Cost And Key Features To Develop Reminder App Like Bundled Notes

Updated on Feb 14th, 2022

Cost And Key Features To Develop Reminder App Like Bundled Notes

An impressively beautiful design and the seamlessness of features have made Bundled Notes an instant success among people. And then, when the app launched its second major version a couple of months ago, it became even more widely popular, thanks to all its extended features. It is understandable that a reminder and note-taking app this popular is a great business investment. Therefore, if you’re thinking of making that investment, we have listed out all that you need to know to set things in motion.

What Does the Bundled Notes App Do? 

Bundled Notes, a note-taking app with all the Google Keep features, and then some more, is an affluent app with abundant functionalities. A simple and pleasing interface enables users to manage their knowledge base and reminder with perfect ease. Here’s a brief overview of all that the Bundled Notes app does – 

Markup text editor With characters like asterisks, brackets, dashes, and hash, the app allows users to italicize, bold, enlist the text without leaving the keyboard.
Instant Sync The app offers free storage that can be accessed via different devices, though you will have to be a pro member to use this functionality fully.
Bundles The app supports a basic file and directory system to organize the user content better. Here the directory or folder is called a Bundle that needs to be created before adding a new note.
Kanban Boards For users who want to use their notes app for process segmentation, the app offers a bespoke Kanban interface that can easily be managed on the mobile phone screen.
Tags With the tagging feature, you can change a note to a to-do list, a shopping checklist, or a project category with a single touch on the screen.

These features make the foundation of the Bundled app that is increasingly becoming popular among the masses. Now you know what the app does, let’s dive more into the features that can help you create an app, which does it all too. 

Key Features to Make Notes App Like the Bundled Notes 

To develop an app as utilitarian and beautiful as Bundled Notes, it’s essential to understand its various aspects and then see how you can validate and use them to build your own clone app.

Features to Include in the MVP of the App

When developing an app as featureful as Bundled Notes, it’s better to begin with an app prototype. This prototype, generally called an MVP or a Minimum Viable Product will have all the essential features expected of the app but stripped of all the unnecessary aesthetics and long codes. The idea here is to validate the idea of the app at the earliest stage and then build on top of it all the other differentiating features. To develop an MVP for the Bundled Notes app, you need to just focus on the core features of the app like-


Like a true reminder app, Bundled Notes give its users a variety of features to set reminders. Users can create alarms with the recurring or one-time setting. They can also set permanent reminders to stick them forever on your notification tray. What more? All these reminders can also be shared as HTML files across the web. However, when we’re still in the MVP development stage, you can skip the richer features for the later iterations and can now only focus on creating a primary reminder feature for the app that can set off an alarm at a premeditated time.


Since checklist is the major feature of the Bundled Notes app, your app’s MVP will not be worth much if it does not have this feature. Checklists in your MVP can stay fairly basic. That means, unlike the source app, it doesn’t need to have the automated feature of tag changing. It can simply remain a fairly basic checklistwhere once an item is checked, it can be strikethrough in the same list.

Kanban view

A Kanban board is a popular methodology to modularize a process using cards. Since Bundled Notes app is extensively used to create to-lists, a Kanban board became a primary choice for its interfaces. It allows the users to keep track of different tasks related to one to-do and thence manage it with comparative ease. Installing your app with a Kanban view interface will help you gain more trust among users who are most likely to pay for premium service. Besides, even for regular users, the ability to better visualize their tasks and statuses can help them gain a better hold on their productivity metrics. 


The Bundled Notes app uses the markup language Markdown for its notes. Using a markup language simplifies it for the users to focus on the content and manage its layout without additional tools. Though the app also offers those tools for users who are not well-adept at using markup languages, they become less and less usable when users find it easy to rely on markups only. Since it is one of the differentiating aspects of the Bundled Notes app and a very core feature, your clone app’s MVP must be developed with this feature too.

Other Important Features to Steal from Bundled Notes

Developing a mere MVP is definitely not enough if you want your app to succeed like Bundled Notes. You will have to add all the features and functionalities of the app to your app as well to make the target audience feel similar ease and confidence while using it.

