How Does Enterprise Data Warehouse Benefit your Business?

Updated on May 6th, 2024

How Does Enterprise Data Warehouse Benefit Your Business

Enterprise data warehouses allow businesses to conduct online business analytical analysis and give users information into how their businesses operate. This is accomplished by gaining access to data housed in various corporate systems. Data warehouses contain information that can help business owners make more informed decisions and develop a more effective strategy. Intelligence tools to extract information that can assist businesses in making well-informed data-driven choices.  

As per the research, from 2021 to 2026, the enterprise data warehouse market is predicted to grow at a CAGR of 20.42 percent, resulting in a USD 14.56 billion growth in the market share.  

Looking at the market research, it is very clear that the demand for efficient enterprise data warehouse solutions will increase in the coming years.  

But, what is an Enterprise Data Warehouse? And why is it so useful for businesses?  

Well, let’s talk about it! 

  • Data warehouses contain information that can help business owners make more informed decisions and develop more effective strategies.
  • As per the research, from 2021 to 2026, the enterprise data warehouse market is predicted to grow at a CAGR of 20.42 percent, resulting in a USD 14.56 billion growth in the market share.
  • It is very clear that the demand for efficient custom enterprise data warehouse solutions will increase in the coming years.

What is an Enterprise Data Warehouse? 

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An enterprise data warehouse is a relational data warehouse that stores business information, such as clients information and many others. Apart from this, analytics, which can lead to actionable insights, is made possible by an EDW. Enterprise data warehouse solutions, like every data warehouse, collect and consolidate data from a variety of sources, functioning as a central repository for most or all business information to allow for easy processing and retrieval. All authorized persons have access to the data, and the warehouse provides assistance in the form of in-depth analytics and comprehensive, easy-to-understand reports.  

Why is it so Beneficial for Businesses in 2022 and The Coming Years? 

Enterprise data warehouse solutions hold both current and historical data, such as real-time flows or the most recent copies from data sources. As they continually keep final, non-redundant business information in one location. EDWs also serve as storage platforms for real-time analytical procedures 

An enterprise data warehouse software improves the availability and accessibility of relevant, cross-organizational data, allowing for more comprehensive observations and better decision-making. This translates to higher ROI and increased corporate growth through faster progress.  

Apart from the above, it comes with the following benefits!  

  • Business users may easily access essential information from a multitude of sources using a data warehouse.
  • The enterprise data warehouse delivers consistent data on a variety of cross-functional tasks. It also allows for ad-hoc reporting and querying.
  • A vast volume of historical data is stored in a data warehouse. This allows users to compare and contrast different historical periods and patterns to forecast the coming years.
  • The Enterprise Data Warehouse assists in the integration of multiple data sources in order to alleviate stress on the production system.
  • An EDW strengthens an organization’s power to create insights more quickly and gives enterprises a competitive edge.
  • EDWs clean up data by removing extraneous or irrelevant information and enhancing overall data accuracy.
  • The implementation of a data warehouse can help to speed up the analysis and reporting process.

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How Will Enterprise Data Warehouse Affect Businesses? 

There are numerous advantages to having availability to an efficient enterprise data warehouse. The following are some of the most significant advantages provided by enterprise data warehouses 

How Will Enterprise Data Warehouse Affect Businesses (1)

Enhances Query Performance 

Constant business intelligence queries, from traditional databases to data stores, can impose a burden on an analytics infrastructure. The usage of an enterprise data warehouse to better handle queries relieves some of the strain on the system. 

Furthermore, because a data warehouse is designed to handle large amounts of data and a variety of complex queries, it is the backbone of every company’s data analytics strategy.  

Ensures Higher Data Consistency 

Data warehouses assist businesses with more reliable and consistent data by combining data from numerous sources and transforming it into a single format. Standardized data is more likely to be accurate, allowing businesses to make better judgments. Enterprise Data warehouse solutions can be used by individual departments such as operations, finance, marketing, and sales to create their own reports and queries. As a result, each unit will provide outcomes that are consistent with those of the other units in the organization. This encourages collaboration and trust in the organization’s data.  

Better ROI 

Return on investment leads to the amount in revenue that a company receives as a result of an investment. The drop in expenditures that a business gets as a result of an investment or a project is sometimes referred to as ROI. Businesses can use data warehouses software solutions to improve profits or minimize the costs by accessing their data. According to research, business information can have a significant impact on a company’s financial situation.  

