How to Choose the Best Node.js Framework?

Updated on Aug 31st, 2023


Over time, the trends in web development have evolved significantly. Whether it be the introduction of AI and ML or be it JavaScript frameworks, the users have benefited a lot from all the latest tools and robust trends. And while talking about the recent progress in web development, NodeJS is a popular Javascript platform that has enabled the developers to design and develop fast and scalable network applications. Node.js is an excellent platform that leverages event-driven, non-blocking I/O models that further makes it lightweight and efficient. Besides all that, the robust platform also offers some amazing frameworks that can help the developers to build the server-side of the application more efficiently.

According to sources, today, more than 4 out of 5 developers are actively utilizing the amazing Node.js frameworks to design and develop a particular web application. Furthermore, many popular companies like Uber and Netflix are more readily using powerful Node.js frameworks to create and maintain their web apps. However, it is quite often seen that many developers also seem confused over, which is the best Node.js framework amongst all. For instance, we have three main robust Node.js frameworks, viz. Express.js, Koa.js, and Sails.js.

All these frameworks are quite effective in simplifying complex and cumbersome enterprise solutions and by hiring Nodejs Developers an enterprise can develop or migrate application in Nodejs. But, choosing one amongst them all is a bit tedious task but can make a significant impact on your web application. So, let’s learn more about these frameworks and try to determine where to leverage every particular Node.js framework for optimized results.

What are MVC Frameworks for Node.js?

While discussing the amazing Node.js frameworks, it becomes quite essential to first know about the MVC frameworks that are available in the global market. The Node MVC frameworks, or in other words, the Micro View Controllers framework is a robust approach to handle the complex projects seamlessly. Nearly all the amazing Node.js frameworks are based on MVC models.

The MVC model is based on three different parameters. To name them, we have:

1. Model, i.e., business logic

2. View, i.e., format and layout of the critical information

3. Controllers, i.e., ability to send requests and updates

These three core functions of the MVC make itself attractive for all the developers of modern times. However, every coin has two sides, and MVC frameworks are no exception. It is no doubt that the MVC frameworks handle complex projects very efficiently, but it also makes the code less flexible and heftier. So, in case you wish to develop a lightweight web application, then it is always advisable to choose another Node.js framework.

Top 7 Most Popular Node.js Frameworks

So, now you might be thinking about various other frameworks of Node.js that can simplify the web app development tasks. Thus, to help you out, we have mentioned some fantastic and scalable Node.js frameworks here in this article.

1. Express.js

Express.jsExpress.js is the most robust and flexible Node.js framework that is capable of creating lightweight web apps of varied shapes and complexity. It is very often related to the Mean-stack development process, where it enhances the front-end development process and efficiently designs the server-side of the application. Besides that, Express.js is also probably the most popular framework that is useful in the development of REST APIs. Furthermore, it also enables the seamless transition for legacy websites to utilize Node.js as their middle layer and helps them to quickly convert those into Express.js without much changes in the codes.


  • URL-based routing mechanism using HTTP
  • Seamless database integration
  • The smooth learning curve for beginners
  • Adequate support of various plugins and extensions

2. Koa.js

Koa.jsAnother big name in Node.js frameworks is Koa.js. It is an amazing back-end development framework that helps to design and develop the server-side of the application with much fewer errors and greater efficiency. The framework offers so-called generators that help to avoid callbacks and handle the app very effectively. Furthermore, as Koa.js is somewhat new in the global market, it is still in the process of development. That means, there are high chances of getting more features from this robust Node.js framework.


  • Lightweight structure
  • Modular approach
  • High customizations possible
  • Presence of ES6 Generator feature

3. Hapi.js


Hapi.js is another popular name in the Node.js frameworks that was firstly used by the retail giant Walmart to develop its retail chain application. This robust framework actively supports a large team of developers working on multiple tasks simultaneously. And that’s the main reason for the popularity of Hapi.js among the developers of the global market. Furthermore, Hapi.js is also readily accepted by some other big organizations like Yahoo, and the UK government itself uses it because of its effectiveness in handling large projects efficiently.


  • Actively supports amazing plugins
  • Support of reusable components
  • Excellent solution for large, distributed teams

4. Sails.js


Sails.js is another popular Node.js framework that effectively develops robust applications with some amazing features like that of a chat platform. Sails.js is a perfect choice for all those who want to build a real-time app like chat rooms, multiplayer games, dashboards, and so on. Furthermore, with the Sails.js framework, you can develop a feature-rich application in a brief period.


  • Flexibility in choosing the right tools for front-end development
  • Automatic generation of RESTful JSON models
  • The models support both WebSockets and HTTP
  • Compatible with multiple databases like MySQL, MongoDB, etc.

5. Kraken.js


Whenever we talk about a secure Node.js framework, Kraken.js always tops the list. It is an extended platform for Express.js that offers scalability and control especially suited for larger projects. Created by the expert developers of PayPal, the framework carefully organizes the data structure of the web application. Furthermore, it is also a perfect choice for getting a transparent and manageable data structure with some prompting templates and models. All in all, if you are looking for more customized features in the Express.js framework, then Kraken is a perfect option for you.


