Everything You Need to Know About Dedicated Hiring Model

Updated on Jun 6th, 2022

Everything You Need to Know About Dedicated Hiring Model

In general, the businesses and organizations that are aware of the complexities that are present while developing the apps-in-house, or the businesses who are unable to make long-term commitments, must think of hiring the dedicated developers.

By hiring the developers, one gets access to technology, experience, knowledge as well as the architecture which is required to complete the most complex app project in a short period. 

“The statista show that around $288 billion has been spent globally for IT outsourcing services. 

However, the survey done by Deloitte shows that 53% of businesses outsource their IT functions. And as per another IT sourcing report, small businesses invest 6.1% of their IT budget in IT outsourcing. While mid-sized firms invest 4.6% and large organizations invest 7.4%.” 

The figures above show the advantages of outsourcing as it has huge popularity among the industries. Outsourcing helps you reduce as well as control the expenses. And improves the performance of your business too. Let’s throw some more light on the dedicated hiring model. 

What do We Know about a Dedicated Hiring Model? 

Dedicated Developer Model

Well, the dedicated hiring model is the most effective and efficient model when it comes to fixed costing because it provides very close coordination with the offshore resources, which also includes flexibility and significant control over the funds. However, there are several clients who hire dedicated developers for the success of their products and services. 

Within the dedicated hiring model, the outsourcing companies provide it’s skilled and well-experienced employees to the clients who can complete the target and the projects assigned by the client and meet their needs and requirements on the given specific time. In other words, hire dedicated developers who are intelligent, efficient, and have in-depth knowledge of the development platforms needed for the completion of the project. 

The dedicated hiring model is most of the time used for long-term projects. This model is regarded as the best model of engagement as compared to your in-house human resources. Hiring a dedicated developer is helpful as it reduces the product’s time to the market by almost around 37%. The reason being, developers are passionate about the particular techniques and technologies which are mapped with the client’s requirements. Although, collaboration with an outsourcing firm is trickier as well. You must have the complete knowledge of the scope of your project, the compelling pricing model, IT outsourcing methodologies and practices as well to build a feature-rich app. 

How does Dedicated Hiring Model Work? 

Step 1:

The customer needs to highlight what he exactly wants and expects. He has to determine the number of employees he would be needing for the project and the skills they should possess.

Step 2:

The provider hires dedicated employees that correspond to the project requirements. The employees together with the customer agree upon the workload of the project requirements including the given amount of time. 

Step 3:

The specialists are then gathered into the team and start working during regular hours. 

Step 4:

The client has full control over the employees and the project. Whereas, the dedicated employees are concentrated on yielding the best results. 

Advantages of Dedicated Hiring Model:

1: Hire the best talent available

With a dedicated hiring approach, you have the option of choosing the best talent which will support you in your programming needs. And this way, you will get specialized people in nearly all fields, which include net, magneto, JAVA, PHP, and many more. This approach enables you to increase or decrease your team according to your needs with time to optimize the operational costs. 

2: Ax your overheads 

The outsourcing vendors take care of your team completely. They support the infrastructure like the hardware and software. Hence, it negates the focus on unnecessary tasks while concentrating more on actual tasks. 

3: Remotely manage your offshore team

Outsourcing team equips your team with the essential communication support that involves video conferencing, PC sharing, high-speed internet sharing as well as mobile connectivity, through which you gain real control not only over your virtual employees by monitoring them but also over project planning as the knowledge is kept within your range. 

4: Bypass legal boundaries

Your dedicated team is probably spread all over the world, serving the needs. Irrespective of that, you can save yourself from digging into the legal issues, government clearances, taxes, and even company registration specific to the laws of the land, be it Asia or North America.  

5: Control over data security

With the cloud-based servers owned by your company, all the essential details are stored within your servers. As virtual employees in many developing companies have access to sensitive information about your company. Also, data security is of utmost importance for the well-established and reputed outsourcing vendors.

6: Nurture long-term relationship

Your in-house resources work in continuous collaboration with the dedicated offshore team, and this constant working over several projects develops a level of understanding between culturally different groups and hence, nourishes strong working relationships among them.   

Disadvantages of Dedicated Hiring Model:

Despite, the number of advantages of the dedicated hiring approach, it has some disadvantages which are as follows:

1: Low efficiency for Short-Term Projects

As said in the introduction, the model is best suitable for long-term projects. And within this significant time, the team gets time to grow together. But, when there is a short-term project, it is better to use another model of development. 

2: Hiring the right team may take time 

You have to be wholly involved in the process of selecting dedicated team members. Or else, the work of the team you selected might yield disappointing results. Moreover, it is very crucial to understand the pros and cons of the dedicated hiring model to make the right choice.

The approach indicates that the team will be wholly dedicated to achieving the goals of the client, but it requires your complete involvement in all the working processes at the same time. 

3: Doesn’t Fit All Projects

Hiring a professional and well-established dedicated team for a pilot project doesn’t make any sense. Most of the time, it happens that the short term projects have precise specifications, requirements, as well as deadlines. It doesn’t demand too much involvement of the human resources and work better under a fixed cost or time and material pricing scheme. 

Whereas, a dedicated team model is best to apply to the projects having definite goals and requirements, which takes three months+ to accomplish. This approach is ideal specifically for long term partnerships — for instance, ongoing product support and development. 

4: The flexibility of Specs

This is the logical outcome of the previous point, as the best way to reach the defined goals in conditions of uncertainty is unknown, while the team has to experiment. This implies that the project specifications are subject to change anytime. And the dedicated team would suggest their views as well as the vision of the ways to deal with the challenges, and this may result in the final product, which could differ from the customer’s expectations. 

5: Time- Consuming

The clients can keep their hands off the pulse of the project, but it is going to consume much time. When the clients are afraid that the dedicated team will chill, instead of working on the plans, they are going to devote too much time and effort in controlling the processes and syncing up with the team. And unfortunately, control could be too tight and can damage the project outcomes. The only way to avoid these kinds of situations is to establish trust within the teams from the very first steps of the project. If the clients go for a partnership with any of the reputable managed service providers and participate actively in the process of selecting the project management teams, which also includes interviewing the candidates and on-boarding the team to a project, and the rest can be left in the hands of a PM or Team lead. When the clients know that the daily report is full and authentic, they can concentrate on other important business tasks — and not controlling the remote development teams. 

Why do you need to hire a dedicated development team?

The technology is upgrading and progressing rapidly. If you are running an organization or a business with the focus on a particular sector or having a specific vision, then you’re probably too busy to catch up on the latest trends in web developmentAlthough, you see leveraging these trends is crucial for the business. Like every business, even its a small scale always benefits by investing in web or software developmentWith the rapid increase in the usage of technology across a vast number of industry domains, it is paramount for companies to keep up, and they can not do the same without specializing in the technology. And this is where one realizes the importance of the IT sourcing, sourcing your IT software-based services lets you focus on your mission and vision. Simultaneously, your IT outsourcing team makes sure that your business processes leverage the latest technologies. 

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How Matellio Runs a Dedicated Team Model?

There are both the advantages and disadvantages of the dedicated hiring model. As we could see, none of the shortcomings are dangerous, but keeping them in mind while working on the project helps better evaluate the project progress and act accordingly. While the primary condition to bring a remote software development project to an end is hiring your dedicated team from a reputable IT services provider. At Matellio, we have extensive experience of work on a dedicated team model. Together with clients, we mutually agree on the workload and project requirements for a specific amount of time. We provide IT professionals that suit the client’s needs. 

So, what are you waiting for? Hurry up! 

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