Beautiful UX

The X-factor of the Bundled Notes app is its incredibly beautiful interface. With pleasing colors and smooth functional transitions, it creates a great user experience. Since now we know that the app’s target audience does appreciate aesthetical interface, you should definitely invest in the same for your app to acquire similar success rates among them.


The folder architecture in the Bundled Notes app is called, as you guessed it, Bundles.’ All the individual notes sit there in their specific folders or bundles and can be moved and copied to another. This gives the app a betterorganized feel, and thus if you want your app to become an alternative for Bundled Notes, you will have to add a similar organization hierarchy too.


With the Bundled Notes app, one can add various tags to their notes. These tags are pretty visual and thus simplify for the users to organize their notes better. You can set a note as a process or a to-do list to automatically change its color for better organization. The sliding effect also multiplies its value as it further makes the user experience more seamless.  

Card view

The default view of the Bundled apps is in the format of cards. This visually appealing interface compels users to organize their thoughts, lists, and reminder in a better way. The card view also allows the users to find and add different tags in their notes. Doing so with your app will become necessary if you want your users to enjoy a similar irresistibility. 

List view

The app allows its users to view their notes in a list format. This can be especially beneficial if the user is using the app quite extensively. In such a case, its default board view can cause navigation hurdles. So, if you want your users to use your app with similar intensity, you will have to give them an option to traverse through their notes easily through a list view. 

Image attachment

The most recent update in the app now allows its users to attach images to the notes. Keeping this feature in your clone app can help you increase its value multifold. Your users will be able to use the app and the notes as a rich text editor, further enabling them to create richer content. 

Additional Features to Make the App More Valuable

While Bundled Notes is quite feature-rich by itself, you can definitely add more features for your app to stand out from its chief competitor. Some additional features that can propel the scalability of your app and hence that of the entire business solution are.

Storage Management

Bundled Notes (the free version) allows you to save all your notes in your device’s memory. While this is a safe way to ascertain fault tolerance, the capacity of the app remains underutilized considering the ease of cloud solutions available. With your app, you can let the user choose whether they want to use the cloud storage or are satisfied with the device storage capabilities only. This way, you will also open up another opportunity for app monetization.


Interlinking different notes can raise the functional value of your Bundled Notes app exponentially. Right now, the app is already using the markup language. And if you decide to follow suit, you will not really have that hard a time including transclusions in your app. You can, of course, add this feature later in time with upgrades, but once done, this will definitely open up new opportunities for you to scale your app.

Sorting and Indexing

Once a user has created a substantial number of notes, it can become challenging to find a specific one. Sorting alphabetically or via dates modified or created has remained the best sorting and indexing option with the most reliable file explorers. You can bring that service to your app as well to make it more reliable and usable for the users who really intend to use it for more extended periods.


Right now, Bundled Notes works only on Android devices. To use its web version, one needs to purchase its pro version. While this is a good monetization strategy, it can leave the users feeling dependent on one device while working on the app. To make your app more portable, you can develop a dedicated web application, software, and native mobile apps for both Android and iOS devices. The user can simply log in to gather all the data they have worked on from a different device.

Cost to Develop a Feature-Rich Bundled Notes App 

When it comes to calculating the cost of development for an app like Bundled Notes, a variety of factors weigh in. The foremost factor here remains the complexities of the features and the region of development. This is why naming one price or even a price range is never an option. You need to understand all those various contributors and then decide where you’d like to put your money in.

Type of the App Bundled Notes combines two standard utility apps, namely- reminder apps and note-taking apps. Depending on what kind of clone you are looking to build, the price can vary a lot.
App platform In general, developing an app for iOS platforms costs more than developing one for Android devices. Depending on the demographic you are trying to target, you can decide which platform generates the best ROI for you.
Functionalities The chief contributor in deciding the development cost remains the complexity of the app features. First, you can have the crucial features developed for the MVP. Later, you can explore other features as per your preference.
Tech Expertise Not all features and platforms require a similar tech stack. Besides, some skillsets are trickier to find and develop the rest others. This is why the tech expertise required for your app will also bring variation in its development cost.
Maintenance If you just want your app, or a prototype, to be developed, it will cost you much less. Compare this to an app that requires regular maintenance like data management etc., which will cost you much more overall.

To get the exact development cost, you have to share your requirements with a mobile app development company and then get a quote from them directly.

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