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Data, be it structured or unstructured- is an untapped resource of intelligence that can enhance operations and support operations. As data continuously diversifies, more organizations embrace AI-powered Predictive Analytics for getting valuable insights.

What is AI-based Predictive Analytics?

Predictive Analytics is a process of availing data mining, statistics, and modeling to make predictions. The solutions mines and analyzes the historical trends for making predictions. Predictive Analytics powered by AI can take the data inputs and provide valuable information like which leads to score as a potential customer, audience consumption behavior, and website actions. This, in return, aids in better decision making and increased efficiency.

Data Mining

Data Modeling


AI algorithms

Features of an AI-based Predictive Analytics Software

The AI-powered Predictive Analytics facilitates data-driven activities with a feature-rich solution.

Predictive Analytics Modeling

Avail Predictive algorithms coupled with machine learning techniques and forecast data-driven results.

Data Visualization

Analyze, share, and present data using data visualization techniques and our augmented data discovery tools.

Self serve Data Preparation

Assists the users to shape, reduce, explore, and aggregate data without the need for any programming software.

Clickless Analytics

Analytics powered by NLP techniques provides a Google-type similar interface for composing questions.

Auto Insights

AI-powered analytics interprets data sets by applying algorithms for producing precise and clear results.

Anomaly Detection

Anomaly detection analyzes and pinpoints any unusual operations and reasons behind any failures of campaigns.

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Industry Cases

AI-based Predictive Analytics offers data insights in numerous industries.


Predictive Analytics untapped the full potential in this sector by deriving actionable insights from the huge amount of data.


AI-based Analytics assists financial managers in creating modeling scenarios, forecasting results by providing a 360-degree view.

HR Analytics

Untap the power of your HR systems data and get overall visibility into essential metrics right from the recruitment to promotion.


AI-powered Predictive analytics reduces the insights time by allowing manufacturers to manage time-series data from a single source.

Supply Chain

The analytics kit drives tangible results with partners, customers, and the complete supply chain process by availing real-time data.

Sales & Marketing

The AI-enabled technology assists in understanding pricing trends and sales metrics for increasing your company’s overall sales performance.

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