Fill the Skill Gap in your Team with Dedicated Developer Model

Hire dedicated developers and take your business to new heights by attaining equilibrium with the quality, time, and cost. Speed up the hiring process without investing in any training and administrative cost.
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    What is the Dedicated Developer Model?

    The Dedicated Developer model is designed to facilitate highly skilled resources to enterprises and help in filling the skill gap in their internal teams to enhance the quality of the projects. Matellio ensures an agile development methodology to make the final output exactly as per your business needs. Most enterprises prefer the dedicated developer model as it delivers extreme feasibility and reduces overall operating costs.
    Businesses can use dedicated resources to develop unique projects and reduce the time to market. Certified resources can be hired on a full-time, part-time, and hourly basis to fulfill all the project development needs. Our developers associated with the dedicated developer model are highly trained and possess vast and diversified experience in terms of technologies. Businesses can hire dedicated resources for their projects at any development stage.

    When Should You Choose a Dedicated Developer Model?

    1. Task Ownership

    Our team of dedicated developers takes ownership of their work and delivers extreme results to meet your requirements. Be it any technology or framework, hire the most dedicated experts that have years-long experience in that niche with our dedicated developer model.

    2. Transparency

    We believe in complete transparency, and our team of developers ensures the security of your data and delivers optimum quality. You can get constant updates on your project, and can even scale your dedicated team of developers using our cost-effective staff augmentation services.

    3. Next-gen Technologies

    Introduce next-gen capabilities like AI, ML, IoT, and Blockchain to your existing legacy system by hiring dedicated experts at flexible pricing with our Dedicated Developer model. Our team of developers is well versed with next-gen technologies to introduce innovation in your unique projects.

    4. Optimum Quality

    Get the finest quality of digital product matching your expectations and the latest market trends with our certified developers. Hire the best industry experts at flexible pricing models using our cost-effective Dedicated Developers model to achieve excellence for your custom enterprise solution development.

    5. Collaborative Teams

    Our flexible staff augmentation service allows you to easily scale your development team or hire other resources from different technologies without affecting your budget. So, easily satisfy all your project requirementsand assure best results for your custom project with our Dedicated Developers model.

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    Why Choose Matellio for Dedicated Developer Model?

    We deliver skills and experience that fit perfectly with your project's goals.
    Agile Development Approach

    We deliver excellence through our agile development methodologies, which are suitable for any type of project development.

    Enhanced Productivity
    Enhanced Productivity

    Our dedicated developers work with a result-oriented strategy that enables us to level up the overall productivity.

    Reduced Cost
    Reduced Cost

    We offer extremely cost-effective hiring models that can be introduced at any stage of the project development process.

    Custom Solutions

    We understand your requirements and goals with our experience; hence we deliver custom services that fit perfectly with your goals.

    Seamless Experience
    Seamless Experience

    Our team of highly skilled developers takes care of everything while you have full control over the development process.

    Quality Development

    When a team of experts with experience & a wide array of skills works on a project, you can rest assured about the quality.

    Process of Hiring Resources

    We don't complicate things; here is our simple process of hiring dedicated resources.
    • 1
      Request for Quotation

      Fill the Form
      Expert Consultation
      Market Analysis
      Idea Validation

    • 2
      Requirement Planning

      Define Requirements
      Cost and Time Estimation
      Non-Disclosure Agreement
      MVP Creation

    • 3
      Development & QA

      Hiring Dedicated Team
      Project Development
      Quality Assurance

    • 4
      Post-Launch Support

      Client Review
      After-Sales Support
      Data Backup

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    A few of our clients we previously worked with, along with their projects we worked upon.

    Frequently asked questions

    Need more information about the dedicated developer hiring model? We have curated a list of FAQs for your reference.

    1. What is a dedicated developer model?

    A dedicated developer model consists of proficient developers and experts who handle software development projects of any complexity, from startups to mid-size companies to enterprises. Our developers are highly skilled and work with extreme dedication to bringing out the best outcome by working alongside your in-house developers.

    2. Why should I choose the dedicated developer model?

    Hiring expert resources from a dedicated developer model can be beneficial in numerous ways; here are some of the benefits. 

    • An expected and determined budget 
    • The requirements can be modified during the development process 
    • Full authority over the administration of the team 
    • Highly skilled team 
    • Constant communication via various top channels

    3. How can I hire developers from your dedicated developer model?

    Our process of hiring the resources for your project development is extremely easy. 

    • Gather all the project requirements 
    • Our BA will consult you about all the requirements and financials involved.
    • In the next step, you can choose the resources as per your requirements.
    • The final step is completing all the formalities

    4. How can hiring resources from a dedicated developer model can reduce my project development costs?

    The main advantage of hiring resources from a dedicated developer model is the overall cost saving. Here are some reasons that make a dedicated developer model a cost-effective solution. 

    • No need for extra hiring cost 
    • No Training Expense 
    • Benefits of Technological Expertise 
    • Determine the Best Strategy for Your Project

    5. When should I hire dedicated developers for my project?

    There are various reasons that indicate the need for hiring resources to revamp your overall project development process. 

    • When you experience a skill gap in your team 
    • When you want to save money by hiring temporary resources 
    • When your business is struggling to manage the in-house development team
    • When you feel there is a lack of innovation and new technologies in your project development

    6. How will I manage the resources hired from a dedicated developer model?

    Our teams of proficient developers are extremely trained and are perfectly capable of managing your project development process. However, we follow a result-oriented strategy that allows your business to manage the team efficiently. 

    • Determine and plan the expectations.
    • Decide the deadlines for each task
    • Assign developers to tasks, respectively
    • Deliver real-time updates
    • Share files in one place

    8. How do I communicate with my hired team in case of time zone differences?

    We have a wide array of modern communication channels to keep you in constant communication with your hired team. Along with constant communication, we decide a common time that works for you and the team to organize meetings, and we send all the updates related to your projects at a regular interval.

    9. What other models do you offer apart from a dedicated developer model?

    We offer a wide variety of staff augmentation models apart from the dedicated developer model to fill the skill gap in your team and enhance the quality of your project development process.  

    • Time and Material Hiring Model
    • Turnkey Project Model
    • Custom Hiring Model