How To Build An App Like FilterBox?

Updated on Dec 27th, 2021


Managing notifications in the right order can be a tough task with so many applications. You often feel the urge only to get the meaningful and necessary notifications. That’s where notification manager app like FilterBox come into the picture. The global market is filled with notification manager apps that help you prioritize these notifications. You can set these notifications in different folders that distinguish them as per their usage and save you a lot of time and effort to look at all those notifications. 

Notification manager app like FilterBox help boost your business’s revenue and user count. As per a study, the push notification app development market size is projected to grow at 20.01 percent CAGR. That tells a lot more about the growth of mobile notification manager apps. 

Taking the significant growth rate of the notification manager apps in the global market into account, it is the right time to introduce your idea and attract users with a new or advanced set of features. We will guide you about the mobile app development process of an app like FilterBox with a step-by-step process. Let’s start with the introduction of the app. 

Key Takeaways:

  • Push notification app development market size is projected to grow at 20.01 percent CAGR.
  • Features to consider in your push notification app to stand out in the competitive market.
  • The mobile app development process of an app like FilterBox. 

About FilterBox App

FilterBox app

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FilterBox is a notification manager app that delivers a number of features to help users organize their notifications. The app is available on Google Play Store with more than 100,000 downloads. The app lets you create a set of rules for the notifications that helps in displaying you the specific category of notification in different situations.  

It kind of sorts the notifications like Gmail sorts your mail in order of priority; for instance, it will only primary app notifications to reach you during your set work hours and will separate the spam notifications.   

Users can set the time of a specific app’s notification, and FilterBox only shows you their notifications during the set hours. A similar rule can be created for the apps that you need on weekends or off-hours. However, certain app notifications are not urgent, but you want to see them get reminded of something or any work. FilterBox gives you an option to silence them; those notifications will not disturb you but will always be displayed on the notifications bar. 

Steps To Develop A Notification Manager App like FilterBox 

steps to develop a notification manager app

Step 1: Making A List Of Features

The global market is already quite full of popular notification manager apps, and something better or more needs to be offered to create a mark for your business in such a market. We’ve listed the most popular features below. With the perfection of our developers to create user-centric applications, there’s a great chance of success with your notification manager app like FilterBox.

Timeline History

Every app sends you notifications; the timeline feature helps you get an idea of when the notifications have been sent to you and align them in order. 

Personalized Filter Rules: Managing notifications takes a little bit of help from users; this feature helps in setting custom rules to dismiss/mute/postpone. Users can create rules with the help of keywords such as the name of the app, keyword, time, etc.


There are times when you miss an important notification by mistake or any other factor; the recover feature helps you get those notifications easily from the notification bar.


It is important to know which app is sending you more notifications for various purposes; the analytics feature helps you in performing detailed analysis statistics of your notifications.

Color Theme

The notification manager app does only perform one function; sorting your notifications hence, to make things interesting, a color theme can be extremely beneficial.


Just like any other app, the security of the notification manager is also important. It allows users to lock the app with their phone’s fingerprint security and password.

Payment Integration

Some features in the app come with a price; integration of an internal payment system helps users ease access.


The notification manager app handles almost every app’s data which presents the need for privacy. This feature helps you in keeping your data secure and private; the app should not send any data to any other network.

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Step 2: The Development Part

You can make various choices when proceeding towards the development of your notification manager app. To maximize your app’s popularity, you’ll need to choose app technology, development path, mobile app platforms, and marketing. Selecting the right development platform and technologies will save you money and shorten your time to market. Choosing the right development partners to guide you can significantly cut your development cost. 

The major decisions you need to make include:     

The Development Platform For Your Notification Manager App

There are two popular mobile application operating systems, iOS and Android; separate applications would be needed for both. Every business wants to have its apps on both these platforms for a better growth percentage. To do this, you need to create two separate applications. This equates to double the effort, cost, and double maintenance and support of the application. However, if you decide to compromise on something, cross-platform applications will be created using a single code base that’s definitely going to save a lot of capital. Let’s look at the opportunities.  

Native Applications: Native applications only run on one platform; if you want to target more, you’ll need two more different applications. In-house application development is most powerful in terms of mobile applications. Get the perfect apps to work on those platforms. The main disadvantages are the high cost of developing and maintaining two separate applications.  

Cross-Platform Applications: Cross-platform application development technologies such as React Native allow you to create an application that can run on multiple platforms with small changes. These applications are very powerful, but you will still miss the maximum performance and some of the sensors that are specific to the devices. In addition, you will be able to create the perfect application for you using cross-platform development.

Technology Stack

Selecting the right technologies allows you to build an application that surpasses the level of your competitors. If you don’t plan to hire an application development company for you, your decision ranges from choosing third-party APIs to database types. If you hire a mobile application development company to develop your notification manager app, it will make that choice for you, but it’s always better to know your options before getting somewhere.

Native App Development  Swift (iOS development), Android Studio (Android development)
Cross-Platform app development React Native (Cross-platform development framework), Flutter (Cross-platform development framework), Ionic (Cross-platform development framework), Xamarin (Cross-platform development framework), Data analytics tools, Python, Java, Amazon EC2, Amazon S3, Kafka, Scala, Amazon VPC, Amazon EMR, Apache Impala 
DevOps Chef, AWS CloudFormation  
Databases MongoDB, Cassandra 

Choosing Team Members For Your Notification Manager App Development

The team or mobile app development company will be the foundational workforce for creating your application and getting it to perfection hence, choosing the right company is essential. Although there may be changes depending on the number of team members, you’ll usually need the following in your application development team. 

application development team

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Step 3: Who To Hire?

When it comes to finding the right development partner, you have plenty of options, but only a few are relevant. You can start with your in-house team, but you have to remember the fact that setting up a team is a part of your business, and these employees or infrastructure will cost you a great deal of money. These expenses will come in the form of office rent, staff salaries, and more. While hiring a team to maintain your app may be a good idea, building a brand-new office and hiring as many staff to contribute to the app is not a good idea. You can do your work with the experts in your presence, but you need to figure out if it’s worth it.  

The next option is hiring a freelance team of developers, this option will definitely cost you a lot less money, but the quality of your app will be in question. The reason behind the low-quality standard is self-explanatory as freelancers are always occupied with more than one project at a time. In addition to that, you will face communication problems and can’t get access to them whenever you want an update. However, there is a simple solution to your problem of finding a perfect mobile app development partner. 

The perfect solution is hiring a mobile app development company with a good performance record. They have a complete infrastructure that you would want to get an efficient notification manager app like FilterBox. These companies are reliable and comply with most of your demands. They have a large pool of skilled resources with excellent expertise and often have various engagement models that fit your budget. 

Develop An MVP

MVP in software development simply translates to creating an application with enough functionality to attract early users. As soon as feedback is received from pioneering users, the software development team knows where to fix or iterate the product. It is important to deliver the necessary information about the condition of your product in the short term to get it more publicity. Here are simple steps to create the perfect MVP

  • Find your MVP value proposition 
  • Identify the key assumptions you need to confirm 
  • Determine the shortest way to confirm your assumptions 

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