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Updated on Apr 12th, 2023


This New AI Meeting Assistant will take Notes for you!

Pen and paper are simply not sufficient any longer. Gone are the days when we used to get ourselves ready with writing implements to jot down the things that need to be remembered. Today, we use our laptops and smartphones for almost everything — from office work, entertainment, keeping in touch with friends, and setting reminders to pick up dry cleaning. Our personal, as well as professional lives, revolve around our digital devices.

And, when constant digital information flows through every minute of our lives, excellent note-taking abilities become crucial. Nothing to deny about; Conversation and taking notes don’t go together very well. It doesn’t matter how much we try, there are always some or other discussions that we miss when taking notes since our brains aren’t good at multitasking.

This is where notetaking apps take the stage!

The digital revolution has been greatly influenced by AI. Today, every other industry from automobile to language learning is using AI development services and now it is helping in business productivity too; AI note-taking app is one such success.

No need to rely solely on your memory to recall everything now… Use a note-taking app to jot down critical information that you want to remember, and you’re set to go!

Several note-taking apps are appropriate for personal to-do lists, as a substitute for your current word processor, or for sharing notes with your team. One among them is, an automated meeting recording and transcribing service for documenting discussions.

Now let’s dig in and read this post to learn everything you need to know about a transcription app, including its features, price, method of creation, and more.

  • Transcription software makes it easier to choose your files and upload them for speech-to-text. A real-time transcription app is a program that provides live speech transcription in real-time.
  • To automatically join Microsoft Teams, Zoom, or Google Meet so that you may share information and take minutes, you must connect your Microsoft calendar or Google calendar to your Otter Assistant.
  • A Transcription API is an Application Programming Interface that enables developers to enhance their apps with transcription services. 

What is an App? – A voice transcription tool for taking notes.

Powered by Ambient Voice Intelligence, allows teams of major organizations, small and medium-sized firms to get the quick and easy transcription of all the crucial discussions. Users can create notes for lectures, meetings, interviews, and other voice discussions with It has a variety of features that aid users in enhancing partnerships and concentrating on productivity including instant recording and listening-to-voice interactions.

Also, lets you search, play, organize, modify, and share their chats from one device to another. It even can create shareable notes that are simple to sync with text, graphics, or audio. Users of this AI-powered voice assistant can record conversations on their phone or web browser and quickly import or sync those recordings to other platforms. Additionally, by including searchable notes, texts, photos, key phrases, audio, speaker ID, etc. to these voice notes, one can share and stream live transcripts.

Want to know what’s the most amazing thing about this software? – The software can be easily integrated with Zoom, thus improving team collaboration.

Automatically create thorough notes from meetings, interviews, or brainstorming sessions without the need for manual input with It produces transcriptions with the help of NLP along with speech-to-text technologies. offers only English-language transcription and its integration is minimal. Other characteristics may include:

  • Basic capabilities for collecting and storing notes 
  • Speech-to-text transcription in real time
  • Simple analytics for keywords and summaries
  • Integration of a calendar, video conferencing, and cloud software
  • Features for document sharing and collaboration like commenting, highlighting, and revision

Make Speech to Text Easy with is a renowned name that comes to mind while discussing transcribing tools. equips users with accurate, real-time notes saved in a safe, central location that is also searchable; enabling users and their teams to become more engaged, productive, and collaborative.

You may interact more with the meeting attendees, thanks to our transcribing tool without worrying about taking notes. Otter’s real-time transcribing feature lets you retrieve your notes, share them with others, and ensure that you never miss a word.

The Highlighted Features of

Otter online transcription software has some standard features available in most transcription software. Let’s take a peep at some of the supported features below.



The highlight of service is its transcribing feature; it took years of effort to create and refine its speech recognition technology. The main drawback for now is that Otter only supports transcription in English.

Let’s look at how you can utilize this function before we discuss how effective its optimization efforts have been.

You have access to a variety of transcription choices with for: 

  • Virtual gatherings and meetings  
  • Audio files 
  • Private voice recordings within apps 
  • Group or Direct messages

All created files are preserved in both text and audio forms so that you may edit, provide comments, and invite others to see or work on them. You can additionally export the document in the following formats: .docx, .srt, .pdf for premium plans, or just .txt on the free plan.

Speaker recognition and voice printing are also effective features of transcribing. You can teach your speech via voiceprint so that the app can recognize and tag it in talks.

Meeting Recording

The capability to record meetings is simple. Your meeting audio can be recorded in real-time for later listening. However, considering that the audio file is in the mp3 format, our test indicates that you shouldn’t anticipate a high-quality audio recording. You can hear what was said on the recordings quite well and clearly enough.