Ensures Higher Efficiency

Collecting data from numerous sources takes a long time for a business user or a data analyst. It’s significantly much more convenient to have all of this information in one location, which is why a data warehouse is so useful. 

Furthermore, if your data scientist requires data to run a quick report, they do not seek support from tech support to complete this activity. A data warehouse makes this information readily available — in the correct format – boosting the overall process efficiency.  

Boost Business Intelligence 

Enterprise data warehouses make data more accessible, making it easier for business owners to acquire information into their operations. This removes the need for business administrators to make judgments based on incomplete information or gut intuition. All decisions that affect a company’s strategy and operations are based on reliable facts that really should be supported by data from the data warehouse. Statistics and details can indeed be retrieved from an enterprise data warehouse before making a decision. Furthermore, data warehouses allow businesses to immediately connect business intelligence with data warehousing to aid in financial planning, inventory control, sales, and segmentation choices.  

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Cloud-Based Enterprise Data Warehouse: Quick Overview! 

A cloud data warehouse provides flexibility, allowing it to be set up in minutes rather than weeks and scaled up or down as needed. Legacy on-premises data warehouses must modernize by shifting to the cloud in order to continue to give value and integrate into a modern analytics environment. Businesses will be able to store data at a low-cost thanks to the cloud-based enterprise data warehouse. An enterprise data warehouse can help businesses speed up their operations.  

Not only can a cloud-based enterprise data warehouse help businesses save money, but it can also let them analyze data in real-time. When firms begin to embrace EDW, they will be able to transition to a data-driven management paradigm. 

Some of the Benefits of Cloud-Based Enterprise Data Warehouse Solutions
The cloud provides infrastructure as a subscription-based pay-as-you-go service. Updates and patches are indeed also included in the subscription and are periodic.
Cloud EDWs safeguard data with always-on, end-to-end encryption and developed data loss prevention, and they rapidly adapt to new security concerns by running solutions. compliance standards are also addressed by the cloud-based enterprise data warehouses.
Many cloud EDWs are designed to scale over many availability zones or data centers, ensuring high availability. When a data center is down, work is shifted to another available data center, and the user is unaware of the disruption.
Legacy systems lack the speed and scalability that cloud EDWs provide. The cloud architecture allows for rapid scaling to meet practically any computational demand.

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How to Choose the Best Enterprise Data Warehouse? 

Consider the below-mentioned points in order to select the best enterprise data warehouse: 

Steps to Choose the Best Enterprise Data Warehouse

Note your Requirements 

It’s critical to figure out your requirements and unique use cases. Because businesses must cope with changing business situations, it might be difficult to understand the requirements of a data warehouse project. Because your business requirements will change over time, you may want to evaluate data warehouse solutions based on capabilities rather than their capacity to produce precise report outcomes. Consider that a data warehouse is much more than a system for generating reports. To get valuable insights and make data-driven decisions, you’ll want to examine and analyze data in a variety of ways. 

Check Cost

Many costs related to a data warehouse are sometimes overlooked or underestimated. To ensure that a data warehouse system offers value to the firm, the overall costs over its lifecycle must be assessed. Regardless of whether you buy or build your own data warehouse, the cost of ownership can differ. Keep in mind that cost estimation is critical, but it’s also important to evaluate the project based on the value it can provide to your company rather than just the expenditures.  

Check Scalability

Scalability is one of the data warehouses concerns that can impact your investment’s profitability and sustainability and your business’s ability to stay data-driven. You should look for data warehouse solutions that can satisfy your analytic needs in the future, so you don’t have to reinvest every time your company or business expands. 

Apart from these, there’re many other factors that you need to consider. As per the experts, it’s better to build a custom enterprise data warehouse.  

But, why? 

There are several data warehouses on the market, but you should opt for an automated solution that allows you to tailor data according to your individual needs. Rather than using an enterprise data warehouse, consider developing a custom enterprise data warehouse solution because it will make the process of setting up your data warehouse much easier. 

It can assist you in achieving a faster time-to-value for your analytics activities. It can also be a cost-effective solution, saving you both real and potential costs over time.  

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Enterprise data warehouse solutions allow businesses to conduct online business analytical analysis and give users information into how their businesses operate. This is accomplished by gaining access to data housed in a variety of corporate systems. Data warehouses contain information that can help business owners make more informed decisions and develop more effective strategies. Undoubtedly, more businesses, particularly small and medium-sized businesses, will begin to employ EDW in the future. Small and medium businesses will save money and have less management risk as a result of enterprise data warehouse solutions.

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