How Does Cloud Based Development Solutions Lead to Advance Benefits for the Real-Estate Industry?

Updated on Mar 14th, 2024


Modern technological advancements have enabled businesses all around the world to find more flexible ways to manage their operations. One such improvement is adopting cloud-based software solutions, which allows businesses to operate from anywhere.

Today, every industry, including real estate, has been transformed by cloud computing. Many real estate businesses have distinguished themselves from the rest by leveraging cloud-based software and platforms, proving the cloud’s unrivaled strength and the limitless scope of business possibilities.

But, how can realtors benefit from real estate software solutions? How cloud-based real estate software is changing the real estate industry?

  • The global cloud computing market is estimated to increase at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 16.3 percent, from USD 445.3 billion in 2021 to USD 947.3 billion in 2026.
  • Cloud-based real estate management software ensures Higher security, scalability, secured data storage, data recovery, lesser compliance concerns, lowers unnecessary costs, business continuity.

Let’s start with,

What is Cloud-Based Software Solutions? 

The use of off-site technology to assist computers in storing, managing, processing, and communicating information is known as cloud computing. Instead of being hosted on your desktop or other local storage, these off-site solutions are hosted in the cloud (or indeed the internet).

But how can cloud-based real estate management software be used in the real estate industry? Let’s check,

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Cloud-Based Software in the Real Estate Industry!

Technology has become increasingly important in the real estate sector. However, the cost of hiring personnel, maintaining servers, and purchasing equipment may make having an in-house infrastructure prohibitive. However, moving to the real estate cloud software can help you save money. The service provider’s cloud infrastructure is available on a pay-as-you-go basis.

The cloud-based real estate management software was explicitly created to manage properties. It makes it easier for those who need to keep track of leases, tenants, and maintenance responsibilities. Rather than trying to execute this in multiple software solutions, it gives a single location where it could all be done. Marketing, property management, and customer relations can benefit from cloud services. All user information can be accessed from anywhere if stored in the cloud. Data mining shared storage, and remote access are just a few of the features that help real estate agents save money while simultaneously improving their business and making their lives easier.

Another function of cloud-based real estate management software is financial management. To stay on top of tenant payments, you’ll need to conduct things like reconciling rent. The real estate software solutions, in essence, allow individuals to streamline their activities. Matellio, for example, provides cloud-based real estate management software development services at the best prices.


Besides, cloud-based real estate management software also ensures: 

  • Higher security 
  • Scalability 
  • Secured data storage 
  • Data recovery 
  • Lesser compliance concerns
  • Lowers unnecessary costs
  • Business continuity 

Moving ahead, let’s talk about,

How Cloud-Based Real Estate Software is Changing the Real Estate Industry?  

The following benefits can adequately describe the potential of cloud-based real estate software and what it can offer: 


1. Enhances Customer Experience

By moving to the cloud, you can give all of the information and guidance that buyers and sellers require without them having to come to your location. There are an increasing number of cloud-based services available to assist estate agents in providing excellent customer service. Financial calculators, virtual tours, online form completion and submission, customer care chatbots, omnichannel messaging, and many other features you can include in your custom cloud-based real estate management software. These give excellent customer service by making the process of buying and selling real estate easier, more convenient, less stressful, and more enjoyable.  

2. Enables Paperless Documentation

The real estate businesses will be acutely aware of the difficulties associated with hardcopy documents. By storing documents in cloud-based real estate management software, you can save money on storage, improve document availability, and expedite workflows. Cloud-based real estate management software can enhance connections between your company and clients by ensuring that essential information is communicated quickly without the added inconvenience of traditional document transfers.

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3. Enables Remote Accessibility

You can browse your files through the cloud from anywhere and on just about any device, as well as having internet connectivity. This will surely help you in the real estate industry when it comes time to show a client your prior work or potential projects as regards. You will indeed have complete access to all data sources. Employees can also be more productive by using the cloud-based real estate software to avoid any delays that may arise when actual meetings are not possible due to the outbreak. Having access to the cloud in these situations allows you to communicate with clients in real-time.  

