How Personalization Can Lower E-commerce Website Bounce Rates?

Updated on Jan 22nd, 2024

How Personalization Can Lower E-commerce Website Bounce Rates?

In today’s digital world, nearly every leading retail brand has an online store. However, everyday, an eCommerce store dies because of high bounce rate, and a significant reason for this is lack of personalization! An online visitor visits your store, but leaves after a fraction of seconds without making any purchase.

Even after constant efforts and marketing, you are not getting enough opportunities to convert the online visitors into your valuable customers! Eventually, your bounce rate is high and that is impacting your overall sales and revenues. But, what exactly is this bounce rate, and how can you reduce it to make more profits and revenues? That’s what our today’s article is all about!

In this article, we will be discussing everything about bounce rate and how personalization can lower your eCommerce website’s bounce rate. So, let’s get started! But, first things first

What is Bounce Rate?

To put it simply, bounce rate is a vital key metric of your eCommerce website. It is the percentage of the visitors who left your website without making a purchase or adding any items to the cart. That could be any reason like loading error, improper design, lack of user-friendliness, and no matching products.

There are many analytics tools that you can use to calculate the bounce rate of your eCommerce website. Google analytics is the best tool that can provide you an accurate percentage of the people that left your website in a few seconds. A higher bounce rate generally signifies that there is a major fault in your website that is stopping the people to make a purchase.

But, why is your website’s bounce rate increasing?

Well, there could be many reasons for an increased bounce rate. To name a few, we have:

  • Poor design of the eCommerce website
  • Lack of user-friendly functionalities
  • Confusing UI/UX
  • Too many advertisements and pop-ups
  • No relevant products
  • Poor rankings and reviews
  • No call-to-actions
  • Confused site navigation

So, what could be done to reduce the bounce rate and increase the conversion of your eCommerce store? The answer is certain – eCommerce personalization!

Personalization is a common term in today’s digital world. Nearly everyone today likes to get special treatment from the brand they are indulged with. Getting personal suggestions, special offers, and prior updates about new launches are all part of the personalized services.

With eCommerce personalization, you can lure more customers and can even entice the existing ones by giving them personalized services. By offering tailored fit messages and personal shopping assistance to your valuable users, you could make them satisfied and happy. And not to mention, a happy customer is the best source of marketing and business growth!

For personalized services, you could gather customer data through demographics, surveys, and other relevant AI tools. Even dedicated mobile apps could help you gain better insights on the needs and wants of your target audience!


How can eCommerce Personalization Reduce the Bounce Rate of your Website?

Now that you are aware of the term personalization, let’s see how personalized services reduce the bounce rate of your eCommerce website! We already discussed that the major reason why customers leave a website is because of lack of personalization. In fact, almost 33% of the online visitors leave a website forever because of insufficient personalization!

Hence, personalized services not only attract new users, but also compel your existing customers to continue buying from your online store. As per a study by Deloiite, over 48% of the people reported that they would happily wait a bit longer to receive their products if they would get personalized services.

Furthermore, there are lot more benefits that personalized services offers to the eCommerce website owners:

  • Better Conversions : Personalized services tend to attract more online visitors into valuable customers.
  • Increased Sales : With more conversion rates, the sales will rise, resulting in better profits and increased revenues.
  • Improved Loyalty : If customers would constantly get personalized services, then they will not go anywhere else, and hence customer loyalty will automatically increase.

Hence, personalization is much needed to reduce the bounce rate of your eCommerce website. It not only helps you retain your existing customers and increase sales, but even increases the customer loyalty which is a vital aspect for any business.

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8 Compelling Personalization Tips to Reduce the eCommerce Website’s Bounce Rate

Now that you know the benefits of personalization, let us quickly discuss the 8 most compelling personalization tips that are must-have to reduce your website’s bounce rate!

1. Work on Personalized Homepage

Gone are the days when personalization was only meant to address the customer by their name. Today, many successful eCommerce marketers are investing in a personalized homepage. Homepage is the first landing page that your users come across. Whenever anyone search you over the net, they first encounter your homepage.

In fact, as per a research, personalized homepage can uplift your sales by almost 7%! So, what could be done to personalize your homepage? Invest in good and simple yet intuitive content for your website. Change the appearance and content of your eCommerce website for two different users, namely, new and existing ones!

For your new visitors, who are not familiar with your site, the navigation functionality should be clear and concise. They should not feel confused and lost when surfing your website. For that, welcoming messages, short descriptions, trending products, and CTAs could help you a lot!

An example of that is Banggod, which has a personalized homepage for its new users with some discounts and offers.

eCommerce-Website-Personalized-HomepageFor the existing customers, those who returned after a long time to your site, a personalized thanking message with personal suggestions and rewards section could do the work! You can tell them how delighted you are to see them back after a long time and can even offer some rewards and special discounts as a loyal customer.

2. Make Custom Search Results Page

The next tip to reduce your bounce rate with personalization is to make search results more specific and user-friendly. Leveraging AI-driven tools and smart recommendation systems could help your users to find the relevant products seamlessly.

