Real Estate Software Development – Why do you need it?

Updated on Apr 18th, 2024

Real Estate Software Development - Why do you need it

Real estate management is not an easy task, it requires a clear understanding of the customer’s needs, and the latest trends in the market. For that same reason, many real estate businesses hire managers and other resources to manage their daily tasks. However, things are changing rapidly in today’s digital era. Many new technology trends are stepping into the global industries, and in such a scenario, real estate software development is becoming a global hit.

Real estate software solutions are not new to the global market. In fact, they have been used by the leading real estate agencies for quite some time now. Real estate software solutions enable you to become a pro in the market by catering to all your customer issues efficiently. Not only that, but you can even enhance your services and can automate all your tedious tasks with real estate apps and software solutions.

That’s why many big real estate businesses today are investing readily in real estate software development. As per a study by Statista, around 59% of the realtors confirmed that investing in real estate software development has enhanced their customer services and offered an upsurge in their financing and investment processes. Need more reasons to invest in real estate software solutions? Don’t worry we will give it to you!

In today’s article, we will be dealing with some of the exceptional benefits of adopting real estate software solutions for your agency. Moreover, we will also be covering the basic steps to develop real estate software solutions for your brand in no time.

So, let’s get started!

Why Do You Need Real Estate Software Solutions?

Know-How-Real-Estate-Software-Solution-Can-Help-your-Real-Estate-BusinessIf you are planning to invest in real estate software development but not sure about it then we will give you solid reasons! From better customer-service to more leads, here’s the list of some exceptional advantages that you can get with real estate software solutions.

1. Engage Customers

The first and foremost benefit of investing in real estate software development is better customer engagement. In today’s digital world, nearly every real estate agent tries to get more and more customers and close more deals. However, customer needs have changed significantly today. Every customer wants to get personalized services and a real estate software solution is the only way to offer that.

With real estate software and apps, you can effectively engage your users by offering them property suggestions, investment ideas, and home tours while they relax at their homes. Not only that, but with dedicated auction apps, and locality view software the users can even get an idea of the latest auctions and nearby areas of their properties.

2. Offers Latest Market Insights

Another great benefit of investing in real estate software development is getting the latest market insights. We all know that the real estate industry is a customer-centric sector that directly deals with satisfying customer needs. In such a scenario, it becomes important to know what is trending in the market that is driving the customer’s retention.

With dedicated real estate software, all these things could be known to you in no time. The automated digital solutions not only help you stay with the latest trends but even narrow down your customer needs. They could display the latest property sales and can even automate the selling and buying process.

All that eventually adds to your brand value and makes you stand apart from the rest of your competitors.

3. Faster Lead Conversions

It is no surprise that leads conversion is one of the most critical aspects of the real estate industry. Property listings, online auctions, and even personalized services all types of strategies that are only meant for enhancing the conversion rates. That’s where the real estate software solutions come to play!

Proper investment in real estate software development could help you convert more prospects into leads and eventually into your valuable customers. Digital solutions like virtual tours, online auction platforms, renting and buying apps, and locality view software are some of the exceptional real estate software solutions that could easily help you to convert your leads into customers much faster.

Faster lead conversion means more profits and revenues, and that eventually signifies more success and better brand building!

4. Social Advertising Made Easy

Advertising your brand in the market has become the most crucial and tedious task in today’s competitive era. People try out different methods like hoardings, banners, pamphlets, and even visiting cards to market their brand. Furthermore, in today’s digital world, activities like Google campaigns, social media sharing, and AdWords have also taken some prominent places in marketing a brand.

However, all those digital marketing activities require additional resources and consume much of your time. But, these activities could be streamlined and can be made much easier with dedicated real estate software solutions. The digital solutions for real estate automate your marketing process by directly linking with your social accounts. Not only that but these digital solutions can even help you strategize your marketing plans by offering you insights on how others are doing it.

All that eventually helps you frame a better and more successful marketing strategy at cost-effective prices. Plus, since the process is automated so your employees could focus on other vital tasks to make your brand a hit in the global market.

5. Tracks the Complete Sales Cycle

Tracking the sales cycle is also one of the prominent tasks that realtors find difficult to manage. Keeping the track of all the chats and messages right from the prospect stage to the final conversion is somewhat difficult to manage. But, things are much different today when marketers are heavily investing in real estate software development.

Custom real estate software solutions make it easy for businesses to handle all the communications and chats with the customer. They store all the data in the cloud so that it can be accessed anytime the user wants. Moreover, as the data is in the cloud, so the safety and security of the data are ensured.

The tracking of the complete sales cycle helps the businesses to understand where the sales get lost and how it can be eliminated in the future.

6. Automates Tedious Tasks

Last but not least, real estate software solutions automate all the business operations while making real estate management a hassle-free task. As evident from the above, real estate software solutions makes it easy to handle your advertising, property listings, and lead management.

Furthermore, the investment in real estate software development even makes it seamless for the managers to handle all the financing and invoicing operations. Hence, businesses can focus more on other crucial tasks to make their brand a hit in the market.

