How to Develop an App Like Babylon Health?

Updated on Jan 8th, 2024


Gone are the days when patients used to stand in the long queues to schedule a doctor’s appointment. Today, telehealth app like Babylon has completely digitized the healthcare sector.

That’s the reason why this robust telehealth app generated a whopping revenue of US$322.9 million in 2021. Moreover, the app became the first-ever GP practice in the UK, with over 100,000 patients in 2021. Clearly, the Babylon Health app attracted many healthcare organizations to its platform.

So, why not use this golden opportunity for your custom telemedicine app development? If you plan to create an on-demand telemedicine app, the Babylon clone app could be your perfect fit!

But what exactly is this Babylon Health app, and how can you create a telehealth app? Let’s find answers to all such questions in our blog below.

  • The telemedicine app development market is expected to cross $277.9 billion by 2025. The value will further reach $459.8 billion by 2030.
  • Babylon Health app is one of the pioneers in telemedicine market and generated a revenue of $322.9 million in 2021.
  • HIPAA, HL7, EHR, and FDA are some of the legal compliances that should be followed during Babylon Health clone app development.
  • Developing an app like Babylon involves a lot of factors, including monetization model, features, security modules, and partnering with a reputed app development company. 

What is Babylon Health App?

Babylon Health app is a telemedicine app that gained popularity in the past few years. This prominent medical app uses AI to track medications and patients’ health status.

With this app, patients can communicate with their preferred doctors. They can consult their health concerns and can get online prescriptions. Moreover, AI also offers some useful insights to organizations. The patients can get cures for their common healthcare concerns through an AI-based chatbot. Moreover, payment processing, appointment scheduling the patients get refill alerts, while the doctors can track their patients’ medications.

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How does Babylon Health Work? 

If you think that a telemedicine app like Babylon Health is complex in working, that’s not the case! In fact, the use of AI in Babylon has made it even more engaging than ever. The automated AI algorithms learn about the common healthcare concerns and their medications. After that, it suggests a proper medication to the patients in need.

Need more clarity on the working of the Babylon Health app? Here’s a quick working chart!

Sign In

The patients need to register on the app using their name, contact number, email.

Answering Questionnaire

After successful registration, the Babylon Health app asks certain questions. It is a must to understand the patient’s concerns.

Existing Reports

The patients can then send existing medical reports of their illness. They can even upload past prescriptions to the app for an accurate diagnosis.

Healthcare Expert
Choose a Healthcare Expert

The app lists the concerned doctors after careful assessment. The patients can select any of them for a healthcare consultation.

Select Time

Once the patient selects a healthcare expert, they get comprehensive details. It includes consultation fees, experienced, reviews, and timings. They can choose whatever time suits them the best for the video consultation.

Confirm Consultation

The Babylon Health app calls/email the patients for confirmation. The doctor only receives the alerts once confirmed by the patients.

Video Conferencing

The patients get a video call from the doctor to discuss their issues. They can even share the reports, and the doctors can view their real-time health status.

Online Prescription
Online Prescription

Upon successful diagnoses, the patients receive online prescriptions from their doctors. They can send those e-prescriptions to the pharmacy store of their choice. The doctors can also send them to the store connected with the clinic/hospital.

Why Invest in an App like Babylon Health? 

The telemedicine market has already taken over a large part of the healthcare sector. In fact, the use of telehealth apps has increased with the advent of the global pandemic. Features like remote patient monitoring, easy payment collection, virtual consultation, and online prescriptions have lured patients and doctors worldwide.

Even the government agencies are focusing on offering telehealth services to the people. That’s why trusted sources reveal that the telehealth app industry will value $546.31 million by 2026. The digital health market will already reach $268 billion in 2021. It is further expected to grow at a CAGR of 25% from 2019 to 2025 to exceed $657 billion in market revenue.


(Source: Statista) 

So, why not use this golden opportunity for your healthcare organization? We suggest investing in a telemedicine app like Babylon Health!  

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How to Build a Telehealth App like Babylon? 

So, you are now ready to invest in developing an app like Babylon Health. Hence, let us quickly discuss its development process!  

From features to tech stack, here’s what you’ll need to create a successful telehealth app like Babylon.


Perform Market and Competitor Analysis 

The first step in telemedicine app development is the market and competitor analysis. You should know the current trends of the healthcare industry. Besides that, knowing the common concerns of your target audience is also essential.

You can start by conducting online surveys in your target location. Moreover, you can also ask yourself questions like:

  • Who is my target audience, and what are their needs?
  • How can my app resolve all their issues?
  • Do I need to include some advanced features to lure the customers?

Answering such questions would help you identify the major problems and their solutions. Besides that, you should also analyze your competitors and their marketing strategy.

Find what your target audience most uses telehealth apps? What features attract them to that app. And, what features should you add to win the competition curve? Once you answer all such questions, the road to your custom telemedicine app will be clear!

At Matellio, we offer a free market and competitor analysis to all our clients. We have experts that explore the latest trends of the market. They suggest the best features to outrun the competition.

Learn About Legal Compliances

Legal compliance and regulations are among the most crucial aspects of healthcare solutions. For instance, HIPAA is one of the essential legal compliances followed in the USA. Apart from that, we also have HL7, EHR, and FDA compliance for the healthcare sector.

Hence, make sure that your app development partner understands all those compliances. Also, ensure that it helps you follow them during your telemedicine app development.

Include the Best Features and Technologies 

The next step in telemedicine app development is to select the best features and tech stack. You would already know what features to use to attract the market by now. Besides, partnering with an app development company let’s you know the latest trends. It could be your game-changer move.