The generated audio file is separate from the transcript i.e., the transcript is unaffected by editing. The audio recording can be shared alone as an mp3 file or along with the transcript paper.

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Otter Assistant

An AI bot or the meeting assistant aids users in organizing meetings and other activities more effectively. Both free and premium accounts can use this function.

The process is as follows: connect Otter to your calendar, and your meetings will show up. The Otter assistant can then be scheduled to join the meeting automatically and begin recording if your meeting has a working meeting link (available for Zoom, Google Meet, and Microsoft Teams).

The setup procedure is simple as well. Simply click on the profile and choose Account Settings to complete the process.

Choose Meetings when the settings screen displays, turn on all the options, and tadaa!

Meeting Gems

Both during and after meetings, you can add and assign action items, comments, and notes to the transcribed document using Meeting Gems.

The new features still have certain shortcomings, despite the fact that some of them are unquestionably useful and enjoyable to have. Access and navigation are not made easier for shorter sessions because features like meeting summaries are only available for lengthy meetings.

And although the app has a calendar, you can only view schedules. Without first logging into your calendar application, you cannot create events or meetings.

Moreover, the feed occasionally lags when you try to access discussions, which can be a little annoying.

Notwithstanding these, the redesigned is a commendable effort to improve the app’s usability for consumers.

Does Have Any Shortcomings?

Like other transcription tools, isn’t free from drawbacks. Let’s have a quick look at its shortcomings:

  • Limits on conversation length  
  • Poor quality transcription
  • Clunky to use with Zoom
  • Privacy red flags

Limits on the Length of Conversations Based on Pricing

You may record up to 30 minutes of talk every meeting with free version, but if your conversations last longer, you’ll need to spend just over $8 per month to record up to four hours at once.

You may already be paying for meeting software like Zoom or Google Meet, but this expense is additional.

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Weak Transcription transcription readers are in for a treat. On Twitter, it’s a recurring joke that transcriptions only capture the essence of what was said.

In their best cases, transcription errors are amusing and entertaining. At worst, consumers spend much of the time they were supposed to save with the app correcting transcriptions.

Difficult to Use with Zoom (Unless You Spend Additional Money) has teamed with Zoom to capture live transcriptions, but after receiving an API token, you’ll still need to run the app in a different browser tab.

Only customers who pay $20 per month for each user can access the Zoom assistant, which may get pricey as businesses expand.

Privacy Issues

Otter’s method decrypts data to access audio, in contrast to the end-to-end encryption utilized by privacy-protective messaging apps like Signal. Privacy may matter to you more or less depending on who you’re speaking to or the content of your chats with, but in reality, it’s preferable to opt for transcribing software that prioritizes security.


What Makes a Great Note-Taking App?

What distinguishes some note-taking applications from others? Yet, what, in general, makes an excellent note-taking app? Many individuals actually use note-taking applications for both personal and professional purposes. This implies that the typical user’s note-taking app is loaded with a variety of documents, from shopping lists to reminders for work project deadlines. Additionally, a lot of people take notes every day using a variety of techniques, such as drawing notes or recording voice notes.

So, a superb note-taking app must first and foremost consider a variety of needs. Second, a note-taking tool needs to be simple to use and, ideally, pleasant. This is the twenty-first century, and no one enjoys using clumsy software or a poor user interface. The purpose of notes is not necessary to set personal or professional reminders. You will frequently need to work together on projects using shared notes that enable discussion and revisions within the group.

Every great note-taking app should include the following characteristics:

  • A simple text-based interface for taking notes
  • Options to categorize notes by topic, timetable, or workspace
  • Collaboration tools to instantly exchange and edit notes
  • Cross-platform compatibility through integration with current applications

And, to make the perfect note-taking app of your choice with all the features involved, you can always reach out to a professional mobile app development company that has the necessary skills to build an AI app.

Now, let’s take a closer look at some comparable apps performing transcriptions.

Apps Similar to

The few AI-based note-taking tools listed below can help you take notes and extract smart insights from sales calls.



Vowel is what you would get if you paired’s transcription with Zoom’s meeting features, with the exception that the experience and transcription accuracy are greater. You can also do much more with your meeting than just see and hear other people with Vowel.

With collaborative agendas and meeting notes that attendees can view to keep on task, Vowel elevates meeting preparation. Participants can mark significant points and record action items as the chat is being live transcribed by the app, and these can then be referenced afterwards. Also, for context, each note is time-stamped to the transcript.


As part of its project management services, ProofHub provides an extensive note-taking app. It is designed to make note-taking easier in shared team environments where several documents and notes are produced every day. With collaborative multi-user access, team members can make private notes or share them with other team members.

