Artificial Intelligence in eCommerce
Build an AI-based eCommerce solution and deliver an unmatched shopping experience coupled with the power of data.

How AI is Transforming eCommerce Platforms?

From Natural Learning Processing techniques to machine learning algorithms, AI has revolutionized numerous industries today, including the multi-billion dollar eCommerce platforms. With AI integration, retailers can quickly identify datasets and patterns for creating a personalized buying experience. It has transformed the eCommerce Platforms in multiple ways, be it product recommendation, dynamic pricing models, or customer segmentation. Leverage Matellio designed AI-based eCommerce Platforms see the revenue numbers hitting sky!

Personalized Experience

Product Search

Dynamic Pricing

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Personalization with AI

Our solutions avail data science for analyzing user behavior and deliver a unique and personalized experience to every user.

Relevant Content

AI personalization techniques analyze the user preferences, which in turn leads to the delivery of relevant content.

Accurate Analysis

AI and ML algorithms can optimize content with such precision that human predictions and analysis can’t match.

Behavioral Insights

Behavioral Insights minimize the chances of flawed or biased decision-making as you know your audience better.

Improved ROI

With more contextual engagements, enhance investment returns and generate higher revenues leading to better conversions.

AI Use Cases in eCommerce

Product Searching

Matellio utilizes NLP (Natural Language Processing) techniques to help the customers for finding products that match their interests using keywords.

Personalized Recommendations

AI analyzes a specific customer’s shopping trends and browsing history, and then makes personalized product recommendations fitting their needs.

Product Categorization

AI automates the product categorization functionality, which makes the product and content search easier for customers and businesses, respectively.

Demand Forecasting

Using statistical models, forecasting demand improves supply chain efficiency. With AI, large amounts of data can be easily analyzed with precision.

Voice Assistant

Voice assistant smoothens the user experience by reducing the hassles of typing every time when they need to search, browse, or purchase something.

Customer Support

AI-based customer support agents never take a sick day, rest, or go on a vacation. Deploy them and avail 24/7 services even in case of urgency.

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