Hence, list out all such features and choose the best ones for your app. As a leading healthcare app development company, here’s what we offer. Discover the powerful features for your app, like Babylon Health.

1. Remote Consultation

Enable your healthcare professionals to treat the patients from the far-off areas. End the geographical barrier by offering them virtual care modules.

2. Virtual Diagnoses

Often, patients cannot paraphrase their illness in words or text. At that time, online diagnoses can be of great help! Your patients can show their symptoms to the doctors using the camera.

3. Pharmacy Integration

Allow your doctors to send the online prescriptions to the connected pharmacy store. They can even track the dosages and alternatives, leading to zero medication errors. The patients can also use it to order online medicine from nearby pharmacy stores.

4. Laboratory Integration

Allow your doctors to get real-time lab reports of the patients. They can track the results of the medical tests performed to prescribe medicines.

5. In-app Chat Support

Often, the patients do not need a dedicated video call with the doctors. They need a quick chat to resolve their queries. At that time, an AI-based chatbot could be of great help! It could resolve the general queries of your patients.

6. Video Conferencing

The doctors can add other specialists on the call with the video conferencing. Besides that, if they want to consult with other family members, they can do so with this feature.

7. Video Recording

Enable your patients or doctors can record the video conferencing sessions. That video could help in a transparent consultation process and legal matters.

8. EHR Integration

EHR is one of the most critical aspects of any healthcare organization. Electronically storing the patient’s data is vital to make clinical tasks easier. For instance, a secure EHR process promotes quick billing and proper treatments.

Hence, you should integrate EHR functionality into your telemedicine app like Babylon Health. Also, follow the EHR rule for your telemedicine app development.

9. Insurance Plan

Your Babylon Health app clone should have a module to manage insurance plans. That will also support a fair and transparent billing functionality.


Creating an MVP Will Save Your Budget

You want to include all those features mentioned above in your telemedicine app. Some of you might even have other features in mind for an app like Babylon Health. But, you will not need not every feature for a successful healthcare app.

The best features will depend on the core concept of your app and the customer requirements. But, how can you make sure that your telemedicine app has the best features? That’s where a minimum viable product comes into play.

With an MVP, you can check what your app would look like. What certain features will do when integrated into your app. And, where will they direct your patients? Moreover, you can also check the best designs that match your brand value through an MVP. And all that without actual development.

Yes, you heard it right. There will be no cost incurred in developing your app. The designers will create prototypes based on your requirements and ideas. Hence, always begin your telemedicine app development with an MVP.

You can book a free slot with our experts to know more about MVP development for your healthcare app.

Hire an Experienced App Development Company

Once you select the best features, the next step is to partner with a reputed app development company. But why are professional app developers required? Well, here are some reasons to answer your query.

  • An experienced app development company will have resources for your project 24*7.  
  • Those resources will educate you on the latest market trends of your project.  
  • The resources will know next-gen technologies, including AI, IoT, Blockchain, etc.  
  • NDA will bound those resources, safeguarding your ideas and crucial data. 
  • They will have information about the legal compliances of the healthcare industry.  

Hence, you should opt for an experienced and cost-effective healthcare app development company. And, if you are looking for one, then Matellio could be your perfect fit.

We have delivered legally-compliant healthcare solutions to organizations of all sizes. We can build any solutions for you from telemedicine to EHR, Healthcare CRM, and even RCM software.

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Test Your App, and Deploy

Once the app development is completed, the last step would be to deploy it on your choice of platform. But you should always test your application before launching it in the market. But why is that so?

Testing ensures that no unidentified bug cause performance issues in your app. In fact, with automated testing, you can get even the minutest of the bugs in your app. Hence, always ask your development partner whether they offer testing services or not?


Make Sure to Consider These Factors for Your Project’s Success

App Development Platform 

You first need to choose a specific app development platform to develop an app. It can be Android, iOS, or Windows. That decision will depend on what platform your customers are using.

The clients often choose to go with cross-platform app development. It means targeting all the platforms with a single app. Hence, you can also choose to launch a telemedicine app cross-platform.


Apart from the features, UI/UX is another crucial thing that impacts the success of any project. Even if you include all the advanced features in your app, and if your patients cannot access them, they are no use! 

Hence, make sure to keep the interface of your app simple. Also, try to include basic features and content in your telemedicine app. Adding engaging UI components like Gamification can enhance your app’s user experience.

Monetization Model 

Every app needs to have a successful monetization model that can add an extra number to its revenues. Your telemedicine app is not an exception. You can even continue using the same model for a long time, as there is no harm in making extra money.

You can offer your doctors/patients special features for a small fee. Besides that, you can even run third-party ads on your app to make extra money from your app.

How Much Does It Cost to Develop a Telehealth App like Babylon Health?

Many factors affect the cost of your Babylon Health app clone. To name a few, we have:

  • The number of resources hired
  • Testing method
  • The complexity of the features
  • UI/UX requirements
  • Engagement model
  • Technologies used in creating the app and much more

Hence, to calculate an exact cost, we will be required to analyze many such factors. Once that is done, our experts can present you with an exact quote matching your requirements.


How Can Matellio Help? 

We can transform your ideas into a successful reality with cutting-edge services. We also understand that every organization has different concerns.

That’s why we offer unique services catering to the many needs of the businesses. You also get a free market analysis and free 30-minute consultation to confirm all your ideas. So, why wait when you can start today? Fill out our consultation form and start your telemedicine app development right away!

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