demand without significant capital investment. 
      • Enhanced Customer Experience: Utilize advanced features like AI-driven analytics and machine learning to provide superior customer service. 
      • Integration Capabilities: Seamlessly integrate AWS Connect with your existing systems and third-party applications. 

      Having well-defined goals will guide your migration strategy and ensure your new setup meets your business needs.

      step 3Choose a Trusted Cloud Migration Services Provider

      Selecting a reliable cloud migration services provider is a critical step in the Amazon Connect migration process. Look for a provider with: 

      • Proven Expertise: Experience in AWS Connect migrations and a strong track record. 
      • Comprehensive Support: Ability to offer end-to-end support throughout the migration process. 
      • Customization Options: Willingness to tailor solutions to your specific business needs. 

      A trusted provider will help you navigate the complexities of migration and ensure a smooth transition.

      step 4Plan Your Migration Strategy

      Developing a comprehensive migration strategy involves several key steps: 

      • Identify Key Stakeholders: Engage all relevant stakeholders, including IT, customer service, and finance teams, to ensure alignment and support throughout the migration process. 
      • Create a Timeline: Establish a realistic timeline that includes key milestones and deadlines to keep the migration on track. 
      • Risk Management: Identify potential risks and develop mitigation strategies to address them. This might include contingency plans for data migration issues or integration challenges.

      step 5Prepare Your Data

      Data preparation is a critical step in the Amazon Connect migration process. Ensure that all relevant data, including customer records, call logs, and performance metrics, is backed up and readily accessible. Steps to take include: 

      • Data Backup: Securely back up all data to prevent loss during the migration. 
      • Data Cleansing: Remove duplicates and correct errors to ensure data accuracy. 
      • Data Normalization: Format data to ensure compatibility with AWS Connect. 

      Proper data preparation will help avoid data loss and ensure a smooth transition.

      step 6Configure AWS Connect

      Setting up AWS Connect involves several key configurations: 

      • Amazon Connect Instance: Create and configure your Amazon Connect instance, including setting up users, roles, and permissions. 
      • Contact Flows: Design and implement contact flows to manage customer interactions efficiently. Tailor these flows to meet your business needs and improve customer experience. 
      • Integrations: Integrate AWS Connect with other AWS services and third-party applications to create a seamless workflow. Proper integration ensures that your contact center can leverage the full power of AWS Connect and other tools you use.

      step 7Test and Validate

      Thorough testing and validation are essential to ensure that your AWS Connect setup functions are as expected. Conduct comprehensive tests to validate call flows, integrations, and data accuracy. This phase should also include user acceptance testing to gather feedback and make necessary adjustments. Steps to consider: 

      • Functional Testing: Ensure all features and integrations work as intended. 
      • Load Testing: Verify that the system can handle expected call volumes. 
      • User Acceptance Testing (UAT): Gather feedback from actual users to identify any issues or areas for improvement. 

      Testing will help you identify and resolve any issues before going live.

      step 8Train Your Team

      Training your team is crucial for a smooth transition to AWS Connect. Provide comprehensive training sessions to ensure that your staff is familiar with the new system and its features. Consider: 

      • Role-Specific Training: Tailor training to different roles, such as agents, supervisors, and administrators. 
      • Hands-On Practice: Allow staff to practice using the system in a controlled environment. 
      • Continuous Support: Provide ongoing support and resources for staff to reference as needed. 

      A well-trained team is essential for maximizing the benefits of AWS Connect. 

      step 9Go Live and Monitor

      Once your AWS Connect setup is fully configured and tested, you can proceed with the go-live phase. Monitor the system closely during the initial phase to identify and address any issues promptly. Continuous monitoring and optimization will help ensure the long-term success of your AWS Connect implementation. Steps to take: 

      • Real-Time Monitoring: Use AWS Connect’s monitoring tools to track performance and identify issues. 
      • Feedback Loop: Continuously gather feedback from users to make necessary adjustments. 
      • Optimization: Regularly review and optimize contact flows and system configurations to ensure peak performance. 

      By following these detailed steps and partnering with a trusted cloud consulting services company, you can ensure a smooth migration to AWS Connect and unlock the full potential of this powerful contact center solution.  

      That’s where Matellio comes in! 

      Why Matellio for Your Amazon Connect Migration? 

      Amazon Connect migrating is a significant undertaking, but it doesn’t have to be a solitary journey. Matellio, your trusted digital transformation services, offers the expertise and resources to guide you through every step of the process, ensuring a smooth and successful transition.  

      Perks of Choosing Matellio for Migrating to AWS Connect 

      Here’s why Matellio is the ideal partner for your Amazon Connect migration:  

      Proven Track Record 

      We possess a wealth of experience in cloud migration and cloud integration servcies, with a proven track record of successful AWS Connect deployments for businesses of all sizes. Our team stays up-to-date on the latest AWS technologies and best practices, ensuring your migration leverages the most efficient and effective strategies. 

      Comprehensive Support 

      We offer end-to-end support throughout the entire migration process. From initial assessment and planning to configuration, testing, and go-live, our team is by your side to address any questions or concerns you may have. 

      Tailored Solutions 

      We understand that every business has unique needs. Our approach is not one-size-fits-all. We work closely with you to understand your specific requirements and develop a customized migration strategy that aligns with your goals and budget. 

      Seamless Integration 

      Our team has extensive experience integrating AWS Connect with various custom enterprise solutions, including CRM systems, ticketing platforms, and other relevant applications. We ensure a seamless integration process, allowing your contact center to operate with maximum efficiency. 

      Ongoing Optimization 

      Our commitment to your success doesn’t end with the go-live phase. We offer ongoing optimization services to continuously monitor and fine-tune your AWS Connect setup, ensuring it delivers optimal performance and evolves alongside your business needs. 

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        Conclusion: Embrace the Future with AWS Connect 

        Migrating to AWS Connect is a forward-thinking decision that empowers you to deliver exceptional customer experiences. By leveraging the power of the cloud, you gain unmatched scalability, cost optimization, and access to cutting-edge features like AI-powered chatbots and real-time analytics. 

        Don’t wait to embrace the future of customer service! Contact us today for a free consultation and unlock the transformative potential of AWS Connect for your business. We’ll guide you through every step of the Amazon Connect migration process and help you establish a world-class contact center operation built for the digital age. 


        AWS Connect is a scalable and feature-rich solution that caters to businesses of all sizes. It's ideal if you're looking for a cost-effective way to improve customer service, boost agent productivity, and gain access to advanced features like AI-powered chatbots and real-time analytics. 

        Matellio offers a proven track record in Amazon Connect migrations, along with end-to-end support, customized solutions, seamless integration expertise, and ongoing optimization services. We ensure a smooth transition and help you leverage the full potential of AWS Connect. 

        The cost of Amazon Connect migration depends on the complexity of your current setup, the features you require, and the amount of data to be transferred. Matellio offers flexible engagement models to fit your budget. We can provide a free consultation to assess your needs and estimate the migration cost. 

        AWS boasts a world-class security infrastructure. Matellio follows industry best practices for secure data migration and adheres to strict compliance standards. 

        The migration timeline varies depending on your specific setup. However, Matellio's structured approach ensures an efficient process. We'll work closely with you to define a realistic timeline based on your needs. 

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