4. It comes with Centralized Documentation

The centralization of documents is another advantage of real estate management software solutions. The deal management software solution keeps everything in one place, so you and your team don’t have to sift through a chaotic system to find the information they need. When dealing with lease agreements, contracts, and other confidential documents and files, this is important. As a consequence, you’ll be able to close agreements faster, meet regulatory deadlines on time, and win your clients’ credibility. Another benefit of centralizing access to all of your paperwork is that it safeguards your files from being lost or misplaced, which means you can avoid conflicts, issues, and delays caused by missing data.


5. Data Backups 

Traditional real estate management software solutions receive few software updates, and several have stopped customer support. Furthermore, if your computer’s hard drives become corrupted for any reason, such software is vulnerable to irreversible data loss. Back-ups and recovery plans are usually in place with cloud-based real estate software, so you can continue working with assurance. Because the power went off and your computer failed, your business didn’t come to a standstill. Furthermore, even if the original device is lost or stolen, data is still secured and accessible by you only.

6. Scalability 

Real estate software solutions provide a lot of ease and a sense of security. If you have internet access, you can get the information and services you need from anywhere, whether you’re on a mobile device, a laptop, or a desktop. You can execute activities and respond to consumer requests more rapidly if you have better access to critical information. Mobility is a massive benefit for realtors who are always moving from one area to the next. Cloud-based real estate software can also evolve with you as your real estate business expands. Regular software upgrades with new features and improved user experiences are common for this kind of software. You may also scale up your virtual storage space as needed, eliminating the need to rebuild your hardware every year. This is especially useful for managing multiple properties or units; managing an extensive portfolio of divisions almost guarantees a high volume of documents, data, images, and videos. The capacity to scale is helpful for more than just managing several properties’ paperwork. Scalability allows property managers to extend space for new employees, suppliers, and other needs.

7. Limitless Storage 

In addition to the scalability benefit mentioned above, the real estate cloud software offers virtually unlimited capacity to store any sort of data in a variety of cloud data storage formats, based on the data’s accessibility, performance, and regularity of access. Establishing and improving a cloud cost structure policy can drastically lower the cost of cloud storage while preserving the company’s and business’s goals for cloud data storage.

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8. Ensures Managed Services 

As a real estate business owner, you should concentrate on the objectives of your business rather than spending too much time engaging with technology. With an in-house system, every facet of your IT will be handled by your team, including server management and maintenance activities that divert IT staff away from service implementation. Server administration is included in the cloud service. Your supplier will keep your operating system up to date and patched on your behalf, ensuring that your server runs effectively and is always available to your employees and clients.  

Furthermore, a good cloud services provider will give 24/7 technical support, which means that if you have a problem with your cloud-based real estate management software, you can contact an expert right away to assist you in resolving it.  

9. Gives Complete Control 

Controlling sensitive data is critical for every business. Even if it’s only an inexperienced employee, you never know what could happen if the information falls into the wrong hands. You can have complete visibility and control over your data thanks to cloud-based real estate software. You can easily control which users have what amount of data accessibility. This not only provides you with complete oversight but also streamlines work because employees will know exactly which documents they are responsible for. The collaboration will also improve and be made easier. Also, different people can work on the same version of the document, there is no need to keep several copies in transit.  

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How can Matellio Assist You? 

Matellio’s IT experts can help you migrate your applications to the cloud and real estate management software development. We can help you choose the best cloud technology solutions, collaborate with your team to develop a migration strategy, conduct that strategy, and also provide after-the-fact managed cloud services. We’re also proud to provide 24-hour assistance to help you get the most out of your cloud-based real estate management software.



Nowadays, many real estate businesses are leveraging the power of cloud-based software solutions. Real estate firms understand the advantages of cloud computing and how they affect collaboration, security, and revenue. Furthermore, a real estate business can avoid many of the issues that afflict on-premises infrastructure by implementing real estate cloud software. 

Shifting to cloud computing services is the ideal method to boost your business’s image in the real estate industry and become a top performer.  

Is your real estate company or business ready to embrace cloud-based real estate software? We can guarantee that your digitalization journey is a success using Matellio’s expertise and real estate software development services.

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