How Much Does It Cost to Redesign a Website in 2022?

Updated on Sep 10th, 2021

Does low traffic or a dip in the number of visitors on your website affecting your lead conversion rate? To be honest, you are not the only one; many websites on the internet are dealing with the same problem, and it can be easily fixed with a website redesign. The internet has given numerous companies their breakthrough; some are only prosperous because of the mere presence of it, but does only having a website is enough to make your business successful? The answer is not that simple. When people are searching for the products or services that meet their needs, they glean not only the design of your business website but also the quality of performance it delivers. That’s where website redesign services come into the picture. Your website should be able to awe the customers by the looks and powerful performance. The term performance is not only used for the speed at which the website operates but also the site navigation. 

Website redesign is not only associated with revamping the overall look of the website but also enhancing various other factors that make a business website popular. A website whose page load time is higher will never be able to attract a hoard of customers even though the services delivered on the platform are extraordinary. In the current times, everyone hates being slow, whether it’s a website or a food chain. The same goes for content and the keywords being used on the website. We know website redesign is necessary to dodge the competition in the current times, but the question is, how much does it cost to redesign a website? Let’s find out. 

What is a Website Redesign? 

When it comes to website redesign, there is a common misconception among the crowd that it is only associated with enhancing the look and feel of the design. Well, there is no denying the fact that it has to deal with the revamping of the look and feel of the website, but it also includes various other factors into the process. In fact, it consists of several processes that enhance the code and the presentation of your website. 

Let us understand it with an example. Suppose you have a vintage car, and you want to get a good price for the same, but it has not got that appealing look and feel. You contact a designer and keep the parts that are of value, such as the engine, the transmission, the brakes, the power shaft, and the differential. The designer then proceeds to repaint the car, revamp the interior, replace broken parts, and polishes the transmission. Now you can get a good price for your vintage car. 

Website redesign is the same as the above-mentioned process; just replace the valuable parts with the important parts of your website that reflect your business’s ethics and values. However, most of the companies in the market opt for a common list of revamps in their websites, such as server update, branding update, SSL certificates, UX design, website template update, mobile-friendly design, introducing new products, and much more. Whatever services you choose, the ultimate goal is to receive significant traffic and great conversion rates.

Why You Need Website Redesign? 

The attention span of human beings is quite short; as per the reports before the year 2000, it was twelve seconds, and as of now, it is only eight seconds. No, we are not distracted from the topic; we are still talking about the need for website redesigning. The reason for stating this fact is, in fact, extremely relevant to your website; it means your website only has eight to twelve seconds to grab the attention of potential prospects before they bounce to other websites. 

There are tons of reasons you would want to redesign your website; it starts from low conversion rate, the most important factor for a business. The second key reason is the customer satisfaction rate; maybe the customers were not enjoying the experience your website is providing. If we talk about the benefits your website will receive from redesigning it, the list will never end, but here are some of the prime benefits you will attract.

  • Your website will be more user-friendly, which will help in extending the average browsing time of a customer. 
  • Your business will stay updated with all the latest trends and compliances. 
  • Making your website attractive and a treat for the eyes will attract customers. 
  • A revamped website will always be a step ahead of the competition. 
  • The use of ultra-modern web development technologies will enhance the overall performance of the website. 
  • Enhanced performance and the new approach of presenting the website will make customers more interested in dealing in.

How to Redesign a Website? 

Change always brings out the best in you; the same phrase is valid for everything. Redesigning your website can turn up the results in terms of revenue generation, conversions, longer sessions, and much more. The redesigning process has a lot of components involved that are crucial for the upliftment of the website. Apart from enhancing the look and feel, you may have to revamp the core of the website. The process is called rewiring; two other processes join the latter; rebuild and remodel. Let’s understand the ideal approach to redesign a website.

Know Your Current Position

The most important step of any process is the initial one; start by evaluating your position in the market, among other parameters. Get to the root cause of the problem because of which you want to redesign the website, whether it is the look, performance, content, code, and much more. Evaluating the current situation will help you in getting an idea of the work that is to be done. There will be something that you want to be updated and some to be completely built straight from scratch. 

Confirm the Destination

Now that you have located the problem and reason for redesigning, it’s time to lock the destination. There must be an image in your mind palace about the final position of the website; draw it on paper. These goals will define the final outcome of the updated website. Any business owner would want his/her website to get a high rank in the SERPs, be user-friendly, enhanced conversion rate, have more visibility, and much more. You need to describe your goals with your web development partner to get the desired results.