  • Multiple-language support
  • Manageable data structure with route controllers
  • Pre-configured Lusca module for enhanced security
  • Code generation facility to speed-up the development process.

6. Meteor


Meteor is again a robust Node.js framework that provides a more heavy-duty web application development process as compared to Express.js framework. It is mainly designed for full-stack developers to create astonishing web and mobile applications. Furthermore, Meteor uses a single API for both the front-end and the back-end development process that ensures flawless operations. One can seamlessly start the development process with Meteor’s package recommended stack or can even go for other required technologies on the go.


  • The same codes support different devices for enhanced efficiency
  • Users can achieve an excellent performance of their web and mobile applications
  • Less JS code required to create the applications
  • Presence of ready-made modules in the default package to speed-up the development process

7. Electron.js


Last but not least is Electron.js. Also referred to as a separate framework, Electron.jsd is specifically leveraged for creating stable native desktop applications utilizing web technologies like HTML, CSS, etc. Furthermore, the unique framework uses Chromium and Node.js that makes it easy for beginners to learn and understand it. All in all, one can create a perfect web application seamlessly without putting much effort.


  • Compatible with almost all the platforms
  • Utilizes Chromium engine that further offers all the features of Chrome, and provides developers tools, storage access, etc.
  • It does not utilize much of the computational power
  • Extensive community and ready-to-use packages further enhance the usability of the framework

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Choosing the right framework amongst the top three Node.js Frameworks

So, by far, you might have got enough information about all the popular Node.js frameworks and their features and usability conditions. Let’s now quickly discuss the relevance of the top three Node.js frameworks that can do wonders in enhancing and speeding up your development process.

Hence, to simplify your development process, we have listed the top three Node.js frameworks that can efficiently upscale your development process.

1. Express.js Framework 

2. Koa.js Framework

3. Sail.js Framework

Why choose the Express.js framework?

Express.js, besides being the lightest weighted and advanced Node.js framework, also provides an extensive range of functionalities to develop web apps of multiple formats. It actively supports all kinds of web applications like single-page, multi-page, or even hybrid web apps and gives enough features to handle them all efficiently. Furthermore, it also simplifies the testing process using middleware and routing procedures. Not only that, but Express.js also enables the developers to create an Express.js REST API server, and to make routes for simple web apps efficiently.

Why choose Koa.js framework

Kao.js framework was created as an alternative to Express.js. Hence, we can clearly say that it has got nearly all the capabilities of the Expres.js framework. For instance, it can build APIs with perfection and with enhanced efficiency. However, it is somewhat more advanced than the Express.js framework. Meaning, Express.js framework is based on callback technology that separates the requests from objects. Nevertheless, this issue has been actively solved with the introduction of the Koa.js framework. Koa.js framework actively utilizes the ES6 Generator functions that certainly avoid the callbacks and makes the code more manageable. Also, Koa.js is much more modular than Express.js that further enhances its performance and makes it even more popular than Express.js

Why choose the Sail.js framework?

Last but not least, is the Sail.js framework that works wonders in creating real-time web apps with enhanced functionalities. Sail.js is a perfect choice for all those who are readily looking for a Node.js framework to develop modern-time applications like chat rooms, multiplayer games, intuitive dashboards, etc. The powerful framework not only supports the development of heavy enterprise solutions but also provides some magnificent features that further enhance the performance and usability of those solutions. Sail.js contains automated generators, so it works somewhat high in the development process. Additionally, it is also compatible with all sorts of databases like MySQL, MongoDB, etc. That makes the developer’s work more effective and streamlined.

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How to decide the perfect Node.js framework for your project?

So, after carefully analyzing all the top Node.js frameworks, you might be thinking, Ok! What’s next? How can I choose between all those frameworks, when each of them has a specific significant advantage. Well, don’t worry! We have got you covered.

Here are some crucial points that one should keep in mind while opting for a certain framework for their next big project. Let’s dive in!

1. Objective and type of project

2. The cost associated with the project

3. Efficiency demand of the web app.

4. Community

5. Scalability

6. Performance

7. Customization Capabilities

8. System resource loading

9 version upgrading

10. Variety of modules available

Web or Mobile Apps Development

Final Takeaway! 

To conclude, we can say that web apps and mobile apps have become a necessity from the trend to survive in today’s competitive era. And that’s why nearly 204 bn people worldwide downloaded some or the other kind of app in the year 2019. Hence, it becomes important for marketers to utilize exceptional technology and features to make their apps stand out in the competitive world. In this regard, hiring dedicated developers plays a vital role. These professionals are skilled in selecting and utilizing appropriate frameworks that not only enhance the overall performance of your web application but also save crucial time and valuable resources. So, by hiring dedicated developers, you can ensure that your app utilizes popular and amazing Node.js frameworks that offer mind-boggling features to make it a hit in the global market. From enhanced security to the ability to handle complex projects, these robust Node.js frameworks offer all to help you build success for your app.

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