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What Are Some Popular Real Estate Software Solutions?

Now that you are aware of the amazing benefits of investing in real estate software development, let us quickly guide you through different types of real estate software solutions.

1. Customer Relationship Management Software

The most popular real estate software solution is CRM. Real estate CRM also referred to as Customer Relationship Management software is specifically meant for handling all the customer needs. Although CRM could be used by almost any industry that deals with customers, the real estate industry significantly benefits from it.

Real estate CRM centralizes all the information of the prospects and the existing clients in one place and even offers some exceptional reports over it. You can even create custom marketing campaigns and can measure their results by investing in custom CRM software development.

2. Property Management Software

Another great real estate software solution that has been trending for some time is property management software. We all know that the real estate sector comprises three main types of users – tenants, buyers and sellers. To cater to the different needs of all those users is the major task of the real estate agencies. That’s where property management software comes to play!

With this kind of real estate software solution, you can not only list different types of properties for sale but can even help the tenants to find a rental property. Moreover, property management software even helps your users to communicate with each other thereby resulting in better deals and effective communication.

3. Virtual Tour Software

Virtual technology is not new in the global market. However, it’s advent in the real estate sector has offered many benefits to marketers. Additionally, the pandemic situation further facilitated the scope of virtual tour software.

With this kind of real estate solution, you can offer a virtual tour to your customer of the properties they wish to buy. A virtual tour software captures the scenes of the properties and then combines them to offer a virtual environment. These kinds of software not only enhance the user-experience but even protect your client from any pandemic situation.

Furthermore, virtual technology even helps you stand apart from the crowd while making your brand popular amongst the users.

4. Lead Management App

Lastly, we have a lead management app that makes real estate operations smooth and efficient. This kind of real estate software solution is capable of handling all the queries and messages effectively while increasing the chances of conversions.

You can automate almost all the tasks related to lead management like emails, follow-ups, virtual tours and much more with lead management apps. Now only that, but this real estate software even offers reminders of appointments and other critical tasks that are to be done.

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Real Estate Software Development With Matellio

So far we have witnessed how real estate software development is helping businesses to prosper and enhance their services. We also noticed that real estate software solutions have become a necessity rather than a choice for the real estate agencies. Hence, if you are planning to create your own real estate software solution, then we are here to help you.

Here’s how you can easily develop a real estate software solution for your firm in less time and cost with Matellio!

1. Fill Out Contact Form

The first step in real estate software development would be to fill out the Request a Quote’ form so that our experts can reach you fastly to discuss your project.

2. Discuss your Project Requirements

The next step would include discussing your business needs and development ideas with our experts. An expert will inform you if your idea is feasible or if it requires some modifications. Moreover, this step would even help you to know the best tools and technology platforms for your real estate software development.

3. Sign an NDA

Your security and data protection is of foremost importance for us. That’s why we sign an NDA that ensures complete protection of all your critical data from thefts and leaks. All our employees are abided by this agreement and as such your data remains safe and secure.

4. Choose Relevant Features

Features play a critical role in determining the scope of your real estate software solution. So, as a leader in software development, we have listed some exceptional features that will make your real estate software development a hit in the market.

  • Dashboard
  • Lead Management
  • User Profile
  • Property Listings
  • Market analytics
  • Custom Reports
  • Total Revenues
  • Online Auctions

Besides all the features mentioned above, there are many more advanced features that could enhance your real estate software solution. Read our blog here to know more about those features.

5. Hire Professional Developers

Your development team can have a great impact on the overall real estate software development. That’s why, we always advise you to hire only professional and experienced developers for your real estate software solutions. That’s because an experienced developer will have all the answers to the problems that might come during the development process.

Moreover, they will also guide you in choosing the latest and most reliable technology that could eventually make your project a hit in the market. And that’s not over! On choosing a certified software engineering firm like Matellio, you will not have to worry about updates and other post-sales services.

We always ensure that each of our clients receive proper and most effective services even after deployment.

6. Test Your Real Estate Software Solution

Last but not least we have testing. Testing is considered as the most crucial step in software development. That’s because you can get an idea of all the bugs in your project that were unidentified during the development process. However, despite its importance, many of the marketers often skip this process and as such they experience glitches only after some time.

Hence, to eliminate such conditions, make sure you invest in the testing process. You can even opt for automated testing that will not only identify even the slightest errors but would also save on your resources. Read more about automated testing here!


Key Takeaway!

So, those were some of the crucial aspects about real estate software development. We read about the benefits, applications, and the development process for real estate software solutions. To conclude, we can say that, this era is a digital era, and here things change rapidly. What once was a sci-fi concept has today become a reality. Things like virtual tours, property management, and online auctions are making the real estate industry completely digital and advanced.

With the capability to cater to every need of the customer, real estate software development is becoming popular amongst marketers. Are you also planning to develop a real estate software solution? Reach us and transform your idea into a reality.

From virtual tour software and CRM, to lead management software and real estate accounting software, we help you build every type of real estate software solutions that could potentially enhance your brand. So, hurry up, book your free consultation slot today!

Till then, Happy Reading!

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