Telemedicine App Development

Get a patient-centric HIPAA-compliant mHealth solution that streamlines your hospital and clinical workflows. Facilitate remote patient care and automate various processes, including online appointments, e-prescriptions, medical conferences, and digital payments with a custom telemedicine app.
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    What is

    Expand Your Healthcare Services with a Custom Telemedicine App

    As a leading telemedicine app development company, we aim to offer you the best virtual care apps that promote remote monitoring and follow the best practices of a HIPAA-compliant solution. You can automate all your clinical workflows and enhance your healthcare services while promoting your brand. Reach remote areas, track the health status of your patients, access their medical reports, and offer them online consultation and prescriptions with a Telemedicine app.
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    Increase Patient Satisfaction

    Everything could be done online, from digital payments to appointment booking, resulting in patient satisfaction.

    Reduce Overhead Expenses

    Save on operational and maintenance costs by eliminating the physical visits while focusing on better delivery of services.

    Better Reach
    Reach Patients Remotely

    You can reach remote patients and offer them the best services while monitoring their real-time health status.

    Easy Management

    Streamline your administrative operations through smart automation and get critical insights into your organization.

    What Features to Include in Your Telemedicine App?

    Discover innovative and user-friendly features that we can implement in your Telemedicine app.
    Video Calling
    Video Calling

    Offer the best healthcare services to your patients by connecting with them virtually and monitoring their health conditions in real-time.

    Schedule Management
    Schedule Management

    Enable your doctors to easily manage their day-to-day operations and appointments and allow them to make modifications to their schedules.

    User Analytics
    User Analytics

    Get accurate analytics of your patients’ health and offer them the best care services through smart data analytics modules.

    Medication Tracking
    Medication Tracking

    Healthcare experts can send medication reminders to their patients and track their due dates through a telehealth app.

    Patient Details
    Patient Details

    Doctors can get every detail of their patients, from current medications to prescribed tests, reports, and even past allergies

    Conference Calling

    Your medical experts can include other family members and specialists on the conference call to offer an outstanding healthcare service.

    Data Storage

    The doctors can easily share the prescriptions with the patients/pharmacy store and manage other crucial patient information without data loss concerns.

    EMR Integration

    We can integrate EMR software into your telemedicine app to help doctors access the records of the patients for accurate billing and care services.

    Chat Option

    Allow your medical professional to easily communicate with the patients or other healthcare experts through an interactive chat option.

    Quick Onboarding

    Allow your patients to register on the app quickly using their email ID and password or a one-time password from a unique contact number.

    Report Sharing
    Report Sharing

    Enable your patients to securely share the reports and past prescriptions with the concerned doctors to get accurate care services.

    Search & Filters
    Smart Search

    Let your patients search for specific doctors or quickly find an expert near their preferred location through a telehealth app.

    Online Appointment
    Online Appointment

    The patients can easily book an online appointment with doctors nearby their areas using an online booking functionality.

    Mobile payments
    Digital Payments

    Offer multiple payment channels to your patients to enable them quickly pay for their opted healthcare services.

    Chatbot Integration
    Chatbot Integration

    We can help you integrate an NLP-driven chatbot into your telemedicine application to automate all your customer support operations.

    Video Consultation

    Your patients can easily fix an online video consultation with their preferred doctors by accessing their time slots and paying online.

    Doctor’s Profile

    Allow your patients to view their concerned doctors’ ratings, experience, specialty, consultation fees, and visit timings.

    Real-time Alerts

    Offer real-time alerts and notifications to your patients to update them about upcoming appointments, offers, test results, and more.

    Want to Add Custom Features in Your Telemedicine App?

    Connect with our experts to discuss your ideas, and get the best Telemedicine App features matching your needs.
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    Our Telemedicine App Development Services

    Leverage our wide range of professional services that can help you launch a successful telemedicine app.

    Other Healthcare Solutions that We Can Build for You

    Healthcare solutions which will be in compliance with HIPAA, HITECH, EH7 and other regulations.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. How do you proceed with telemedicine app development?

    You can easily create a telemedicine app with Matellio by following these simple steps:   

    • Fill out our consultation form   
    • Discuss all your requirements and ideas with our experts   
    • Select proper features, designs, and technologies for your app   
    • Hire a dedicated team of developers 
    • Choose an appropriate model of engagement   
    • Create an MVP   
    • Start your app development   
    • Test your telehealth app   
    • Deploy on your choice of platform   

    2. What services do you offer for my custom telemedicine app?

    From idea validation, and MVP creation to software development, UI/UX, testing, and third-party integration, we offer a wide range of professional telemedicine app development services to enhance your app development.    

    3. How does a telehealth app work?

    A telehealth app connects the doctors and patients through live chat or video calling functionality. The app includes report sharing, appointment scheduling, patient profile, and medication tracking that facilitate excellent care while streamlining remote monitoring capabilities.    

    4. What engagement models do you offer for hiring the developers?

    We offer four types of engagement models that perfectly satisfy the needs of all sorts of businesses, including startups and Fortune 500 firms. Our engagement model includes:   

    • Turnkey model   
    • Time and material-based model   
    • Dedicated developer model   
    • Custom hiring model   

    5. What is the estimated time duration to create a custom telemedicine app?

    The time required to build your custom telemedicine app depends on your project requirements. For instance, if you wish to integrate all the advanced features, the time required would be more than including a mix of basic and advanced features. Hence, you can leverage our free expert consultation service to validate your ideas and get an accurate time estimate for your app.    

    6. What all resources do I need for telemedicine app development?

    Although the exact type of resources for your telemedicine app development can only be known after careful evaluation by our experts, there are some resources that every person aiming for mobile app development should hire.  

    Project manager, designer, testers, front-end developer, back-end developer, and API developer. 

    7. Do you offer after-sales support and maintenance services?

    We are known to offer reliable and cost-effective post-launch support to help you eliminate any issues regarding your custom telemedicine app. Our post-launch services include:    

    • Data migration    
    • Platform migration    
    • Technology update    
    • Features addition   
    • Testing    
    • UI/UX, and more   

    8. How Much Does It Cost to Develop a Telemedicine App?

     Custom telemedicine app development takes a lot of factors into consideration. So, an exact telemedicine development cost varies for different businesses. The type of features you choose, technologies used, the number of resources hired, and even the engagement model you selected, many factors impact your telemedicine app development cost. Hence, we offer a free consultation service to analyze your requirements and offer you an exact quote for your project. You can book a complimentary 30-minute expert consultation for your project right away!   

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