The ProofHub Notes have a sophisticated text editor with several formatting choices. It’s perfect for taking notes at meetings or setting up a full-fledged project Wiki. To clearly split the Notes, organize them into Notebooks and link them to active tasks. You can let your team members know about notes you’re writing by subscribing to the note to them if you think they’d be interested in reading it.

The Notes also provide an area for comments where various team members can exchange ideas or offer criticism. ProofHub also provides a smart Calendar, Task Management System, File storage, and numerous other apps that simplify project administration in addition to this helpful Notes app.

Also, you can get notes in PDF format that can be printed, bookmarked, or downloaded.

Box Notes

Box, a well-known provider of cloud storage, now includes note-taking software! No one knew. The real-time note-taking software from Box is called Box Notes.

Box Notes provides basic formatting capabilities, the option to make comments, and the ability to collaboratively modify notes with your team. Its straightforward editor is ideal for swiftly taking notes during meetings, organizing company reviews, or even creating newsletters.

This note-taking app, designed for the commercial market, is a terrific method to capture meeting notes, collaborate on idea brainstorming, schedule projects, and deadlines, and generate clear, actionable items as to-do lists.

Users may quickly refer to all changes and go back to earlier versions at any moment with Box’s version control capability. Box Notes might be a welcome addition to your working life if you currently use Box.

You can quickly generate notes with a desktop app (available for Windows and Mac), which makes this note-taking app a win-win!


Avoma gives sales teams the tools they need to plan each step of hosting a productive meeting. Avoma makes sure you enter the meeting with a clear agenda and produces insights you can share after the call while the AI note-taking feature kicks in during the session.

Avoma’s meeting lifecycle management equips sales professionals with tools like a collaborative note editor, agenda templates, and Meeting intelligence to run more effective meetings and get superior customer insights from automated meeting notes.

How to Develop an AI Note-Taking App like

Now that you are clear about what features to add and the shortcoming that can be avoided; you must have got the clear view on how you want your app to be.

Developing an AI-powered note-taking app like can be a complex process that requires knowledge in several areas such as Natural Language Processing (NLP), Machine Learning (ML), and software development. Either you can approach to most out leading devops consultation services or following the below steps will certainly help you to create a successful app of your choice.


Define the App’s Purpose and Features

Before beginning development, you must have a clear understanding of the purpose of your note-taking app and what features you want to include. This will guide the development process and help you determine what kind of AI capabilities you need to incorporate.

Collect and Label Data

Your AI model will require large amounts of data to train on. You’ll need to collect and label relevant data, such as voice recordings and transcripts of various types of conversations and speeches. The data you collect will be used to train your NLP and ML models.

Train the NLP Model

The NLP model will be responsible for converting audio input into text. You can use pre-built models or train your own using libraries such as Spacy or NLTK. The more training data you have, the more accurate your NLP model will be.

Train the ML Model

The ML model will be responsible for understanding the meaning of the text input and categorizing it into different sections or topics. You can use a pre-built ML model, such as Google’s BERT, or train your own using libraries such as TensorFlow.

Develop the App

Once you have trained your NLP and ML models, you can begin developing the app itself. You will need to incorporate the AI models into the app’s functionality, such as allowing users to record audio and automatically transcribing it into text, categorizing the text into relevant topics, and generating summaries.

Test and Refine

Once the app is developed, you’ll need to test it thoroughly to ensure it’s working as expected. You’ll likely need to make adjustments to the AI models and app functionality based on user feedback.

Launch and Maintain

Once the app is ready, you can launch it in app stores and begin promoting it. You’ll also need to maintain the app, regularly updating it with new features and bug fixes.

What Is the Cost of Developing a Note-Taking App with AI?

Now, that you have moved through with the development of an AI note-taking app, you must have got a clear idea of how it is done including all the necessary features that need to be embedded. Or, if you are facing any issue with the development phase, there is always a door open for reaching out to staff augmentation services that will help you to fulfill all your requirements and provide you with qualified developers for developing the product you need.

Calculating the AI-based app’s development cost can be a tricky task. The precise cost will, of course, be based on the features and functionality you choose to add in your app.

The development cost of app like Ottr also depends on the ’developer’s Geographical location. It is better to choose developers who can provide you with the best note-taking app on a limited budget.

The development cost to create an app like Ottr also depends on the app development team size. In general, a team includes project managers, UI/UX designers, testing analyst, developers, etc.

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Start Writing Notes Today!

There is note-taking software for everyone, whether you need one to record marketing concepts, create daily to-do lists, or collaborate on a project with your coworkers. Each of the note-taking applications does a reasonably good job of completing the task.

Personal tastes and professional requirements are essentially what matter. We sincerely hope you locate what you’re seeking! 

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