Lay Out the Plan

At this point, you have the reason and the solution for the question; why redesign? The next step consists of laying out the plan for the execution of the redesigning to get the expected results. It all comes down to fact-enriched market research. Get all the facts and the trends about an ideal website design that customers like the most. Check out your competitor’s website, their strategies, the expectations of the users, and other related facts. With all these data sets, draw an effective guide to make your website the most desired one in the genre. 

Keep the Valuables

Do you remember the example about that vintage car in the first section of this blog? The next step is mostly about that same process. There are various things in your website that are worth keeping, such as pages that are optimized for search engines and are performing well; they can be considered as the valuables of your website as removing them might cause a severe drop in the ranking and the traffic. You can always ask your web development company to redirect those pages to the new website. 

Selecting the Perfect Web Design Services Provider

At this stage, you have all the data needed to proceed with the process only thing remaining is a reliable web development partner. Remember, selecting a trustworthy company is also important for the overall website redesign cost. Search the market for a web development company that can meet your expectation. Compare the ratings and reviews, check out the portfolios, and choose the one that fits your budget and end goals. 


Factors Affecting the Cost of Website Redesigning 

Redesigning a website doesn’t come cheap it comes with a price. But the website redesign cost can be affected by a lot of factors that are associated with the process. It totally depends on your expectations and the mandatory work on the website. It would be helpful if you have a discussion with your in-house regarding the budget of the project you can allot. A discussion will give you a clear answer about a figure which can be spent on the process, which will be extremely beneficial in the future steps. Here are some of the most important factors that affect the overall website redesign cost.

Size of the Website

The size of the website matter; it would help in determining the amount of actual work to be done. Based on the amount of work, you can calculate the hours of work and thus the price. It’s a simple fact, the smaller the website will be, the cheaper the redesigning will be, and vice versa. However, it totally depends on the charges of the development company; different companies have different prices. 


In current times, most users love to access everything on their smartphones, including websites; this implicates the need for a mobile-friendly website. The complexity of the work in the website is bound to increase the overall cost of redesigning. The complexity of a website depends on various factors such as integrations, functionalities, quality of content, CMS, database, etc. These factors would surely fluctuate the prices of the redesigning.

Business Requirements 

Apart from the website’s needs, your business will also have a set of expectations from the redesign. These expectations will also have a direct effect on the overall process. There are two types of solutions involved in redesigning; you can either choose a custom solution or just select an off-the-shelf design. A custom design will fluctuate the web redesign cost, but it will be best for the business as it will cover all the needs of the website. On the other hand, an off-shelf design solution will not deliver the desired flexibility.

Content Management System

A CMS can be described as a system that handles the content of the complete website. It helps in effectively creating, editing, and managing the content of your website. The choice of a CMS can also fluctuate the cost of the overall redesigning; the choice of the CMS should align with the functionality present on the admin panel of the website. However, there are both free and paid options available out there of CMS, but there is also the option to get a custom CMS. 


If you want your website to be displayed in the top SERPs, SEO is the key. Most people think SEO starts after completing the website; the fact states otherwise. The more your website will be SEO friendly, the more traffic and conversions it will attract. Obviously, implementing correct SEO will enhance the ranking of the website, but it will also fluctuate the price of the process. 


Writing is an art, and art doesn’t come cheap. Your website content should be unique and SEO friendly; Google loves websites with quality and unique content. Revamping the website would require updating the content, which means you have to hire writers/copywriters. 

Hiring a Web Development Partner 

You always have the option to hire a freelance team, but they lack resources sometimes that may take things south. You can also assign the task to your in-house team, but the final product may not match the level of your expectations. The final and the most effective option is hiring a full-fledged web development company with excellent ratings and reviews. Hire the one that suits your requirements and budget.

Planning-to-Redesign-Your-Website-Using-Latest-Technology-TrendsReady to Redesign Your Website? 

Redesigning a website can be a complex task at times; it all depends on the business requirements and the development company’s resources. Every business in the global market wants its website to be at the top position of its genre in terms of customer satisfaction and revenue figures. Your business can get to the top spot, too, provided it fulfills all the regulations and stays updated with the trends, such as being a website with a responsive design. A website with a responsive design is far more likely to attract customers than the one with an unresponsive design. 

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