The smart AI tools could analyze the interests and needs of the user based on their past purchase history, and can recommend the relevant products to them for enhanced user-experience. You can even offer the image search and smart search functionality on the top of your homepage to enable users to search their favourite products more easily.

For instance, if a user began typing something on your search bar with the letter T, then all the products starting with that letter should be displayed in the results.

E-commerce-Website-Custom Search Results-PageYou can even create a personalized search page   for your existing customers that could show the relevant products, purchases made in the past, interested products, wishlist items, and much more. Remember, your eCommerce website should make it simple for the users to search their favourite products, and should even suggest items based on their past purchases.

Personalized services like these could seamlessly enhance your user-experience, and can compel users to make a purchase. Wishlist and stock-ending alerts could also help you to bring your customers to your website, for making a purchase.

3. Offer Browsing History

As discussed earlier, browsing history and past purchases not only helps your AI system to know what the user is interested in, but even enhances your user-experience. The customers feel privileged that you as a brand, have remembered their purchases and interest, and that what makes them your true and loyal customers.

Offering a browsing history, or mostly viewed items tab on the homepage, could even enhance the searching process. The users could easily find the products they were looking at and that eventually cuts the searching time.

Moreover, if they have forgotten to add any specific product in cart or wish list, then also they can find those products seamlessly using the browsing history option.

4. Experiment with Content and Messaging

Content and designing plays a crucial role in any sort of online store or eCommerce website. The type of content you include and the designing features, color choices, and buttons, reflects the services and products you are offering to the online visitors. Every visitor, coming to your site may have different needs and wants.

Some of them may be completely new to your website, while others may have heard about you but have not made any purchase from your site. There may be some more visitors who could be your loyal customers from past some months! So, displaying the same content to all those different users could be a big turn-off for them.

Hence, personalizing the user-experience by experimenting with different content for different users should be your priority. For instance, if a new user is browsing your site or searching for a specific product, then you can offer them a sign-up discount or new user discount. Similarly, for an existing customer, you will have to reframe your messages to special offers, or personalized one-to-one offers.

Personalized offers and special discounts not only compel the new users to make a purchase, but even entice the existing ones to remain on your store forever!

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5. Segregate your Users

As discussed earlier, each online website has different users. Some are new, some are existing, while others may know you but might not have made a purchase from your online store. In such a scenario, it is best recommended to segregate your users on the basis of their past purchases, interests, geographical locations, and so on.

As per a research, almost 39% of the B2C marketers agreed that segregating their users increased their engagement rate, while 24% said that their ROI increased because of user-segmentation. By segregation your users, you could frame different marketing email for different users. That means, only those, who are relevant to a particular mail campaign will receive that specific mail.

Moreover, you could also know what specific product or service will be most beneficial to send to each group. That will not only provide a personalized service to your users, but will even increase the chances of purchases. Customers will get only those products or services that they are interested in, and that will compel them to buy those products.

6. Use Exit-Intent Popups

It is often seen that popups and irrelevant ads or messages may irritate the users and can even force them to leave your eCommerce site forever. However, what if I say that these pop ups could even help you hold back your visitor for a longer time? Yes, you heard it right! Exit-Intent popups are one of a kind that can enable your online visitors to stay back at your site, or even to make a purchase!

An exit-intent popup is displayed when a user is about to leave your website, or when no activity has been registered for a long time. Those pop ups help to grab the attention of the visitor either through a personalized offer or some exciting products. You can evben leverage the exit-intent popups to capture the email address or contact details of the user, so that they can be targeted through email campaigns.

However, remember that, exit-intent popup will only be your last chance to hold back your customers. Hence, the content and design of the popup should be really enticing and useful for the visitor. You need to analyze what the user was looking for on your site, or what made him visit your eCommerce store. Here’s an example of the exit-intent popups used by one of the leading online store.


7. Include Live Chat and Chatbot Options

Last but not least, never forget to include live chat or customer support options in your eCommerce website. Chat option is the most crucial and helpful aspect for any website. It not only helps you capture the needs and details of your customers, but even offers personal assistance to your online visitors.

Whether new, or old, the users have some cerrin questions in their minds when making a purchase or surfing a website. At that time, it might be possible that your customer support team is not available. Hence, leveraging chatbot in your website could solve the issue. With advanced ML and natural language processing tools, the new chatbots can understand the human emotions, and can even provide more realistic and user-friendly answers. Apart from that, live chat options would be best to serve your clients during the normal working hours.

All in all, providing support and personalized assistance to your customers and visitors could help you in the long-run of the eCommerce market. You could build trust in your customer’s heart, and that will eventually boost your sales and prospects.


Ready to Upgrade your eCommerce Website?

So, those were some of the ways in which personalization is helping the eCommerce marketers to reduce their website’s bounce rate. To conclude, we can say that, in today’s digital world, the customer-needs are evolving at a much greater pace, and to succeed you need to fulfill all those needs in the most effective way. Investing in a personalized eCommerce website is a sure-shot way to accomplish that goal and to enhance your brand value in today’s competitive market.

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